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Your comments this week – credit cards, cars and cancellations

This week, we’ve been asking how you feel about low-energy light bulbs, credit cards and cars that call the emergency services for you. We also heard from angry festival goers who got caught up in the Bloc 2012 chaos.

Light fittings take away choice

Some new homes are being built with non-standard light fittings to ensure only low-energy bulbs are used. John Ward remembers when lighting was a simpler affair:

‘For most of my life, lighting has been such a straightforward matter with standardised, cheap, efficient, lamps that were readily interchangeable. In recent years it has become a real pain with non-interchangeable caps, bulb shapes that do not conform to fittings and incredible variations in illumination performance. Keeping spare bulbs is now extremely expensive but still necessary because local retailers only stock a limited range.’

Cashback vs reward cards – is cashback always king?

Do you prefer cashback or reward credit cards? William told us:

‘I find most rewards schemes don’t offer any value to me whatsoever, so a cashback card will always win for me.’

Martin was also pragmatic with his choice of cards:

‘Cash vs rewards doesn’t matter to me, it’s all about which card offers the best % return on the item I’m buying. As long as you would have spent money in the shop you have vouchers for, it’s as good as cash anyway.’

No need to call an ambulance, your car will do it for you

The EU wants all new cars to automatically call the emergency services in a crash. The response was overwhelmingly negative, with Argus saying:

‘And they are complaining about so many nuisance 999 calls. This is another great EU “directive” aimed at forcing us to buy new cars with new technology we don’t need. In every accident I have been involved in, the emergency services have NEVER been required. What a massive waste of time and resources.’

David Ramsay agreed:

‘That’s a good idea, the EU can fund the additional emergency service costs in each of the countries concerned. We will then have a lot more jobs, a large increase in emergency callouts and a total lack of emergency services for normal calls. Mind you there won’t be any difference there, will there?’

Do you want to bank where you buy your bananas?

Following Asda’s announcement that it’s expanding into financial services, we asked you if you’d like to bank while you do your weekly shop. Richard explained:

‘I buy my bananas from a local market stall as they are cheaper – nicer – and the stall owner knows me and is friendly. All the characteristics not found from my local supermarket. I far prefer online banking for convenience – all I need is the ability to obtain some cash which is already obtainable from banks and “cash back” from supermarkets.’

While Wavechange made us smile with a subtle crack at self-service checkouts:

‘Unexpected item in the banking area. ’

Festivals cancelled – who’s rained on your parade?

The latest festival to be called off this year was Bloc 2012 – we heard from a range of frustrated commenters, including Tom, who gets our Comment of the Week:

‘I was at the festival; it was a disaster from start to finish. I left the DLR at 7.30 and joined the enormous queue to get in, which segued into an even bigger queue once inside. Once inside, it was impossible to enter any of the stages without a considerable queue. We hedged our bets for an hour or so, but the queues got worse and stopped moving entirely.

‘By the time it was all called off it was something of a relief, to be honest. I left at 12.45 having seen not one minute of music. There was nowhere near enough space. Stewards had totally lost control. The Met have dishonestly blamed the problems on rain – however, there was no rain, so I have no idea why they are lying about this. I expect a full refund.’

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