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Scam alert: National Insurance number ‘compromised’ cold call

If you’ve received a pre-recorded message or phone call claiming your National Insurance number has been compromised, you can safely ignore it. It’s a scam.

18/05/21: Phishing emails

Fraudsters appear to be continuing to use the hook of National Insurance numbers as a means to exploit personal information from victims – the scam appears to have now moved to phishing emails:


Thank you to an eagle-eyed scam alert subscriber for making us aware of this email, which was not sent by GOV.UK.

Remember, you can visit Gov.uk which offers contact numbers and web chat support if you have concerns regarding your National Insurance number.

Guide: how to spot an email scam

21/04/21: Cold calls

We’ve been made aware that an official sounding voice usually claiming to be from the National Crime Agency or ‘National Office for Serious Crimes’ has been cold calling unsuspecting members of the public, asking them to call back urgently.

Fraudsters will then try to manipulate you into handing over personal information using a web of lies and threats. 

We’ve heard from dozens of people targeted by this scam over the past few months. Action Fraud data shows it is the most reported phone scam of this year so far, having received more than 1,000 reports.

One victim told us that when he returned the call he was falsely told that someone had been using his National insurance number (NINo) to claim Universal Credit.

The scammer told him that if he didn’t hand over his personal details so they could make a ‘correction’ he would be liable to repay thousands of pounds in fraudulently claimed benefits and could be sent to prison. At this point he realised something wasn’t right and put the phone down, but the scammers continued to try and get in touch with him for more than a week.

Other victims have told us similar stories, all in which the scammers told them they had to hand over their personal information to be issued with a new NINo number.

Don’t be pressured for your details

In reality, there’s very little damage anyone could do with just your National Insurance number, even if someone had access to it.

But your other personal details, such as your name, date of birth, address and bank details are much more valuable to criminals. They could use this information to target you with more personalised scams, or try to gain access to your accounts.

No government organisation would ever pressure you to hand over sensitive information, and if you’re uncomfortable or unsure, just hang up the call.

The National Crime Agency is unlikely to call consumers directly about their National Insurance numbers. Which? has contacted it about this cold call and will publish any response here.

If you have concerns about your National Insurance number you can visit Gov.uk which offers contact numbers and web chat support.

How to protect yourself

If you’ve been tricked by this scam, don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

Contact your bank if you’re worried that you’ve given away your bank account or payment details. 

You can also sign up to Cifas. It’s a not-for-profit fraud prevention service service that monitors the use of your details to apply for bank accounts, credit cards or loans. 

As always, our guides for how to report scams and what you can do if you’ve lost money to a scam are available here.


Just had 4 calls from O2 numbers,in just over an hour:-
Each call was blocked on my mobile straight after the call, but a different number then calls.

Nas says:
29 June 2021

I have received a call from this number. 07578913364.

I straight away spotted it’s a scam.
A Indian lady sound say hello, I said please give me yoir name, then she hang up the call.
I called on the number again,no answer, then I sent a message on the number, that I am going to report you to police, then I got a reply, they don’t have any idea about the call. And trying to be innocent, while they have done it.

Asa Powell says:
29 June 2021

07789525498 just called me for this

Richard says:
29 June 2021

Just had my fourth call today from the “National Crime Agency (?) regarding my National Insurance Number being blocked because of suspicious activity (?) hung up ….but please…do something here!
Help me report this to who ever can deal with these scammers.
The numbers I’ve recorded are;-

Jennifer says:
29 June 2021

I had the exact same telling me that I’d be arrested and there was illegal activity and to press one etc and I stupidly pressed one but then quickly hang up after I knew it was fake. +44 7392 686257 That was the number.

Charlie says:
29 June 2021

oh, this happened to me aswell today it is awfully frightening I was actually scared in the moment

Isabel says:
29 June 2021

I have today received two separate calls to my mobile phone regarding “my National Insurance Number” from the following numbers:
+45 7734344375 (Denmark) and 07635 710284 (UK)
I just hung up!

07782 4675626 called me today at 15:44.

I’ve had lots of scam calls and, recently, these have mostly been the the National Crime Agency, National Insurance Number scam.

Time permitting, I always talk to these guys. Firstly, it’s entertsining and, secondly, the only way to curb this is to waste their time to the point where it is unprofitable – I know that will never happen.

The odd thing with this current scam is that they ALWAYS hang up on me, the moment that I tell them I’m responding to one of their calls.

I’ve tried sounding more stupid; but it just doesn’t work.

I don’t get it. Usually, a scammer will go on to the bitter end, even when they’re told that their victim knows it’s a scam. Some even threaten to keep calling me if I don’t give the information that they want.

Les says:
30 June 2021

Just had the call from 07779376118

About 13 minutes ago today 30/06/2021 i had the same thing from number 07782 311520 it does sound unfortunately quite professional

Janis says:
30 June 2021

Just had call from 07575409366 from morning
i dint pick up because i was still sleep but i got voicemail then i hear up that my Ni got suspended.

Jack Reacher says:
30 June 2021

At first, my teenage son, loved these calls, we all know it’s a scam. But he can be very creative with wasting their time and recording it. Oh course never giving any real personal information. Oh, my name is Jack Reacher or Jonny Cash.. lol Now its a bit boring and we just block the numbers.

Mickey pauls says:
30 June 2021

Just had the threaten of Police officers,visiting unless I pressed the magic#1 button on phone or would be arrested and prosecuted for my nat ins no been used for criminal activity, Just laughed and politely told them to leave (aka SHOUTED AT Them to Flucough)seemed to work

Clare Dovell says:
30 June 2021

National insurance call from 07474 894073 😡

rhys says:
1 July 2021

07817 972677 made it funny when it was an indian on other end.lmao..pretending to be national crime agency

John says:
1 July 2021

Just received the cold call recorded message from 07740 656325 – I immediately hung up.

Glyn says:
1 July 2021

Just had same sounding call sent back an abusive detrimental message then blocked it, are they really that stupid to believe that people accept the gov calls up or texts on a mobile ??

J Walker says:
1 July 2021

Same call today re National Insurance number being suspended due to illegal activity, from 07449 266343. It was a recorded message.

Julia Meager says:
1 July 2021

Very English sounding male voice, apparently my National Insurance number been used in a fraudulently, yes right, blocked each one

0749039662 UK
07352468614 UK
07492336727 UK

David says:
5 July 2021

again today, the NI number scam from :

07460 867372

The same scam has come from different numbers recently

Richard says:
5 July 2021

Just received this call from 07714 467970 from these scumbags. Ignored.

David says:
6 July 2021

I Keep getting these call’s daily of the past week,
07847 364837
07470 965368
07875 004718
07275 16053