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The Convo top ten – third time lucky

Number three in daisies

Another week, another bunch of hot topics on Which? Conversation. To help you find the good stuff, here’s our regular round-up of the best stories and comments from the week just gone.

Why I love Poundland

Have you discovered the joys of Poundland yet? You can find everything from books to beans for just one golden nugget and Nick Cheek loves it. What’s the best thing you’ve found for a pound?

How will the spending review affect you?

It’s been dominating the news and it’s been dominating your thoughts, judging by the many comments we’ve had. Rebecca says that ‘every city banker and fund manager should support two university students,’ and Penny’s going to scream if she hears the phrase “We’re all in this together” again. So did the government go too far – or not far enough?

The smartphone debate

Ceri Stanaway and Christopher Reynolds are battling it out over smartphones, but what will the public vote say? So far, two-thirds of you agree with Ceri and say that smartphones rock, but it’s early days so cast your vote now.

Are you haunted by your exes’ Facebook photos?

Eek – look away now or you could see a picture of your ex popping up on Facebook. Oh, hold on… Facebook’s fiddled with its Photo Memories feature so that you can now cull all pictorial memories of your previous relationships from existence. So are you in favour of wiping out all traces of your ex?

Apple’s mission to stop you ‘sexting’

Apple’s latest patent seeks to censor the risqué words from you texts, but commenter Gloria Edwards isn’t looking forward to this, ‘Who are Apple to set themselves up as censors and guardian of people’s morals?’ Adam Tingle has a more light-hearted take, ‘If anything this had me wanting to take up sexting.’

Do you buy in to sustainable food?

Our home researcher Nick Frankcom thinks that we should be able to make an informed decision about what we want to buy. Are you always going out of your way to buy ethical and environmentally friendly foods?

Do you use self-service kiosks at the airport?

Do you still check-in at the desk when you’re off on holiday? You may be living in the past, as many of us are now using self-service kiosks or checking-in online at home. Maybe airlines should get rid of manned desks altogether?

Are free station toilets meeting their Waterloo?

Should we really have to pay to pee in station toilets? Which? Convo commenter Pat B doesn’t think so, ‘Surely, in the 21st Century, there must be some sort of law regarding toilet provision – and if there isn’t, there should be.’ But fat sam strongly believes that toilet facilities are better if you have to pay for them.

Are you falling for the car psychology trap?

Apparently many of us are being tricked by dealers into buying cars with our emotions rather than using our old noggin. But Pickle has experienced the opposite, ‘I walk in to the showroom and no one takes any notice.’

Should financial education be compulsory in schools?

Two recent pieces of research show that many of us think personal finance is too complex and want it on the curriculum. Nick Cheek agrees but is this something you’d like to see happen?