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Vote with your feet – which services have you ditched?

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Although it seems like a hassle to switch car insurance or savings account, I think I’m better off for it. That’s why I’m marching at the head of a band of consumers who are all voting with their feet! Will you join us?

I opened my first bank account when I went to university. That was years ago, as you can tell from my mugshot, and I’m still with the same bank today. I only chose them because my dad was with me at the time and banked with them too. Not a great reason, I know…

Are they the best bank on the high street? Not according to our research, but then they aren’t the worst either – and if they’d ever done anything awful to me I would probably have moved. The truth is that, right now, my fear of them messing up my mortgage payments and losing all my direct debits if I tried to switch to another bank outweighs my desire to get a better deal elsewhere.

I’m a savings rate tart

Talk to me about savings accounts, on the other hand, and I would freely acknowledge that I’m a rate tart. I have savings accounts with half a dozen banks and building societies and expect to move money every six to 12 months to make sure I’m getting the best deals.

The difference here, of course, is that there really is a difference between the best and worst accounts – and I can measure it down to the last penny. Since I do virtually all of my saving online, customer service is really not an issue – if the website works and the interest rate is good, I’m there.

The same is true of car insurance – I switch every year without fail because I know I will save £100+ for 10 minutes work online – I’d be a fool not to (though god knows I was a fool for years following the “advice” of an insurance broker who claimed to be able to find me the best deals).

What have you switched?

I trust that if you’re a regular visitor to Which? Convo, you vote with your feet too and don’t let companies that offer duff rates get away with it.

So, we’re urging you not just to vote with your feet but also to let us know if you have, that way, we can see where our help is most needed and whether we need to improve our advice on switching certain products.

You can share your switching experiences in the comments below, or use our widget to quickly tell us what services you have switched.

Are you a serial switcher, or are there things that are stopping you from voting with your feet?


I have always been fan of voting with My feet & switching between companies when I am unhappy with them Or they are too pricey, slow, poor, bad, bad name, & MORE 🙂

Although switching from landlines,boardband,contract mobiles, & banks, Can be very hard to transfer,leave,switch,change, & Some have fines,penalties,charges, & Some mess up paper work 🙁

Its normally easier to switch from Pay As You Go (PAYG) Mobiles & Love the use of the PAC Code & I am now with GiffGaff.Co.Uk for all My mobile PAYG needs since September 2010 🙂

It would be nice if Virginmedia Fiber Opitic Cabled Broadband could be transferred to companies like BT Plc & Other Providers, & The same when BT Plc bring out there Fiber Optic Cabled Broadband, Like with do with dail up, landlines, & ADSL Broadband, Where it has to be shared to companies like BT Plc, VirgineMedia, Orange Mobile, Post Office, Sky, & Many More.

I also think BT Plc with BT Vision should still work,Even if there customers with landline & broadband decide to move/switch to another broadband/landline service/company, But we may choose & still want our Tv from BT Plc BT Vision & I also think VirginMedia should be forced & made to have to offer there Virginmedia Tv Services, ondemand through ADSL Broandand/Landlines like BT Plc with BT Vision & BSKYB/Sky With there limited XBox360-Sky Player,

As this will make it easier for Non-Virginmedia Fiber Optic Cabled Broadband Customers to get tv from VirginMedia, Rather than just from BT Plc Bt Vision,Freeview,Sky,.


My first account was set up for Me when I was young & With NS&I,

When I was a kid I opened up a savings account & cash card account with Abbey National Plc,

I later had to close the accounts & re-open it the same day I was going for My job interview with Marks & Spencer Plc, I believe it was My 2nd interview/s & Knew I was getting the job & Needed a bank account for future wages.

I stuck with Abbey National Plc since a child 7 or 10, to 2007 when I was 23 years old,

I then moved to HSBC Bank Plc, As Abbey National Plc had got worse other the years, from Great building Society & Than Bank & Then name changes from Abbey National Plc To Abbey, & Now Santander & Its got WORSE Since being owned & run by Santander.

I later set up a 3rd bank account with Co-Op in April 2011, As I wanted to slowly make My HSBC Bank Account as more an Savings account, Along with My £500 Premium Government Uk Bonds & The NS&I Account from a child, & ING-Direct Savings Account Since 2005,

As all those accounts offer different rates & deals & Help Build a credit history.

I am going to be closing My Santander Bank Account, But Not before I make an complaint, As when they changed there name to Santander, They choose to replace My Visa Debit Card & Cash Card to there new name Santander, Despite neither of My cards expiring for many years & Without checking with Me,

They sent 3 Visa Debit Cards to Santander Bank Branches Bournemouth & 2 Cash Cards To Santander Bank Branches Bournemouth & 1 to a London Santander Bank Branch,

Everytime I complained on/over the phone with an 0845 number, No staff could explain why these cards had been sent Bournemouth Santander Bank Branches, When I’ve only lived in London & Carlisle, Nor would Santander Bank allow Me to make a complaint & seek an investigation as to why these cards where sent to Bournemouth Santander Bank Branches 3 Times?. :/

Glad I only have £6 In My Santander Bank Account & The only reason I have not closed it since October 2007 when I joined HSBC Bannk Plc, Is because I wanted to build a credit history for a few years with HSBC Bank Plc first & Also because of My clinical depression & mental health,

Although Santander Bank has been slipping for many years now & I will close the account soon & E-Mail the CEO for an investigation as to why these cards where sent to Santander Bank Branches 3 Times & Why they would not allow Me to complain over the phone those 3 times I phoned up & They had no answer to this mistakes/errors.

I believe we should have loads of banks & savings accounts, as they offer different things & Once set up, Its easy to transfer cash Or for saving/savings, Or Benefits like mobile insurance & financial advice & More 🙂

As long as were not abusing our banks & getting in debit/debits,& Not avoiding tax/taxes, & Not hidding extra income/monies & So on, Then we can have loads of banks & saving accounts & should switch our money/monies/funds/savings often 🙂


I am planning to leave British Gas soon. I am eighty quid in credit and they still want to put my monthly direct debit up from 22 pounds per month to 56 pounds per month.
Even allowing for an impending 18 per cent increase in fuel charge, that’s a flipping outrage, and that is what I told ’em on the phone the other day.
Good Riddance British Gas – go rip off some other mug


Yeah I’ve found British Gas as very bad energy suppliers/providers & Charge LOADS,

Also on our estate I’ve heard stories of British gas just signing people up to there gas & electricity on the doorsteps & sometimes signing them up without permission too :/ 🙁

So you’ve not said or explained why & where you going to for your new Gas & electricity energy supplier?.

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I am with EDF-Energy for both Gas & Electricity & Have been with them for years & Get Sainsburys Nector Points,

Although EDF-Energy have now created a new direct debit & now combined both the gas & electricity bills as one payment, So its now harder to see what I am paying for & It was better when I paid for the separately 🙂

I have also been with N-Power, British Gas, & I Believe a 3rd Energy Supplier, Before EDF-Energy & Now settled with EDF-Energy 🙂

GR says:
27 July 2011

I always shop around for energy prices, insurance etc and switch to ‘known’ brands that offer the best cash deal.

However, a few weeks ago we moved house to a ‘better’ area. House buildings and contents insurance cost dropped (thanks, Direct Line), motorcycle insurance stayed the same but car insurance (provided by Provident through Marks & Spencer) tried to raise our premium from a little over £350 to £530 and wanted an extra £130 for the remaining seven months.

Never in my life have I changed car insurance mid-term, as it always costs in penalties etc, but on this occasion I switched to Endsleigh who charged £320 for a fresh 12 month policy.

I fail to understand why a car insurance company risk assessor can decide that there’s a massive risk when motorcycle and house ones aren’t seeing the same problem.

Still haven’t received my refund ( of £79…) from M&S either as yet.

pickle says:
27 July 2011

I’ve stuck with NatWest bank and Scottish and Southern simply because these rises are ‘swings and roundabouts’ The bank has an awful telephone service – first you get all the numbers to press and then you have a long wait before someone comes on line. I got round this by getting my local bank to make the call!. Complaining didn’t help…..
Car insurance – using the price comparison site I went for e-insurance as being relatively cheap and had an awful experience with them. Got out of that one and went for Saga in the end – seems as good as average.


The most satisfying switch I ever did was on my home insurance. At the end of the year, the company I was with sent me a letter to say “thanks for using us for your home insurance, just for your information, your premium for the next year will be [double what you paid last year]. You don’t need to do anything, we’ll just keep taking payments from your account.”

It was very kind of them to tell me, but unless my house had suddenly doubled in value, or everyone on my street had taken up burglary as a hobby, there was no way that premium was justified. I went online, found a better provider who gave me the same cover for around half that price, and I also got £50 for switching. I emailed my previous provider explaining exactly why I was leaving them – it was extremely satisfying =)