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Your views: dream cars

dream car

Something nippy to dart around town in, an all-terrain beast that can handle any surface or a comforting ride to go long distance. Cars serve multiple purposes, so what’s your vehicle of choice?

Last month, we asked you what dream cars you’d like to see in your Christmas stocking. This prompted many of you to share your memories of cars of yesteryear, too.

Car dreams

Which? Convo regular, Alfa, cut to the chase and shared a pic of her top car:

Many of you shared fond memories of your first cars. Mine was a 1994 Peugeot 306 in racing green with cream leather upholstery and red seat belts. I loved it!

Wavechange has similar feelings towards one of the first cars he drove, too:

‘I would like to own the car that I learned to drive in, simply because it was exciting to drive for the first time. Unfortunately, my father’s Austin A40 Farina Mk 1 will have been scrapped many years ago and no substitute would suffice.’

I wish I knew where my old Peugeot 306 was, but I fear it’s been probably scrapped, too. Still, I’ve probably got rose-tinted glasses on when I think about it, as there were many times when I had to plug the rust holes in its roof and, in the winter months, I had to defrost the inside of the car as well as the outside!

Sophie Gilbert also has happy memories of her first car, but it would seem that she’d prefer something slightly plusher these days:

‘My first car was a dark blue “convertible” Renault 4. Great, wee car. Classic. I’d have it again – although I’m not sure how much I would enjoy the lack of comfort nowadays.

‘Other than that I would have a Porsche Boxter and a Tesla Model S, both in snazzy colours inside and out, and with leather seats and steering wheel cover, because that’s what counts ;0).

‘Those three cars would be parked in my big garage beside my custom-designed, solar-and-wind-powered campervan, Ford Transit-size – not fussed about the make, just about the interior comfort and look, and how easy it would be to drive.’

Car realities

But while some of you were daydreaming about what you’d like to get behind the wheel of, a fair few of you were completely content with what you’ve got.

Philip Thomas said:

‘As for me, my Discovery IIs (TD5) keeps a smile on my face. But a ’93 Mercedes 500 SE was lovely inside, and totally reliable.’

Mary F said:

‘I bought my Christmas present dream car two years ago, the new Mazda MX-5 convertible, and I know why it was an award winner. Great fun to drive. The first time I have owned a car that’s turned heads!’

Your car

I wish I felt the same about my current car. After a Christmas of constant breakdowns, what was once a reliable and practical little car is now a temperamental, uncomfortable and poky vehicle. It’s funny how quickly you can fall out of love with a car – especially when the repair bills start totting up!

To get a clearer view into the reliability of cars, every year we run a Which? Car Survey to give you the opportunity to tell us what you think about your car. So if you love, like or even loathe your car then tell us how much you rate it here.

So how do you rate your car? Are there any features that you wish it had, or that you’d get rid of? Will you be replacing it any time soon?


How do I rate my car? Not very highly. It’s a Skoda Fabia and while they are supposed to be fairly reliable, mine is anything but. I fix one thing and another thing goes soon after. I definitely need to get rid of it and am half-thinking of leasing the next car.

My first car, a metallic blue VW Polo (named Percy), was amazingly reliable and would probably still be going strong had it not been driven into by a drunk driver while parked outside my student house in Liverpool. I sobbed when I was told it had to be written off! The next one after that, a nearly new Seat Cordoba, lasted for 15 years with barely anything going wrong – I had to scrap it because the bottom of it started falling out due to rust, but everything else worked perfectly.

My first car was a Vauxhall Viva HC. It was three years old and had belonged to my father and I had driven it frequently when it belonged to my father. Like Mel’s present car, it proved unreliable in my ownership despite careful maintenance by me and my father before. After a few months the engine failed rather spectacularly in a cloud of oil smoke. I had it towed to my parent’s house and the engine was rebuilt with the help of a neighbour who borrowed a van from work and took the engine block to be rebored.

I never did trust it after that and continued to replace parts as they wore out. When it was seven years old I bought a new car and sold the Viva to a couple who wanted a cheap car for their son. I was honest about the hassles I had but they happily paid the asking price.

My present VW is five and a half years old and I have not had to pay for or carry out any repairs. I no longer do my own maintenance but ask my garage to do one or two non-essential jobs such as complete dismantling and reassembly of each brake to minimise the chance of problems. I’m not sure that I would buy another VW because of the appalling behaviour of the company over the emissions cheat and the delay in modification of the affected cars.

I don’t know which car I would choose today, but my top priority is reliability and not needing to spend time and money keeping it on the road. An economical electric hybrid might fit the bill but I hope it will be a few years before I need to start thinking about it.

I presume that the main purpose of this Convo is to advertise the Which? Car Survey 2018, which I’ve already completed. Unless Which? surveys allow us to look at the questions before submitting the answers or be able to go back and revise the answers, I don’t think I will be responding to many more surveys. 🙁

Hi Lauren – Thanks for this. The lack of back buttons in surveys (not just Which? surveys) is a bit of a hobby horse with me because I used to create surveys when I was working.

In responding to the car survey, one point that I wanted to make was that my satisfaction has been tarnished by the VW emission issue. Not knowing whether there would be an option for further comments, I put the information in what was really the wrong place.

Ideally I like to see all the questions before starting a survey but having a back button is one way of achieving this.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but my first car was in a farm yard, a split screen Morris Minor side valve, with a hood that didn’t open. The farmer turfed the chickens out and gave it a rudimentary clean before handing it over for a crisp, hard earned five pound note. Despite watching the road through the gear leaver socket, it drove really well for two months until I traded it in for a blue Ford Pop, three speed, cross sprung, six volt battery and vacuum wiper. This was rust free, but compared to the Morris, back in the dark ages.

I’v had many cars over the years and all dictated by practicality over driver appeal, with 3 kid’s at 10 years between each, the need for practicality seem’s to have lasted much longer than most families lol, and now have my wonderful grand kid’s 🙂 with a mix of estate cars for holidays, tow bar’s for the trailer to do all those messy job’s between camping and canoe trips, and once even a day van for my son’s band equipment and the odd family folk festival 🙂 only once in the last 28 years did i even attempt to have my dream car, restoring a 1970’s VW Fastback, something only possible through me technical/practicable abilities rather than the budget i had, not something i would ever repeat, kind of take’s the shine off your dream keeping the thing going, sad when it left but so not disappointed, and was grateful for the experience, Now i end with a car i was kindly given 3 years ago a petrol Renault Megan which has given me awesome service even moving gear packed to the roof on our move to Scotland and the long commute to work, well up to 3 weeks ago, now the oh so common electrical faults have arrived and even after 3 weeks no one know’s how to fix them or even if it’s worth fixing lol When it come’s to a dream car i guess that depends where you are on your journey as i suspect what you would choose now differs so much from your past needs or desires, for me gone are the day’s of a two seater sports or go anywhere all singing all dancing 4×4 nore the need for a prestige badge the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Volvo not saying you would not love to own one, especially when you look at the likes of the new XC60, but you only have to look at the price of these vehicles to seen some dreams will never happen, But when you look at the used car market and have looked at as many models as i have there are real gem’s out there that tick every box at a fraction of the cost and that will be my dream car 🙂