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This week in comments – Olympics, weddings and group buying

Money in hands

Whether it’s attempting to secure Olympic tickets, group buying a bargain, or looking for a wedding discount – we’ve been trying to spend cash this week. Find out who succeeded and who failed in our comment round-up.

Did you get Olympic tickets?

Time’s up for the first round of Olympic tickets. SubSeventy-JUST isn’t happy:

‘Applied for £1,200 worth of tickets, as at our age my husband and I will not get to see another Olympics – certainly not in this country. However, no joy at all. I just feel sad, so much so that at this moment in time I don’t feel inclined to even bother to watch the whole thing on television.’

Others aren’t feeling so down, such as the very lucky Charlotte:

‘We applied for £2,500 of tickets for 3 people. We got £923. I am pleased and think that we should embrace the Olympics coming to our country and soak up the atmosphere, and show the rest of the world we know how to hold an event in true British style.’

Group buying sites – are they a good deal?

We have a couple of group buying fans, with Jayne using these sites to cut wedding costs:

‘I’m getting married this summer and so far all the beautifying I wish to do for my wedding – hair cut and colour, manicure, pedicure, waxing, false eyelashes, spray tan and my wedding jewellery – have been purchased from one of the group buying websites. It means I have to trawl through lots of rubbish emails to find anything I want, but it has been worth it for me to keep the cost down.’

My 13 lucky rules to beat wedding costs

Jayne isn’t the only one trying to cut wedding costs. Rich Dilks gave his advice on budgeting for your big day, with Frugal Ways adding another tip:

‘Buy local wherever possible – less marketing and lower costs – and negotiate a room discount when your wedding guests stay in their hotel. We got our local hotel to drop the room prices by 20% and they knocked £300 off the catering as we filled their hotel up for the weekend.’

These are tips Hannah’s noting down for her big day:

‘I have just set my date for my wedding and have been overwhelmed at how much EVERYTHING costs. Marquees, food, clothes – it’s all crazy money. Am going to try hard to buy local, look for mega-deals, quibble and negotiate (toe-curling indeed!) and stay calm. If I can pull this off on/or near budget then it will be quite an achievement!’

Want a ‘sat nav’ app to get round Tesco? Um, no thanks

Quite a few of you agree with Arlene on this, with Dean explaining why:

‘If I absolutely HAVE to go [to the supermarket], the last thing I want is some geeks following their phones around the store bumping into people and not watching what they’re doing.’

But Wavechange is interested in this ‘sat nav’ tech:

‘I could be interested because my local Tesco sometimes puts things in strange places, For example dishcloths in the aisle labelled dog food and pet care, and salt in the aisle labelled fresh lamb and pork.’

How St Helier Hospital cured its car parking problem

Nuala Gormley had some kind words for St Helier’s car parking improvements:

‘What an encouraging response to your parking problem! It’s fantastic to hear about a hospital management team that genuinely engages with its service users to help design a range of improvements. Well done St Helier’s.’

However, Graham Griffiths thinks more needs to be done:

‘I’ve been to Epsom Hospital every day for the last three weeks (part of Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust) and used the car park. If the car parks have improved, I’m glad I didn’t have to go last year! The layout of the parking spaces is tricky to say the least, the spaces are narrow. The entrance is poorly signposted and you have to negotiate a strange slalom to enter.’

Are we getting bored of the car?

Nick hopes that people have started falling out of love with the car:

‘I have thought for a while that the “love” that people feel for their cars is terribly misplaced and competes with people’s love for more worthwhile things like people and relationships.

‘I know a lot of people will pooh-pooh this as being very precious, but I have to say personally that I feel I have my priorities much better aligned since getting rid of my previous “prestige performance” car and getting a basic Skoda Fabia. It does the job brilliantly and is extremely economical in comparison to my previous chariot, but more to the point I regard it as what it is – a form of transport which efficiently gets me from A to B.’

But John, who wins our Comment of the Week, answered back:

‘Nick, I like my cars and recently enjoyed driving to northern Italy, and a few months later to Gibraltar. Its not just about A to B for me – I want the journey in the way I want it to be – quiet, quality music, automatic systems, speech activation, bluetooth, seat heaters and cruise control.

‘Your A to B Skoda wouldn’t float my boat – although I would push it in the river to see if it would become a boat or submarine.’

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