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The Convo top ten – the best of the year

Plasticine people getting medals

As it’s the end of the year, and a time to reflect, we’re bringing you a special edition this week with ten of our best-ever Conversations. If you missed them first time around, here’s your excuse to get involved now!

Don’t switch off speed cameras
With 274 comments at the time of writing, this topic is our most popular to date. It all started when Oxfordshire County Council decided to switch off speed cameras. Our motoring editor, Richard Headland, disagreed with the decision, sparking a healthy and varied debate

Where do you stand on student fees?

So, uni fees will be raised to up to £9,000 a year from 2012, causing some extremely opposing reactions. Ggdad believes ‘Not going to university is not the end of the world. If you cannot afford it, don’t go.’ But Mark is ‘opposed to tuition fees completely’.

Why 3DTV is destined to fall flat on its face

An early Conversation from back in June, this remains one of our most read. Many of you concurred with Mike Briggs’ opinion – that 3DTV’s wow factor soon wears off. But a few, like Tarbis, stood up for it: ‘Many critics said the same thing with Blu-ray and now they’ve all disappeared eating their words with a pinch of salt.’

Have you fallen for the Great British Savings Scandal?

Back in October Which? launched a campaign to expose the rubbish savings rates many of us are getting from our banks. Many of you joined the Conversation and used our savings booster tool to discover what you’re getting. Charlotte used our tool and discovered her ISA is earning just 0.1%. ‘I am shocked and disgusted but not at all surprised,’ she groaned.

Digital cameras damaged by the death of viewfinders

Now the second-biggest Conversation on the site, and possibly the least controversial, it’s clear that you wholeheartedly agree with Rich Parris’s campaign to bring back the viewfinder on digital cameras. And now we’ve sent your comments to camera manufacturers, so we’re hoping to have some positive news very soon!

Three cheers for the ban on clamping

Richard Dilkes greeted the news about clamping on private land being banned with glee, but not all of you shared his enthusiasm. Derek summed up the opposition by saying, ‘The ban will encourage selfish, inconsiderate parking.’

Do you want to save the cheque?

When we raised this question it quickly became clear that the answer is ‘yes’! More than 1,300 of you voted in our poll and 92% said you still find cheques useful. On this subject at least, it seems we all agree!

The supermarket special offers that aren’t so special

From a tin of peas reduced from 35p to 35p, to one drink for £1 or two for £4, our gallery of daft special offers gave us something to giggle about. It also encouraged you to post many examples – read them all here.

Do you hate self-service checkouts?

Who ever thought a machine could cause such a stir? But your reactions show that comments like ‘unexplained item in the baggage area’ wind you right up. And the results of our poll prove beyond doubt that you think self-service checkouts suck.

ISP email addresses stop us from switching

When Ceri Stanaway suggested that using your ISP’s email address locks you into their services, we thought we’d find out just how many of you are in that position. Over 1,700 of you have voted in the poll – and 55% are using an ISP’s email. Oh dear.