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Scam alert: fake ‘Consumers Association’ gift card email

f p bail ey says:
10 January 2021

i keep getting e-mails from bitcoin stating that i have money in my account ( which i don’t have). i have sent these phishing at Santander bank but that is last i hear about them!!!!

Robert Elson says:
10 January 2021

email today from DVLA informing me that i am due a rebate as i have overpaid on my car tax. i deleted it.

Agnes Stevenson says:
11 January 2021

I have had a scam on games and it says £1 for six days and if you don’t cancel it cost £17,99,per month,but I never even seen this I am nearly 80 years old partially sighted ,lost my husband in 2020 ,but my problems is the banks I have had a problem getting bank statements l phone every month and it can be months on coming not everyone is computer clever they keep saying get on line banking well I can hardly see small print so on line BANKING is out ,but I was scammed for £120 pounds ,but I went on line with the help of a friend and spoke to a super lady from the fraud office of tsb ,and she helped me out ,but pensioners don’t know if they have been scammed because they are not getting bank statements. It Is the only way some pensioners can keep track of there money ,why has the banks stopped sending statements.

Robert Belmore says:
11 January 2021

I received a phone call today from mobile number 07811 719663 informing my that my National Insurance Number had been compromised !!!!! If you call this number back, there is no contact.

Edmund Jones says:
12 January 2021

I don’t like returning unknown calls as it may be a high premium charge return call scam.

Robin Benson says:
13 January 2021

I don’t know about other email accounts but my Mozilla Thunderbird displays as the first line of the technical details who sent the email, subject, to, date etc. I frequently get scam emails from the Inland Revenue, British Gas and others which clearly are not from these concerns because I can see that their name is not in the From line

Jeanne Chamberlain says:
13 January 2021

Email from (supposedly) Royal Mail saying that they are holding a parcel for me but I need to pay £2.95 as there was not enough postage on it.
definitely a scam, as a) I was not expecting any parcels and b) when I lingered the mouse the sender was in Holland and certainly not Royal Mail.

Jim Fraser says:
15 January 2021

I have just received an email purporting to be from Estra Information Group on behalf of PETA UK. On searching that address I see that the underlying address is mail@newshowdeck.co.uk.

This email is asking for donations to help stop the cruelty to animals (mainly dogs) in China. I suspect it is a scam but I would be grateful if it could be confirmed either way.

Thank you

[Moderator: this website appears to be a scam website. We’ve retained the URL to help you identify it, but we’ve redirected the link to our guidance on how to spot fraudulent website. ]

Stuart says:
16 January 2021

You can stop emails from direct marketing companies by registering your email address with the direct marketing association email preferences service. This will reduce the emails and any you do get are more likely to be scams. Another good idea is to have an email address for family and friends, a seperate one for companies you buy from, and one that you use to login to websites that you are not going to buy from. If you then get an email to your website login email address showing its from your bank etc you know its a scam.

There must be easier ways to avoid getting scam and nuisance e-mails because I don’t receive more than two or three a year and those are from oddballs who acquired my e-mail address many years ago. They are now blocked. Same with nuisance phone calls – we just don’t get them.