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This week in comments – potholes, cashback and surcharges

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We were delighted when the OFT upheld our “rip off” surcharges super complaint this week, and we’ve been overwhelmed by your comments of congratulations. But other debates have been raging on too…

No signs, just fix the potholes!

Confused.com thinks there should be signs to warn drivers of potholes. Pedro Stephano disagreed on Twitter, ‘The world needs more observant drivers, not more flaming signs!’

Confused.com tweeted back in defence:

‘[Potholes] cost British drivers around £2.8 billion a year, so warnings are clearly necessary!’

Debt companies shouldn’t offer Quidco cashback

Martyn Saville argues debt companies should be kept off cashback sites. Paul disagrees:

‘There are big financial self-labelled impartial sites out there that make money through affiliate links also. Should those advertisers be prevented from commercial legitimate deals because they may not be in the best interests of the consumer? Where do you draw the line?’

Is it right for Yahoo! to snoop on your emails?

Accepting Yahoo! Mail’s updated T&Cs give it the right to read your messages, but iJohn doesn’t think this is an issue:

‘So they are just catching up to what Gmail have been doing since day one. Also, since all mail goes through their servers, you think they couldn’t scan it already?’

On the contrary, Alan Wenman is concerned:

‘No, no, no, NO! No amount of deft, esoteric and adroit debate will change the fact that communication between people must be private.’

Where’s the love for holiday parks?

Our survey found Brits aren’t holiday park enthusiasts, like Fat Sam:

‘Why would I want to spend £700+ for a week’s holiday in a basic chalet on a site shared with hundreds of other people, when I can get a luxury site with a private pool in rustic, rural France for £550 in the height of summer and almost certainly guaranteed sunshine, fantastic food and amazing scenery?’

However, Dean thinks holiday parks are perfect for kids:

‘I personally think that the kids prefer places like Butlins/Centre Parcs because there is much more for them to do than in rural France.’

Success! OFT agrees ‘rip off’ surcharges are unfair

We’re delighted that our super complaint has been upheld, as is Aga:

‘Fantastic news! It just reveals the power of ordinary consumers. We can make our voice heard! I’m now wondering what Ryanair comes up with in response. Thank you Which?!!!’

You can find Ryanair’s response in reply to our Convo, but we’ll leave you with our Comment of the Week from Dick:

‘For Isle of Man residents this is real progress as we have had a double whammy of having to pay double card charges to some airlines – into UK and then onward to final destination.

‘We were therefore delighted that we could commend the Which? campaign to our supporters and thank the 40,000 who signed up to your campaign – the equivalent of over 50% of our population.’

Comments have been edited due to length, so make sure to read them in full on their relevant Convos (by clicking on the red title link).