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Warning: fake Cadbury ‘Easter Chocolate Basket’ WhatsApp message

A fake message inviting people to take part in a ‘Cadbury FREE Easter Chocolate Basket’ is spreading fast on WhatsApp. Here’s what it looks like.

We’ve been made aware of a fake message spreading through WhatsApp using Easter as a hook to get recipients to click through to a website that has nothing to do with Cadbury. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

Fortunately, Cadbury UK has been quick to warn its customers that the message is absolutely nothing to do with the brand. It’s urged anyone who’s received it not to interact and says it’s working to resolve the issue:

How to deal with ‘smishing’ messages

We cover a huge number of text message (SMS) scams here on Which? Conversation, known as smishing, and occasionally similar tactics can find their way on to the hugely popular WhatsApp platform. We’ve seen this recently with the ‘Mum and Dad’ scam, targeting parents by posing as their children and requesting money via the messaging service.

The tactics used for SMS scams remain the same via WhatsApp: attempt to encourage the recipient to click through to a 3rd-party website that has nothing to do with the spoofed brand which could ask you to input sensitive personal information, including bank details.

As always, if you think you’ve given sensitive information away to fraudsters, let your bank know what’s happened immediately. Which? has a number of guides available to help you through the situation:

Guide: how to spot a scam

Guide: how to get your money back after a scam

If you receive a message from someone on WhatsApp who isn’t in your contacts, the app asks if you want to block or report them. WhatsApp also says it will ban accounts where it has evidence that they have breached its terms of service.

Have you received the fake Cadbury message?

We showed Cadbury a copy of the message as soon as we received it. A spokesperson confirmed it was fake and reiterated its statement originally posted on Twitter to Which?:

We’ve been made aware of circulating posts on social media, claiming to offer consumers a free Easter Chocolate basket. We can confirm that this has not been generated by us and would urge consumers not to interact or share personal information through the post. Customer security is our priority and we’re working with the relevant organisations to ensure this is resolved.

Have you received the fake Cadbury message via WhatsApp or any other means? Have you had similar messages sent to you posing as other brands?

Do you think you may have become a victim of these tactics? Let us know in the comments and help us spread the word.

Lynn Weston says:
1 April 2022

Yes I received this yesterday from a friend on WhatsApp but because it was just a link I deleted it

Kathryn Trevelyan says:
1 April 2022

I received the Cadbury’s WhatsApp from a friend and entered my name and age. I also shared it with a few people. Feeling foolish for doing it, but don’t think I shared anything that would be dangerous. Fingers crossed. I reported it to WhatsApp and their reply was emreassuring.

John says:
1 April 2022

I got the Cadbury scam from a friend, but quickly discarded it.

Pat says:
1 April 2022

I received the Cadbury Easter Egg scam from a friend and thanks to Which discarded it fairly quickly although I must admit I was originally taken in until I put my sensible head on!

Ann says:
1 April 2022

My son got it first and he is usually very savvy on scams but then realised and callwd to tell me about it. However I had several forwarded texts but text the sender to say scam

Hi Ann, did your son fall victim too it?

E Sian Williams says:
1 April 2022

I’m worried as got taken in (it must have been the chocolate as I’m usually more scam alert!) and shared it and put in some details. Will anything happen as a result?

Ian Mason says:
6 April 2022

Hi George, I think being aware of follow up contact may be the key here. This could work like the Royal Mail scams and be followed with a phone call from someone imitating your bank to try to get you to move money to a safe account, because (they know) you have clicked on a link. Remember, your bank will never ask you to move money to a safe account.

Sally Dawes says:
1 April 2022

Fell for this yesterday – should have realised that it was too good to be true

Wendie Buckler says:
1 April 2022

I also fell for it yesterday n sent it to friends one realised it was a scam so I let everyone know. Will there be any come back on this

Daisy says:
1 April 2022

I got it yesterday but as it had come from a trusted sorce I did do it. Sent it to five people. Now my phone is on talk facility. Very hard to use it and it told me I am sending spam. How do I get reid od of it please?

Sheila Grewal says:
1 April 2022

I received the scam Cadbury WhatsApp message yesterday, supposedly from a friend.

Wendie Buckler says:
1 April 2022

I also received this what’s app yesterday I will admit I was taken in by it I also sent it to my friends one realised it was a scam so I then let everyone know .will I loose anything over this ?

Pauline Biddlecombe says:
1 April 2022

Yes we had one each sent to our mobiles also some friends too. Fortunately our anti virus blocked it immediately!

Janette MC says:
1 April 2022

I received a whatsapp cadbury easter egg message from a contact I rarely use, so they must have hacked her whatsap account to send it to me through her? I deleted it immediately.

martyn says:
1 April 2022

Received it yesterday and forwarded it before I knew it was a scam. This is the first time I’ve been caught out in several years – its good! I then had to let everyone know it was a scam which was a pain.
It asks you to pick a box to see whether you’ve won, which I did, but to claim the prize you have to forward it to x20 contacts or x5 groups, which I tried to do but it kept telling me I hadn’t sent it to enough contacts. It was then I discovered it was a scam before I filled in any more info.

Marie says:
1 April 2022

Yes I got this yesterday from someone in my contacts but thankfully didn’t hit the link – got the feeling it was dodgy but annoying to receive nonetheless.

Doreen Devine says:
1 April 2022

Hi I fell for it I put my name email address and date of birth before I realized that it was a scam what will happen

I never get taken in by scams until yesterday. I put my personal details in (DOB, address, email) will anything happen?
I didn’t put any bank details.

Allyson says:
1 April 2022

I received it yesterday from a friend.
It asked for my name. I gave only my christian name. Then it asked for my age, which I also gave. Then I sent it to 20 contacts and it said I’d sent the message to duplicate contacts. I hadn’t.
I realised then it was a scam.

Shaz says:
1 April 2022

I got the message today, forwarded by a friend who didn’t realise at first it was a scam. I didn’t open it as really wary of random links like that and then she deleted it when she found out.

Jenbob says:
2 April 2022

Been sent it by two people I never thought would get caught in a scam .
Luckily phone security is such that it would not let me open it as not from a trusted source

What is concerning is that so many people are prepared to disclose their personal details with no awareness of the consequences and for something as trivial as a possibility of getting some free chocolate.

There needs to be thought given to how the message about scams and the importance of protecting personal information can be got across to many more people. I guess most people lock their houses when they leave and don’t leave their unattended car unlocked………..