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The Convo top ten – challenging the status quo

Fist in the air

Whether it’s questioning the greenness of electric cars, whether the iPad 2’s really worth the hype, or even if clamping should be banned – we’ve been rocking the boat this week.

Should insurers take gender into account?

A new ruling means that insurers can no longer take gender into account when calculating your premiums. But is this a fair decision? So far, 84% of you disagree with the ruling in our poll.

Are electric cars really emission free?

Electric cars have been grabbing the headlines, but do their claims of ‘zero emissions’ stack up? Investigations by Which? Car have discovered the amount of CO2 that’s added to the atmosphere when you charge your electric car.

iPad 2 – is it hype or is Apple still king?

Apple has finally announced the iPad 2, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Commenter Fabrice thinks ‘Apple delivers on the hype’, but Graham disagrees, ‘It’s a sad reflection on how materialistic we are when we get so worked up about a device which is, in essence, no different from what it is replacing.’

We quiz the RAC Foundation about the clamping ban

The government wants to outlaw clamping on private land, but is this the right move? This week we talked to the RAC Foundation about the plans – it thinks that clamping should be regulated, not banned. Do you agree?

Pensioners have got it easy

A new report states that the elderly are getting special treatment at the expense of the young. But have pensioners really been let off lightly? Tony had no idea he was so well off, ‘I am coming up to 80 so if they can bear with me until then I shall willingly donate my extra 25p a week pension to the government’s declining coffers.’

Not everyone’s on board the high-speed rail network

It’s not long until the HS2 high-speed rail line is expected to get the go ahead. But are you in favour of the super-fast line? Dean argues that ‘any new railway line which relieves the crowded, congested and unreliable West Coast Main Line […] is to be welcomed’. But Stung doesn’t think the £34 billion bill is value for money.

Do you recycle your old energy-saving light bulbs?

Recycling old energy-saving light bulbs isn’t just the ‘green’ thing to do; it’s the safest option, too. But this message doesn’t seem to be getting across, with many ending up in the bin. Do you find it easy to recycle energy-saving light bulbs?

The ‘local’ lies on our food labels

Did you know that a fifth of local products are from elsewhere? Many of us take a cursory glance at the label before adding it to the trolley, but it could all be in vain. This realisation has spurred on both Cat and Sophie Gilbert to be more vigilant. Will you?

What should we do with our plastic flowerpots?

Veronica Peerless doesn’t know how to control her growing pile of plastic plant pots behind her shed. Why is it so difficult to recycle them? Steve Randall thinks our best bet is to stop using plastic pots altogether, ‘Let’s say no to plastic and polystyrene pots, trays and boxes’.

DAB radio – can you afford the switchover?

It may feel like the switchover to DAB is a long way off, but the more we listen to it, the closer we get to losing FM. In our poll, 58% of voters aren’t willing to pay to switch from FM to DAB. Phil even thinks we should start a ‘campaign to abandon the switchover’ – would you support it?