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The Convo top ten – super complaints

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We’ve had a good whinge this week, launching our super complaint against ‘rip-off’ card surcharges. Software updates, varying petrol prices, targeted ads and moving bank holidays have also got on our nerves.

Our surcharges super complaint

Have you been caught out with charges for using your credit or debit card when booking flights? We’ve submitted a super complaint to the OFT to investigate these surcharges – make sure you pledge your support.

Why do petrol prices vary so much in your local area?

In his Which? Convo debut, our chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith asks why petrol prices change dramatically in the space of just a couple of streets. Are drivers really expected to drive around from pump to pump to find the cheapest petrol?

Why I’m sick of software updates

Software updates over the internet are fast, free… and not always necessary. Have developers become complacent? ‘At least they are fixing it’ argues Chris, but Danny (the dog) thinks there’s ‘nothing more infuriating than your computer forever installing new updates’.

What does your supermarket know about you?

Ever bought something in a supermarket you’d rather keep secret? Tough – your secret’s safe with no one as this data is recorded and linked to your loyalty card. Do you think its right that our privacy is breached in this way?

Give us more bank holidays!

A Government official has proposed moving the May bank holiday to the autumn. Liz feels May is the ‘loveliest time of the year’, but Leigh thinks there are too many holidays in April/May. John goes one step further and complains that ‘bank holidays are a nuisance’ altogether.

Is the new crime map a help or a hindrance?

The Home Office says its new crime-mapping site will increase transparency in crime, policing and justice – but Texter9 thinks it’s a ‘waste of time, effort and money’. Roger Weird disagrees, ‘surely any information is better than none?’

Hard times call for more debt advice, not budget cuts

The government is providing £27m of funding for free debt advice. Martyn Saville doesn’t think it’s enough. Una Farrell of the CCCS agrees, saying that it could lead to people seeking help from fee-charging organisations when there’s ‘no need to pay for debt advice’.

Are you won over by celebrity gardening ranges?

Do celebrity gardening endorsements and new ranges actually compel you to pick up a trowel? Jamie Oliver’s new grow-your-own range hopes to get you gardening, but Pickle’s not convinced, ‘celebrity promotion may get the faint hearted to grow things, but I’m not won over.’

Online behavioural ads – is the industry doing enough?

Based on your online browsing habits, advertisers have a pretty clear picture of you. The industry’s made some moves to help you opt-out of targeted ads, with Nick Stringer of the Internet Advertising Bureau joining us to defend these efforts. But is it enough?

It doesn’t pay to be a gaming early adopter

Both Nintendo and Sony are releasing new handheld consoles this year. So should you buy them on day one? Jack Turner doesn’t think so. But on the social news site Reddit, rbdavsr points out that the original PS3 ‘came with multiple card readers, more USB slots, and full PS2 backwards compatibility’ so maybe it does pay to be an early bird?

John Bradley says:
9 April 2011

Has anyone else been taken by first:utility after switching to the “lowest energy prices in the UK”? Just two months after switching to this provider I’ve been hit with a 24% increase in electricity tariff, 23% increase in gas tariff, 523% (!!) in electricity standing charge and 113% increase in gas standing charge. Also replacement of the dual fuel discount with a much lesser value fixed rate of £120 per year. And the pathetic offer of a £75 “loyalty bonus” (read idiot bonus) if I stay with them for anothey year. Needless to say, I’m switching again.

Martin says:
20 December 2011

i had them on the phone for about half an hour and was close to switching but as they refused to give e the details in writing i refused. Glad i did now

tony Duggan says:
12 July 2011

i wonder why a big company like Tesco treats its customers with so much contempt .I have recently had two experiences at the same store and from the tesco online complaint service all I have is a series of automated replies apologising that they have delayed in responding .

in my first complaint I bought a product to find it had passed it sell by date .They were very keen to know all of the product details which I duly obliged and was advised that a customer services contact would be made.i was then offered a five pound voucher which I considered a bit poor as when i subtracted the value of the product and the time and cost I spent in alerting them left me out of pocket .The response was well if you don’t like it take the product back to the store and we will replace it !! As I don’t use this store very often it was worth my while to revist the store .

Some weeks later I called at the same store purchased some goods and petrol .The cashier acknowledged the petrol purchase,but when I got home had only charged me for the other goods and not £60 of petrol .I alerted them to their mistake and subsequently called into the store and raised my earlier problem only to be told nothing we can do.

great shopping experience and customer experience .Tesco can check how much I spend in their stores but clearly don’t value me as a customer.Where I can now choose I will take my custom elsewhere