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Do you use discount voucher code sites?

Do you hunt for voucher codes before placing orders online? Do you think they’re worth using? How often do you find codes that actually work?

There are a number of voucher sites that claim to list exclusive discount codes and promo deals for popular retailers and restaurants. But, frustratingly, these codes don’t always work when you try to use them at the checkout.

We want to find out if some of these voucher sites are more reliable than others – or if they’re not worth checking in the first place.

Tell us in the comments below if you have a go-to source for deals and promotions online.

Do you regularly use voucher code sites?
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Are voucher sites reliable?

Do you use a voucher site or app that regularly gives you the best deals when shopping online?

Or perhaps you use a browser extension, such as Join Honey, or an app to find the best promo deals for your orders?

If you’ve managed to find a good source for discount codes and promos, let us know which sites you use and how much you’ve saved. Or maybe you try a whole raft of discount codes only to find that all of them have expired or aren’t recognised?

If you’ve frequently been let down by obsolete codes, let us know your experience in the comments below.

Are you asked for personal data?

We also want to know what type of personal data these sites ask you to hand over before using their codes.

Have you been asked to register with an account to make the most of their promo deals? And have you received unwanted email marketing after doing so?

Your experience will help inform a wider story looking into how these sites work and whether they’re worth using.

Gingerblonde says:
28 March 2022

Depends on the saving and the number of hoops to be jumped through. Can be useful. Now cashback quite often has to be chased … a certain vitamin site are dab hands at not paying so I would recommend checking site(s) within the week of purchase to make sure you’re getting your deal.

How many times has a ‘quick google search’ been mentioned in the comments? That’s an oxymoron if there ever was one. I’ve got better things to do and to think about than chasing after vouchers that require hurdles to be jumped and hoops to be leapt through and probably don’t work anyway.

I disagree HowardWhich3, I have always found a ‘quick google search’ for voucher codes results in a positive outcome. No chasing, hoops, hurdles or leaps required in my experience.

This might be because I use voucher codes for ‘services’ (Parcel Force, Deliveroo etc) rather than for purchasing physical items and perhaps codes for services are more reliable. But whenever I need to use a service, a google search always results in a valid voucher code, typically providing a 10 – 15% discount.

I have to question why anyone should be able to get a 10 to 15% discount by simply finding a voucher, at the expense of full paying customers. Not that I would not take advantage if it was on offer, I would, but I question the principle, most particularly for services such as Parcel Force.

It’s business games, like hiking the price of breakdown cover for existing customers even if they have not made a claim. I would prefer if discount codes, loyalty cards, etc. did not exist but at present the best option seems to be to join in with the games. 🙁

C Ralphs says:
29 March 2022

I used vouchercodes.co.uk, which is very reliable and yes I had to register to use it but didn’t mind.

I have Pouch downloaded on my computer and when I get to checkout, if it as a coupon available it just pops up and says coupon available. No problem

Hi Richard, from what you explained it sounds like ‘Pouch’ automatically searches for a discount code during checkout. This seems like a simple way of obtaining a discount if available and without the need to perform a search.

Until now I had never heard of Pouch, but will certainly check it out.