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This week in comments – from winter tyres to bendy buses

Webcam funerals and winter tyres. Bankers and bendy buses. These are some of the topics you’ve been debating this week. So what were the stand out comments? Read on to find out…

Winter tyre tests

We’ve now tested winter tyres thanks to your feedback, but will you be investing in a set? Keith Ellinor explains why he won’t:

‘As I live in a town and am retired, I do not consider the procurement of these tyres to be cost effective. During last winter’s condition I did not experience any concerns with the loss of traction with my car.’

However, John L already fits them to his car:

‘I’ve used winter tyres for many years despite living in the South. The difference is astounding and you can, with care, take on any conditions, often where overweight 4×4′s give up.’

Vox pops: Will energy prices force you to cutback this Xmas?

Commenter Brian Cox is trying to use as little energy as possible to save money:

‘We’re just heating the bathroom now when we need it, and using the gas fire in the lounge as low as we can. Boiler is in the kitchen, so warm enough in there anyway. We used to heat the bedroom, but not any more. Using heavier duvet, but find it uncomfortable. Wearing more clothes in the house as well.’

Extended warranties are basically a waste of money

We don’t think extended warranties are worth spending money on, but David Ramsay does:

‘I purchased a well known laptop makers’ laptop and within a month the DVD writer wouldn’t write double sided DVD’s. Replaced the DVD then the replacement failed which was replaced. Shortly after that it went again and the motherboard had to be replaced. The following year the fans and the VD went again then earlier this year the DVD and motherboard failed along with the battery and the charger.

‘All in all I had my moneys worth from the warranty as the price of the machine and warranty was far less than the cost of repairs.’

But another commenter, Anne, scared shop staff after they offered her an extended warranty:

‘When we bought our washing machine, the guy in Comet asked if I wanted to buy an extended warranty. When I said no, he asked why. I don’t think he’ll ever ask again after the speech I gave him…’

You can read Anne’s full extended warranties speech in the comments.

We need bigger penalties for top bankers

The FSA’s report into the failure of RBS opened up a can of worms. Bev Bruce comments:

‘I worked for RBS very briefly but left because of the way they encouraged employees to harass customers into making payments to overdue accounts. The culture (which came from senior management) was to daily humiliate employees who had ‘failed’ to bully enough people to make payments (including demanding they borrow credit cards from family members to make immediate payments over the phone).

‘This was to try and meet targets so bonuses would be paid and it is this sort of behaviour which must also be penalised. Success is not measured simply by meeting targets, it should also be measured by demonstrating good practice.’

Will you miss the bendy bus?

This week saw Boris Johnson waving his final goodbye to London’s bendy bus. ArgonautoftheSeas is happy to see them off:

‘Shall be glad to see the last of the long wretched intimidating things that seem to think they’ve more rights than cyclists on use of shared bus lanes.’

But Nigel Whitfield thinks swapping them for new double deckers is a waste of money:

‘If fare dodging was a serious problem on the bendy buses, then employing more bus inspectors/conductors would have helped – and would have been welcomed by many people, especially travelling late at night.

‘And, of course, the bendy buses, while maligned by some, are much more accessible for those with children in buggies, and for people in wheelchairs. We should be trying to make transport in London more accessible, not less so.’

‘Live streaming’ funerals – the death of decorum?

Would you watch a loved one’s funeral over the internet? Mark isn’t convinced by the idea and gets our Comment of the Week:

‘Live streaming of funerals! Once it catches on, doesn’t it just mean we can all have a celeb funeral – princess Di style – and let anyone who wants to watch tune in? The media cover quite a few funerals already, so sticking them on the internet does not seem much of a step further.

‘What’s strange about this idea though is that it is such a passive, one way process.
Obviously the main reason to attend a funeral is to pay your respects to the deceased person. But, unless you are a true believer, the deceased is not going to know if you were there or not, online or physically.

‘But, at least for me, the other main reason to attend a funeral is the opportunity to meet family and friends of the deceased. Yes, shock horror, to interact with them in person, reminiscing about the deceased. You can’t do that just viewing a funeral online.’

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