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The Convo top ten – ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Poppy about to bloom

Change was around every corner this week. From the Budget and Ofgem’s ‘radical overhaul’ of the energy market, to Minority Report-style billboard ads – in the words of Bob Dylan, ‘the times they are a-changin”.

What’s your view on the census?

Will you be filling in your census with glee or with gritted teeth this weekend? Martyn Saville loves the census but Sarah Kidner wants to rail against it. Who do you agree with? Cast your for or against vote in our poll.

Will two-thirds pint measures change our binge-drinking culture?

Imagine a pub where you can buy a two-third pint measure and your glass provides unit information. Would it make any difference to how much we drink? ‘Along with other initiatives, it may help push people towards responsible drinking,’ says Mark.

Weirdest gadgets – can you beat tweeting scales?

Inhalable vitamins? A plastic egg to prevent toilet splash back? Just a couple of the wacky gadgets we found at The Ideal Home show. And many of you are already trying them out, like Vinnie, who has the splash back Egglu. ‘No splash back or noise,’ he, ahem, gushes. ‘You really do **** in peace. Don’t knock it till you try it.’

Uh-oh – Minority Report-style street ads coming soon

Spielberg’s vision of advertising, where signs target us as individuals, could soon become reality. Are you worried, asks Alice Bucheler?

McDonalds displaying calorie counts? Bring it on

Nutritionist Shefalee Loth is pleased to hear that McDonalds plans to display calorie information in its restaurants, but Wavechange thinks they should go further. ‘Food chains should provide the same nutritional information as supermarkets. Fat, sugar and sodium content are particularly important,’ he says.

Ofgem – your ‘radical overhaul’ isn’t radical enough

Why hasn’t Ofgem’s overhaul of the energy market addressed the fact that companies don’t have to stick to the price you signed up to? In the six weeks that it takes to move to your new supplier, they could whack the price up, says Nikki Whiteman.

This year’s budget – how positive was it really?

Chancellor George Osborne has been quick to sell this year’s budget as a positive one – but are you won over? Brad thinks, ‘The Chancellor was caught between a rock and a hard place’, while N Dias believes, ‘There can be hardly anyone hit so hard by taxes as the motorist‘.

Is a degree worth £84,000 of debt?

News that some graduates could face total debts of up to £84,000 under the new student loans regime made Laura Starkey’s heart sink. But are these figures as scary as they seem, she asks, or are we reacting to them too emotionally?

Chucking food away is flushing water down the drain

Did you realise that our ‘water footprint’ for wasted food is 280 litres per person per day? ‘This raises the question: is food too cheap for a lot of us?’ says Sophie Gilbert – will these figures encourage you to waste less?

Why won’t fanboys lay off Windows Phone 7?

Tim Gee wants to know why Android addicts and Apple aficionados are so keen to pour vitriol over the new entrant, Windows Phone 7, solely because it’s made by Microsoft. Chris is quick to jump to its defence, ‘I bought a Windows Phone 7 myself and it’s a great phone’.