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Watchdog not Lapdog – which dog will win your heart?

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. No, not Valentine’s Day – the day we reveal which furry hopefuls have made the shortlist to be the face of our Watchdog not Lapdog campaign. Come and vote for your favourite…

In January we launched the Watchdog not Lapdog campaign with a competition to become the face of the campaign.

As the campaign is focused on ensuring that the Financial Services Bill (which is currently making its way through Parliament) creates a strong, open and proactive financial regulator, we decided we needed to find the perfect pooch to front the campaign.

We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of entrants – it wasn’t easy to paw through 200 hopefuls to whittle them down to five, but we’re happy with our shortlist…

Our five financial watchdog finalists

First up is Hungarian Vizsla, Milo from Kent. We were impressed by the CV (!) he sent in, which showcased why he would make the perfect Watchdog. He is very familiar with the financial world – he likes walks with a view of Canary Wharf – and he’s apparently very good with maths too!

His owner says that if we’re looking for a ‘charismatic, curious, competent and most importantly courageous canine, then trusted companion Milo is your boy!’

Our second finalist is Jackson, a Boxer from Kingston. His owner thinks he’d make a great watchdog because ‘he’s always on the ball and is good at sniffing out situations. Jackson can be vocal in putting his point of view across and is always supportive of the underdog!’

Finalist number three is Darcy a Jack Russell Terrier from Middlesex. Her owner says that while she’s the smallest of the bunch, ‘Darcy’s protective nature means she will see challenges through to the end. Darcy is a quick thinker, always alert and efficient in whatever situation she is presented with!’

Our fourth finalist is Red Sable German Shepherd, Unushka. According to her owner, she’s ‘definitely no lapdog. She lets us know if anyone’s around and the neighbours say they feel reassured knowing she is next door’.

Our last but definitely not least – how could you possibly sidetrack a six stone Doberman – is the lovely Lupo from Leeds. Apparently we shouldn’t be fooled by the fact he is born on April 1st, as Lupo’s long nose can sniff out squirrels from miles away and his natural guarding instincts mean he’d make the perfect Watchdog.

Vote for your favourite watchdog

So who will you choose to be your Watchdog? We’re impressed by them all, but only one can be the face of the campaign. Vote for your favourite before 24 February at www.which.co.uk/watchdogvote.

And for those of you who are worried that looking at all these cute doggy pictures will make us soft, don’t worry, we’ve been out and about talking to as many MPs as we can about why it’s important that the Financial Services Bill creates the Watchdog you all deserve!

Michael Mason says:
21 February 2012

I know, I know, there’s always one… But while you’re on the subject of bêtes, can I bring up my bête noire – it’s “focused” not “focussed”.

dennis warren says:
22 February 2012

milo is beautiful, great colouring

Gustav Wind says:
22 February 2012

What a comprehensive collection of canine cuties and no doubt each one would be more than cannily competent in representing ‘Which’ in their current consumer campaign but as the winner will be chosen by a whisker then it has to be that of the Vizsla’s. Seeing this uncommon breed in action their elegance is truly remarkable. When the need arises they’ll hunt like an enhanced excocet with day-long, dogged determination.
Vote for a watchdog and not a guard dog. Vote Vizsla for a dog that will do their duty with fearless fictile fidelity and not shred confused casual callers or perplexed peripatetic paperboys. Anyone would be just barking to choose another.

Clawdia says:
23 February 2012

It’s got to be the Hungarian vizsla. Best candidate for the job.


We have a winner! Milo is the new face of our Watchdog not Lapdog campaign…

Mad Pinder says:
2 March 2012

As Milos owner I’m very very Excited to see that he won! I thought each candidate had good characteristics for the Watchdog not Lapdog Title! Personally I found Lupo to be very charming. Thank You to Everybody who voted.