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Your comments this week – squirrels, statements & strangers

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This week, you’ve been debating a range of subjects from bank statements to squirrels. Would you let strangers stay in your home? And who will be fitting winter tyres? Find out in our latest comment round-up.

No more monthly statements

We asked if you’d miss monthly paper bank statements, as RBS and NatWest are going to make them quarterly instead. George Attaway said:

‘I was in hospital for thee months and my wife is not able to use a computer, so the paper billing from the bank was essential for her to pay bills. It is monstrous of these companies to deny elderly folk the choice. And what happens if the computer is down?’

Meanwhile, ArgonautoftheSeas won’t miss them:

‘Absolutely have no problem with quarterly statements. Online records go back a year, if not much longer. You can print them out to keep if you so wish.’

Should the government rethink its planned fuel duty rise?

With a fuel duty price rise of 3p fast approaching, we asked you if the government should rethink. Par ailleurs thinks so:

‘3p might not sound a lot but it soon adds up to those who absolutely have to use a car. I often hear some people extolling the virtues of cycling and public transport – all well and good if that works for you. Lots of us are (a) no longer fit enough to cycle (b) nowhere near an efficient public transport system. You don’t need to travel far out of the big cities for public transport to be both expensive and very infrequent if available at all.’

Get off my bird feeder! Are squirrels driving you nuts?

Are you tired of squirrels stealing your bird feed? ClareLondon welcomes squirrels:

‘What about the squirrels? They have to eat too. We need to look after all creatures. I love birds. But I can’t bear to think of squirrels starving. Or foxes. Or any creature.’

Sophie Gilbert is much less welcoming of our furry friends:

‘Grey (not red) squirrels are rats with good PR and we need to get rid of them, but that’s another story. I have a bird feeder with a round cage around it that very effectively prevents squirrels from accessing the nuts, but my so called “squirrel-proof” bird feeder without the cage just doesn’t work.’

Are we being pressured into buying winter tyres?

We opened the debate on whether winter tyres are worth the money. Wavechange says he won’t be buying them:

‘I live in a built-up area and the main roads are kept clear, so I have no intention of fitting winter tyres. If driving conditions are poor, warnings are issued or the forecast is not good, I will keep off the roads. Last year I left the car at home at Christmas and took the train when I went to see my family. I’m glad I did.’

However, Bo’s Dad will be fitting them:

‘When my winter tyres are on, my summer tyres are stored in the garage and do not suffer any wear. So they last twice (roughly) as long as they would if I used them all year. The only real expense is having them fitted (£20 the lot) and the cost of the capital. So on the few days when it is very cold and slippery, I will be able to stop quicker than you.’

Would you stay in a stranger’s apartment abroad?

We wondered if you’d be willing to open your home to travelling strangers to earn extra cash. Richard wasn’t too keen:

‘Used to do it years ago as a student/young adult – found it cheap and interesting. Would I do it at 82? No – I could not be bothered.’

Yet Fossilboy enjoyed staying in another person’s home and earned our Comment of the Week:

‘If you upload a photo onto Facebook or a video onto Youtube, you potentially share it with millions of strangers- surely that’s no less an intrusion into your life than someone paying to sleep in your flat when you’re away?

‘I’ve stayed in a couple of apartments through the website which have been full of personal photos, books and albums etc. I didn’t feel like I was intruding, in fact it felt like I was getting to know someone- a privilege, and a really positive experience.’

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Eric Hudson says:
14 November 2013

I am becoming fed up with advertising on the internet. It used to be easily dealt with and mostly ignored but now they are shouting at us. Not only do they shout but some of them cannot be stopped. When you try to close them they open in a different place. Some of them cannot be closed, I am in favour of advertising but it has now become intrusive and invasive.