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What’s the point of Mother’s Day?

Girl giving mum flowers

Are you spoiling your mum rotten today? Before you start muttering something about over-commercialisation, take a moment to remember the real point of Mother’s Day. I, for one, think it’s a day well worth having.

Hands up if you’re spending today with your dear old mum? Unfortunately, I’m not, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t pulled out all the stops to make her feel special.

The flowers are ordered, the cards and pressies are in the post and a phone call will be made. Does that sound over-the-top? Well, I don’t think so.

Maybe it’s since I’ve become a mum myself that I’ve started taking this day more seriously. After all, I now fully appreciate just how much energy goes into being the best mother you can be – and my mum has been doing it for a whole lot longer than I have!

Commercial crazyness?

I know, on the face of it, it’s ‘just another day’ that can easily be written off along with Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween as a reason for retailers to cash-in. And of course, you have to keep your wits about you to avoid getting sucked in to buying tat – but these are excuses, not reasons, to cop-out.

This year I narrowly avoided buying the wrong bunch of flowers, for example. Normally I head straight to Interflora, but after seeing the bouquets that arrived in the office for the Which? Gardening team to test, I thought better of it.

They ordered flowers from six different companies to see which arrived promptly, looked best and lasted the longest. It seems that while Interflora is the most well-known, it isn’t the best of the bunch, proving that it pays to choose wisely.

Mother’s Day isn’t all about money

I do understand the argument that we should let our mums know they’re special every day of the year, not just on the one day we’re told to (after all I use it every Valentine’s Day).

But be honest – when did you last buy your mum flowers or tell her how amazing she is? It doesn’t hurt to have a little nudge to go the extra mile. And the sentiment doesn’t have to be financially painful either. Cooking her a nice meal, baking a special cake or making a homemade card can all say it just as well – and a lot more personally.

So, what will you be doing to celebrate the woman who brought you into the world? If you haven’t marked Mother’s Day yet, there’s still time to make an effort. And if you’re a mum, tell us what your kids have done to make your day… here’s hoping I’ll have lots to report back on too!


I don’t think it is a cop-out at all.
It’s commonplace that the marketing machines kick into gear for various occasions throughout the year, people do not mind this so much, but I’ll be damned if I am paying 3,4, sometimes 5 times the price because of the occasion.

Look at roses when valnetines day approaches, a week before and a week after they are around £5, on valentines day, they are £20 – £30.
We hear from businesses all the time, “Oh well, valentines day sales make up a large part of our sales for the year” Utter drivel!
That’s not a cop-out thats extortion!

evie says:
3 April 2011

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your Mum how much you love her – this year I forgot to post Mum’s card in time (she lives a long way off) and rang to apologise, only to be told that she would rather hear my voice than have a card any day.
While my own children were young I did enjoy their hand-made offerings from school, but now that they are adult I get more pleasure from an unexpected gift or telephone call – this shows that they are thinking of me themselves, without the pressure of advertising. An un-birthday or un-special day gift makes so much more impact – and probably costs a lot less.

Watercarrier says:
4 April 2011

Your recent report about Mother’s Day flowers amused me; my son ordered Fair Trade flowers to be delivered to me on Mother’s Day a few weeks ago, as he knew he would be abroad, and they emailed him on the day itself to say they had ‘run out of flowers’. Not only had they run out, but so had every florist in the city we live in, apparently, so they would deliver on Monday instead. Beat that!

I tried to order something nice for me ma but she had already had something nice for her Ruby wedding anniversary 3 days before! 🙂

She was happy with a card and a phone call, and was in Paris anyway, swings n roundabouts 🙂

Sophie Gilbert says:
5 April 2011

Sorry, I’ll be the spoilsport cynical one in this convo. Mother’s day is just another commercial ploy to me, and to my mother who expressly told my sister and me to ignore it!! She knows we adore her and doesn’t need anything extra done on that particular day to reinforce this adoration. Sorry!!!

Just Me says:
20 January 2012

Don’t buy your mother anything on mothers day…

The point of the day is to let your mum know you love her and are thinking of her. Like the Christmas mantra that is so often banded about without care, its the thought that counts. Take a fountain pen and a piece of paper and write:

Dear mum

I just thought I would write you a note today to say how much I love you. You put up with me all those years at home, and still worry and think about me even though I have left home. I have never forgotten how you were always there for me when I was little, and how much you support me now that I am grown. You are the best, and will always live deep in my hart, where I keep all the things that are the truly important and the most beautiful parts of me. Thanks mum, I love you always.

How much did this thought cost? The fact that it’s written in pen, on paper shows that you have made the effort, not some naff email or rubbish text, not some tacky box of chocolates, or another bunch of flowers you rushed into the superstore and bought last minute in a panic. You put some thought into it, and you think your mum is going to appreciate the chocolates more than this? Think on it for a moment, when was the last time you actually told your mum you really love her?

Jim says:
7 May 2016

What if your Mum treats you like rubbish? If you feel angry about this, how can you be expected to give her anything? This is a sad fact of life that no one stops to recognise on days like today.