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Valentine’s Day: do we need to splash the cash?

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Happy Valentine’s Day! February 14 is traditionally about treating your partner like a king or queen, but does that necessarily have to mean spending a royal fortune?

We’ve published plenty of tips that could help you cut a huge chunk off your Valentine’s Day bill, although we’re not sure whether we should be actively promoting them to any budding Casanovas out there.

When it comes to wooing a romantic interest, is there such thing as being too thrifty? Would you be put off by a partner who looks after the pennies?

Cheapskate date or savvy saver?

This issue has caused plenty of fierce debate amongst the Money team this week.

Our guide to eating out on the cheap could prove extremely useful on February 14 – but how would you feel if your date pulled out a money-off voucher at the end of a meal they had offered to pay for?

What if they refused to tip their waitress or demanded money off their bill after receiving poor service? Would you be offended if your Valentine’s Day gift was bought using our guide on how to get discounts for products?

Some of my colleagues in the Which? office draw the line at their date asking for a doggy bag. Where do you draw yours?

Valentine’s gifts – a thing of the past?

A new survey issued by Lloyds Bank this week has indicated that we should consider ourselves lucky to receive anything from our partner on Valentine’s Day.

It suggested that only 45% of people in relationships are planning to spend money on their loved-one to celebrate the occasion. For those aged 65 and over, this figure drops to less than one in four people.

Yet, another poll issued by Rakuten’s Play.com has suggested that this year’s most desired Valentine’s gift is an iPad!

Do you expect your significant other to splash the cash on February 14? Perhaps you both agree it’s a load of old twaddle? Let us know about your Valentine’s Day plans…


I have just started haven’t a few dates with a lad this last few months. We have been bowling (that I did pay for), we have been to eat out at a restaurant once too.

I paid at the restaurant myself, but while I was there I took a few photos, did a full mystery shopping report etc and the following day e-mailed it all to the owner of the restaurant & he was so grateful he refunded my credit card payment in full and also did another payment to pay me for my time.

This weekend we are going away to a nice B&B (even Bella the dog is coming), again free. We have also been going to the gym alot (again, gym free). So most of the things we do are free (or pay and get refunded back for), but we are both money savers so we both love it.

Just wanted to follow up with what I said a few days ago. The weekend away was really nice and while it was free I did give the women who owned the B&B a £20 tip.

Some B&B owners get confused when 2 lads turn up and put us in a twin room. But she was so nice she did not care less that we was together, plus even a dog too, She was just so nice she needed that tip and I would of felt awful if i didn’t give her anything.

Yes being a money saver is all well and good. But sometimes you need to give tips every now and again.

Mrs R and I chose an M&S Valentine’s meal deal for 2. We shall eat at home – no need to venture out in the wind and rain. For very little effort we shall have a seafood starter, beef wellington, strawberries, choccies and a decent drink – where could you get that for £20? Some seem to have a thing about having to spend money on principle – “When it comes to wooing a romantic interest, is there such thing as being too thrifty? Would you be put off by a partner who looks after the pennies?” Why dispose of money wastefully – what is wrong with thrift? Perhaps it’s a British disease that some feel guilty unless they’ve been seen to spend extravagantly.

We are also dining in tonight. Gravlax, a luxury pizza, strawberries, chocs and a bottle of Prosecco have been selected from the menu. Low lights and candles will set the scene. I haven’t counted the cost but it doesn’t appear exorbitant.

Hope you enjoyed your meal John. We did – but still a pudding, chocs and half a bottle of wine, left for another time. Fitted it in just before Mash.

Thank you Malcolm – it was most enjoyable, and a couple of M&S Profiterole Dessserts also magically appeared to complement the meal.