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Warning: fake Cadbury ‘Easter Chocolate Basket’ WhatsApp message

A fake message inviting people to take part in a ‘Cadbury FREE Easter Chocolate Basket’ is spreading fast on WhatsApp. Here’s what it looks like.

We’ve been made aware of a fake message spreading through WhatsApp using Easter as a hook to get recipients to click through to a website that has nothing to do with Cadbury. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

Fortunately, Cadbury UK has been quick to warn its customers that the message is absolutely nothing to do with the brand. It’s urged anyone who’s received it not to interact and says it’s working to resolve the issue:

How to deal with ‘smishing’ messages

We cover a huge number of text message (SMS) scams here on Which? Conversation, known as smishing, and occasionally similar tactics can find their way on to the hugely popular WhatsApp platform. We’ve seen this recently with the ‘Mum and Dad’ scam, targeting parents by posing as their children and requesting money via the messaging service.

The tactics used for SMS scams remain the same via WhatsApp: attempt to encourage the recipient to click through to a 3rd-party website that has nothing to do with the spoofed brand which could ask you to input sensitive personal information, including bank details.

As always, if you think you’ve given sensitive information away to fraudsters, let your bank know what’s happened immediately. Which? has a number of guides available to help you through the situation:

Guide: how to spot a scam

Guide: how to get your money back after a scam

If you receive a message from someone on WhatsApp who isn’t in your contacts, the app asks if you want to block or report them. WhatsApp also says it will ban accounts where it has evidence that they have breached its terms of service.

Have you received the fake Cadbury message?

We showed Cadbury a copy of the message as soon as we received it. A spokesperson confirmed it was fake and reiterated its statement originally posted on Twitter to Which?:

We’ve been made aware of circulating posts on social media, claiming to offer consumers a free Easter Chocolate basket. We can confirm that this has not been generated by us and would urge consumers not to interact or share personal information through the post. Customer security is our priority and we’re working with the relevant organisations to ensure this is resolved.

Have you received the fake Cadbury message via WhatsApp or any other means? Have you had similar messages sent to you posing as other brands?

Do you think you may have become a victim of these tactics? Let us know in the comments and help us spread the word.

Liz Charles says:
31 March 2022

I received the Cadbury spam today on WhatsApp. It appeared to be from someone I know so I opened the link but ignored it without really look at it when I saw what it was.

Anne Crossen says:
31 March 2022

I received this Cadbury scan from a good friend on WhatsApp, so I trusted it. I followed the link but didn’t give any personal details away, apart from friends’ WhatsApp addresses. When I’d done that, it closed. Can anyone tell me if I’m at risk and what to do please?

Mary Hayes says:
31 March 2022

Yes fake Cadbury scam on WhatsApp. I got bored so didn’t finish it but did send to loads of people in the process

Ceri Creffield says:
31 March 2022

Received it from a WhatsApp contact but I was suspicious of it and didn’t click on it.

Bill Richards says:
31 March 2022

I got this one today and yes i filled in my name address and D.O.B. but thats all am i in danger

K at says:
1 April 2022

I was advised by action fraud to check credit score regularly and if wished could register with CIFAS. Might try and use your details for credit or something

Susan Gunawardena says:
31 March 2022

I received this from three different friends on WhatsApp. I did not follow the link and have now sent them the information from Which?

Keith Dyer says:
31 March 2022

Yes,I received the Cadburys Easter Challenge scam,sent to my contacts but that’s as far as I went,no personal details given.(today)

Ann says:
31 March 2022

I received it this morning, clicked on it but didn’t enter any details. Will I be ok ?

Julie Waters says:
31 March 2022

I received It this evening, answered the first 3 questions asked, but didn’t give any personal details away or send it to anyone. Hopefully assuming not at risk?

Jadzia Weedon says:
31 March 2022

I received it but was suspicious. I haven’t clicked on it to look. I suspected a scam.

Jess says:
31 March 2022

Oh s**t!! I never do anything like this I pretty much did the whole thing and put my details in!! I’m soooo peed off.hoping nothing comes if it

Peter Rendle says:
31 March 2022

I received the cadbury message , found two lots of hidden eggs, but when I posted to 5 groups ( you can’t tell 20 individuals as there is a limit to sharing on wattsapp, to 5 people, so that fell flat?) other people had heard of the scam, and allerted me, so I didn’t do any further, thank fully. It’s a pity it’s a scam though .

Virginia Lane says:
31 March 2022

Yes, I received it too, didn’t open the link however.

Bill says:
31 March 2022

I got this from a couple of friends and clicked the link. My Anti-virus program (Bitdefender) picked it up as an unsafe link and would not let me go further until or unless I overrode the AV. That was enough for me and I deleted it. Glad i’ve got Bitdefender.

Mazza says:
31 March 2022

Yes forwarded from a friend. But didn’t open. Thought it looked dodgy.

Salim says:
31 March 2022

How do I delete it from my messages?

Tina says:
1 April 2022

Hi there, yes I’ve received fake Tesco messages, fake Curry’s as well. I have now decided never to open any again. I’m fighting NumberGuru right now. I cancelled it but they keep charging me. My, account was locked but the bank still paid them. Can’t trust anything these days.

K. Iree says:
1 April 2022

The minute I saw it I knew it was a scam as I received a similar message from Air France giving away money for valentines. Thankfully I never click on anything and I was quick to warn my friends about this one.

Dorothy Moore says:
1 April 2022

Yes I entered this yesterday .

J Richardson says:
1 April 2022

I got this 3 times yesterday from different people via WhatsApp. I thought it was suspicious so did not click through