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The Which? Money quiz: put your knowledge to the test


A week can be a long time in the world of personal finance…

With so much news and speculation being reported in the lead-up to the general election, it can be easy to let important information go over your head.

In the past seven days, we learned a lot about people’s housing priorities, personal debt and the snap general election.

That’s why we’ve created a weekly quiz to test your knowledge of the past week’s headlines.

Take our quiz on what’s been going in the world of personal finance – and don’t forget to let us know in the comments how you got on.


5/7 I did not know about Ford launching a savings account or how few tenants meet their landlord before moving in.


Well done, Wavechange – I scored 4 out of 7!


At least it shows we haven’t been looking up the answers.


6/7 with a bit of guessing.


6/7… hadn’t heard about the tuc survey and guess more debt than it was.
I’d like a quiz like this on my overall money knowledge, not just what’s in the news.


Hi Anthony.

Why don’t you try our ‘Great British Money Quiz’ on for size? Remarkably, just two people out of 1,080 who took the test originally managed to get full marks.



There may be a reason why so few have managed a complete score. On one question it locked up, although I knew the answer was correct. On another question regarding interest on a savings account it produced the green band and a tick and then told me it was wrong.


6/7 – but there was a spoiler earlier in the Convo. I tried to second guess the household debt, but went to the wrong extreme.

JOHN says:
20 June 2017

I was guided by my lady friend 4/7 had i been allowed my say 7/7 would have been the score.Just kidding,our joint score i think is a good average most importantly we work together to remain debt free.our motto is dont buy until the WANT becomes a NEED. worked so far.