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The Convo top ten – chatterbox edition

Chattering parrots

What a week of colossal activity on Which? Conversation. We’ve enjoyed an influx of over 450 comments in the past seven days, with organic veg, rip-off surcharges and British Gas profits all getting a look in.

Organic veg taste test

Which? Gardening’s organic foods trial found that veg grown inorganically often tastes better & can have more nutrients. The research prompted a hefty debate with input from Soil Association, Garden Organic, Foodari Direct & Organic Trade.

British Gas profits soar but how do customers benefit?

British Gas yesterday announced soaring profits, but what are they doing with all this money? The energy supplier’s managing director defended its profits, saying that its customers ‘know exactly what they’re paying for.’ But do you really?

Our super-size surcharges campaign continues

Our campaign to end ‘rip-off’ surcharges has surged to over 26,000 pledges of support. And we’re not just campaigning about airline fees, there are other culprits, such as dentists and theatres. Are you wound up by an unfair card surcharges?

High street PC repairs rubbish, why not fix it yourself?

If your laptop breaks, you could be better off doing a DIY fix than trusting a high street repair service. Our undercover researchers found poor repairs at PC World and Carphone Warehouse. Have you been disappointed by a high street PC repair?

Time to change to double summertime?

Is it time to fiddle with our clocks and bring us lighter evenings? Isidore can’t ‘see any argument for maintaining the present system’, but Sophy thinks ‘summer evenings are fine as they are’. Make sure to vote in our double summertime poll.

Are Britain’s railways worse since privatisation?

It’s easy to look back on the train services of yesteryear with rose-tinted glasses, but were they really better? So far our poll says 60% of you think Brtain’s railways are worse since privatisation. Do you agree?

Why are we happy to put up with bad broadband?

Our recent broadband satisfaction survey found that even the unhappiest customers don’t always leave. So what’s keeping you with your broadband provider?

Are today’s young the worst off in history?

Apparently today’s twenty-somethings need to earn twice as much as their parents to match their lifestyle. It’s hard to argue with Andy Harris who thinks young people had a ‘harder time in the middle ages’, and Dean thinks ‘people just need to learn how to manage their money’.

Have you fallen for flavoured water?

Can a drink with nearly five teaspoons of sugar really be ‘delicious and nutritious’? Not according to the ASA, which banned such claims from VitaminWater ads. John H is ‘delighted to see ASA taking the sugar content of advertised drinks seriously’.

Olympic tickets – too high a price for public to pay

With tickets for some premium 2010 Olympic events priced at a wallet-busting £725, can the average family really afford to go? Are you put off by ticket prices for the London Olympics?