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Scam alert: Dyson V10 ‘loyalty program’ email

An email purporting to be from Dyson is promising ‘prizes’ as part of a fake loyalty program. Dyson has confirmed it has nothing to do with the communication.

A member of the public became suspicious when they received an email supposedly from ‘Dyson V10’ congratulating on them on their selection to ‘participate in our loyalty program!’, despite not owning any Dyson products.

Despite the email showing as having been sent from ‘contact@dyson.com’, the recipient reported it to Which?’s scam alert service. Here’s what it looks like:

We felt it was highly likely that Dyson’s official email address was being spoofed for unscrupulous purposes, with the text of the email attempting to rush the recipient into making a quick decision with phrases such as ‘But hurry! This giveaway end soon!’.

Guide: how to spot a scam

Dyson confirms it’s a fraudulent email

We showed the email to Dyson directly to confirm the suspicions and allow it to take action against the unauthorised used of its domain. Dyson confirmed that it is a fraudulent email that it had not sent. A spokesperson said:

“At Dyson privacy is engineered into everything that we do and we take security and our owners’ data extremely seriously. We are investigating this fraudulent email and are implementing various measures to mitigate this happening in the future”

Dyson does not currently operate a loyalty program in the UK – it would not send emails regarding one and would never send an email that contains links to claim prizes or receive a voucher.

It pointed out that its systems had not been breached or compromised in any way, and that anyone receiving a phishing email like this should report it to Action Fraud and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on report@phishing.gov.uk

Stay ahead of phishing emails

If you think you may have passed sensitive information, such as bank details, to scammers, let your bank know what’s happened as soon as possible.

You can read our guide to getting your money back after a scam here.

It’s always a good idea to make friends and family aware when you spot a scam to prevent anyone from falling victim. Our free scam alert service sends the latest alerts direct to your inbox:

Have you received this fake Dyson email, or a similar one posing as another brand? Let us know in the comments.


There is the same email coming from Aldi saying I’d won a giftcard
I reported it to them as it uses their email address configuration and they’ve confirmed as per Dyson that their email address has been spoofed
Good luck everyone

I have this one as well and from Tesco

Colin says:
9 April 2021

I have received the Dyson scam email a number of times. Apart from the obvious errors pointed out, the other giveaway is the postal address at the bottom – it’s not in London, its in Canada.

I have received the fake Dyson “win a Dyson, loyalty programme” I have simply deleted it.

Sadly I have reached the stage whereI do not respond to any company communication at all. My phone/pc/laptop/iPad are all my personal space items and no one has the right to invade them without my permission. For a bit of fun I answer unrecognised incoming phone calls in Chinese!

I hope that has protected you from scams, Bob. My long-standing contempt for unsolicited contact by companies and tradesman (at the door, on the phone and by email) has made me very suspicious of anyone I don’t know.

Mine was, “Your email address has been picked out and you’ve won a prize of an Apple iPhone 12 Professional?!!! I fell hook, line and sinker, all I had to pay for was, £1.65??!! Needless to say, it was a scam!! My bank HSBC, helped me by cancelling my card. They also stopped any other fraud, that was happening. Thanks guys!!

Tom says:
12 April 2021

I seldom get any phishing emails but the same can’t be said for the telephone so every time the phone rings my brain is programmed to go into ‘scam mode’ before I even check the incoming number or lift the receiver. That way I am ready to deal with whatever verbal assault may be heading in my direction.

Joyce says:
15 April 2021

I have been receiving several calls a week telling me that various amounts of money have been taken from my debit card account and sent abroad. Obviously I don’t press the suggested button. I check my account every day, so I know this is a scam. I just press the block button on my phone, but still the calls keep coming. They probably only need to change one digit of the number to enable them to get through.
Very annoying .

Just received the following:-

Vehicle tax cancelled ID: 33640
DVLA Agency

To [edited]
ReplyReply allForwardDelete
Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency
Dear [edited],

– the payment for your vehicle tax has failed twice and has been permanently cancelled
– your vehicle is no longer taxed

Start here >

You need:

~ the vehicle’s registration number

Yours sincerely

Enforcement Officer
On behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport

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I have received several of the dyson emails, I just deleted them.

Linda says:
13 April 2021

I have had the Dyson one as well as Aldi and Tesco. All very similar. If you click on the sender email it’s some personal email address. I block sender as well it seems to have slowed them down ?

My offer of a ‘prize Dyson’ cam with my online receipt from PC World from whom I had just purchased a fridge, I realized it was a scam but since they were only asking me to register and pay a ‘fee’ of £1.00, I went ahead to see what happened.
A day later, I had a text purporting to be from my bank saying that money had been taken from my account and I should call this number and use this pin. Needless to say, I called my bank who confirmed that there had been no money taken, except the £1.00. Clearly, it was an attempt to obtain my bank details.

Heather Soper says:
15 April 2021

I believed the Dyson email, spent £5.00. It was afterwards I wondered if it was a scam so i called my bank and they put a stop on my card, no money was taken.

Eric Morris says:
20 April 2021

Had this one and multiple others, all of which feature the 53 South Street, London address, which acts in it’s self, as a confirmation of it being a scam.

I am getting the dyson one as well saying its from currys ..my hubby works for currys and currys are not doing anything like that ,i am also getting phone calls mostly from mobiles when i ring back they are also scammers so beware

Jenny Lyon says:
26 April 2021

Yes came through this morning- in Australia

David Bayliss says:
5 May 2021

I have again just received an email from KETO Diet Plan. Nothing to do with me, as I have not contacted them. Also the other scams mentioned concerning Tesco, Aldi, Curries and Dyson. Phone call from HMRC telling me that if I don`t respond I will be arrested!! I am still here!

Christine Batten says:
15 May 2021

The same scam email is now posing as Kogan, win a dyson for $1

G. James says:
19 May 2021

There is always going to be some scam/spam going around via email / text / home phone.

I get multiple emails per week, supposedly from Dyson.

One way to alleviate the frustration and lose less of your precious time/day, is to have a 2ndary email address that you give to retail stores etc. That way, when you inevitably get junk/spam/scam email – it will likely stay out of your primary email. Then you just deal with your 2dnary email once/week etc.

Easier said than done of course, especially when we’re giving out cell phone numbers for order pickups etc.
But at least it’s one less thing to waste time on during a day.

Is anyone else getting numerous emails from RobertDyas, screwfix, Dyson, and Norton all competions or to renew anti virus or spend a £1 on a product I’m getting about 10 per day all at different times?
Although I’ve blocked them they still come any ideas please? I think they are coming from LA in the US?

Hi @patrickmathe, that’s a lot of emails to be getting. If you’ve spotted a scam email or phishing email, you can report it to the internet service provider (ISP) that was used to send you the email. There will usually be a ‘report’ button or link in your inbox.

Gmail has a ‘Report spam’ button and Hotmail has a ‘Report phishing’ button. If the scam email came from a Yahoo! account, send it to abuse@yahoo.com.

The ISP can then close the account that sent the email. Which should help, you can also report it to the company to make them aware of the situation. Hope this helps.

S.D says:
9 June 2021

Yes I received the Dyson one & did think it was legitimate, having first clicked to go into prize draw I then started receiving lots of junk email offering discounts etc from other providers. I deleted all after that. First time I’ve fallen for scam but it looked & sounded plausible at the time!!

reader says:
18 October 2021

Yes I received the Dyson one & did think it was legitimate