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Your comments this week – music, razors and helmets

It’s been a chocker week full of great comments. Debates ranged from annoying customer service hold music, to expensive razors and compulsory bike helmets. Here are some of your best.

Hang up on hold music

Are you infuriated by hold music like our Jack Turner? Commenter Rebecca isn’t:

‘I prefer that there is some sort of noise that lets me know the “customer service” rep hasn’t hung up on me. For the most part, I can tune out the specific music but I HATE when the volume is cranked up so high that you have to turn down your phone volume.’

Phil commented on Jack’s experience listening to a certain Canadian pop singer:

‘Thirty minutes of Justin Bieber sounds like a cruel and unusual punishment.’

What’s the oldest piece of tech you still use?

Glen shares the cost he paid for some of the old tech he owns:

‘I have a vinyl based hi-fi, the turntable, arm and cartridge cost between seven and eight thousand pounds. The CD player cost £2,000 and the amps cost over three grand, and the speakers nearly £1,500.’

Cut-price razors – are replacement blades too expensive?

John Chappel agrees that replacement razor blades are too pricey:

‘I have given up on buying replacement blades as they are too expensive as your research confirms. I use Bic sensitive disposables which come in packs of three and I find they last me around two or three months. I only need to shave around twice a week so I’m quite lucky I guess.’

Argus had a more novel way to cut the cost of a close shave:

‘Yes, grow a beard! I woke up to this a few years ago and now I have about one shave every two weeks as a result. I may look scruffy but I don’t care; my wife thinks that I look rugged!’

Festival company goes bust – where are your refund rights?

Bloc attendants have had mixed luck getting their tickets refunded. Pete praised Lloyds TSB:

‘I called Lloyds TSB today, thinking it was a long shot because I’d paid by debit card. But their chargeback team knew all about Bloc, said that they should be able to issue a full refund this week (two Saturday tickets) under the Visa rules, and that they’d take care of everything for me. I had to email the administrator, however Lloyds said they knew I wouldn’t get a reply and that was just so there is a paper trail.

‘Obviously it’s not yet confirmed if I’ll get the money back or not, but so far, Lloyds seem to be really impressive here.’

Should cyclists be legally required to wear helmets?

Our debate on compulsory bike helmets has got off to a speedy start. Charlie, who gets our Comment of the Week, is firmly in the no camp:

‘As a cycling instructor I think that efforts should be focussed on reducing the likelihood of collisions/bumps – well maintained bikes that fit and have brakes adjusted so it’s comfortable to ride with fingers resting on the levers; cycle training to increase control and road understanding; Dutch quality cycle facilities; and presumed liability for adults colliding with children.

‘Many children hate wearing the helmets and twist and tug the straps until the helmet isn’t effectively positioned (esp. people with very curly hair as the velcro in helmets tends to irritate). Also with many hair styles a helmet sits on top of the head like a cherry on a cake so is entirely ineffectual.

‘A legal requirement to wear a helmet will deter children from cycling to the detriment of their health and fitness and to the cost of the UK in obesity, diabetes and other debilitating long-term illnesses, not to mention pollution, congestion and CO2 emissions.’

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