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TSB online banking meltdown: have you been affected?

For over a week now, millions of TSB customers have faced glitches on the bank’s website. And now Parliament is stepping in to demand answers from TSB bosses. Have you been affected?

Up to 1.9 million TSB customers are facing a second nightmarish week locked out of their accounts, the bank’s online services having been thrown into disarray by a botched data migration.

Customers have been left unable to move money and in some cases given access to other people’s accounts and thousands of pounds that doesn’t belong to them.

TSB said on Sunday that it was “working hard to address these issues” but customers are still reporting difficulties accessing their accounts.

And now Parliament is investigating the disruption, calling the bank’s bosses in front of an influential committee.

Parliament steps in

A representative from TSB’s Spanish owner Sabadell will appear in front of the Treasury Select Committee tomorrow to answer questions on how the bank allowed the glitch to occur.

Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, Nicky Morgan MP, said the Committee was “extremely concerned” by the problems at TSB, “and by the apparent miscommunication to customers about the extent and nature of these problems.” Ms Morgan added:

“It’s been reported that services such as online banking have been down for some TSB customers for over a week. Many individuals and businesses will have made arrangements for the planned outage, but not for the additional time that the systems have been unavailable. ”

“We will take evidence from TSB and Sabadell representatives to find out how they got into this mess, who is responsible, and how they are putting it right.”

What we’re demanding

We’re calling for TSB to restore trust by offering swift compensation to affected customers. And demanding that the bank invest more in its IT infrastructure to ensure the same problem does not occur again.

We’re advising TSB customers to record every time they have a problem logging into their online bank account. You should also read our detailed guide on your rights after a bank computer glitch if you’ve been affected.

Gareth Shaw, Which? Money Expert, explains further:

“After almost two weeks of disruption that have seen many TSB customers shut out of vital services, people will rightly be seeking answers and assurances.

“If the bank is to restore the trust of its customers, it must be swift in responding to those affected and in providing compensation. Customers should note down every time they’re affected as evidence to ensure they receive what they’re due.

“The banking industry must put meaningful investment into its IT infrastructure so we don’t see a repeat of this shambles again.”

Have you been affected by the TSB meltdown? What would fair compensation look like to you? Does this knock your trust in online banking?

Tomasz says:
1 May 2018

At this moment in time I can only see two credit card statements from 2018 – January and March, and not for February and April, and none for 2017. Good thing I moved my current account from them a year ago. In last few months they have forced people to “upgrade” to their new mobile Android app which has been a disaster. You could tell that some incompetent people are driving their IT operations. Their “new and improved” app at the moment has an average of 2/5. The previous one was much better.

It is hit or miss whether I can log in. If I manage to log in I can’t see all my transactions or access any of the services. Direct debits seem to have been paid then credited back to my account. Have given up trying to phone as spent about four hours on hold to them last week. Even visited a branch two days in a row which which was a waste of time. It’s a nightmare!

HI Lorna, your comment is really interesting. It sounds like a very frustrating situation. Were your payments made even though they were crediting the money back to your account? I’m interested to know whether there were any larger ramifications if the normal payments you programmed to make didn’t go through? For example, did you end up missing any payment deadlines? or incurring fees?

I have no access to my accounts, thrown out every time I try to log in. I decided to visit my local branch this morning, on my first day off in nearly 3 weeks, only to find a 43 person queue trailing out of the bank (not sure how many were in) and then for security the bank locked its doors allowing one in one out. I returned in the afternoon to a 55 minute wait due to the banks own systems to be crashing after every two customers………..absolute nightmare, again through locked doors. The cashier done her best and transferred my monies to outside accounts (without charge), but this being 3 days later than I would normally complete online, I will be forwarding any charges to TSB.

Hi there, I am interested to read your experience around this. Did you end up receiving extra charges for missing payments which you normally would have been made earlier?

Can log in sometimes , have transferred money between accounts . Can view recent transactions on all accounts but not able to download statements , Requested paper statements for accounts , but have been told if i do this will lose benefits and interest on current plus accounts .
TSB not able to provide on line statements , but will penalise customers who request paper statements.
I thought the CE had publicly stated that customers would not out of pocket , and that all fees and charges this month would be cancelled.
To make matters worse tried to change my statement preferences back to paperless on the web site but not yet able to do this.
Not impressed . Will cancel TSB credit card & move my isa and savings accounts to a different provider .
Will move current accounts if problems persist , and if CE gets a bonus this year.

I have not been able to access my mortgage account, which I could do before. This is very inconvenient.

I had to pop in to our “local” branch, a few miles away. I had to drive, park, and walk for quite a while to get to the bank. There the manager was very kind and checked my problem. I can’t get online from my PC but I can from my mobile phone. But moneies went out and back in. I was not too sure what was going on. The manager assured me that I was probably the rare one to have accountered the problem with my PC although my husband has his own PC and he had the same problem. The screen goes all funny with strange characters for a few seconds then freezes, then that’s it, cannot do anything with it. Sometimes we have messages that they are aware of our problem and try and solve the problem as quickly as they can. Apparently, another customer more “informed” than I was told me that the Spanish bank that “bought” TSB after separating from Lloyd is having troubles… But nobody tells us anything at TSB. It is all hush hush…

Yes my IT banking with TSB still states sorry on-line banking not available. If you go back to the TSB home page scroll down to Internet Banking click on it and it may allow you to access your account, but you have to be quick or you will have a message time run out and you have to repeat the acti

Have been able to log in but very intermittent, the log in is very slow and when you try to extend the “view latest statement” it logs off.

David Hay says:
1 May 2018

Logging on to TSB is variable most times OK, but on a number of occasions in the past fortnight unable to log on. Once on I have been trying to make a payment and all goes well till you’re asked for password to confirm transaction. This produces an error message and the payment cannot be made. TSB are aware of the problem and promised a solution soon but to date problem still hasn’t been fixed

I had that problem – and it had an easy fix – but did TSB tell me? NO. Another customer did. My error message after I had set the payment all up and went to re-enter my password was that my password was incorrect and was either too short or too long so it wouldn’t let me confirm the payment. The reason for this, I subsequently discovered, was because my password (which worked to let me log onto internet banking) did not contain any numbers – HOWEVER the password required on the ‘confirm a payment’ page requires at least 3 letters AND a number!!! So the fix was easy: after inputting my ID number but before entering my password to log into internet banking, I clicked the ‘reset my password’ link, reset my password so that it contained at least 3 letters and a number and once I had changed my password, THEN I logged in with the new password – and made my payment no problem. Husband did the same.

Much as I applaud contributions from Which? staff to comments in Conversations, I think it is optimistic to expect a response after a year and the writers might well have given up reading Which? Conversation by now.

Sue says:
2 May 2018

My accounts were off line over the week-end as per the many notifications I had telling me they were upgrading the IT system. It then took another couple of days to get all services back on, which I was expecting as a new IT system is never straight forward. Since then I have then been able to do everything I could before without any problems at all.

Update from the Press Association:

TSB chief executive Paul Pester has apologised again to customers in front of MPs grilling him over the bank’s technology meltdown that left thousands without access to their accounts over days of disruption.

Mr Pester said: “Let me start by apologising to our customers. Clearly we have caused some serious disruption to our customers over the last 10 days and for that we are truly sorry.

“You will be aware that the source of these issues was a migration that we did the weekend of April 21 and 22 and over that weekend we extracted all of our customer records for 5.2 million customers – 1.3 billion records – transformed those records and loaded them on to a new platform.

“I’m certainly not downplaying anything about the issues that our customers have faced since then but it’s important to understand that that migration of data went smoothly, the bank balanced to the penny, so the £31 billion worth of customer balances from Lloyds have come across to the new platform and the balances are balanced to the penny.

“The underlying engine of the bank is actually running relatively smoothly. The issues that we are seeing, for which I apologise again to our customers, is that the platform’s ability to support sufficient customers accessing our website and mobile app simultaneously was an issue for us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday last week.”

He said around 95% of customers were now having success accessing the bank’s internet and mobile services, adding: “We did not see those figures soon after the migration and as I say that led to an unacceptable level of performance to our customers.”

Rod Stevens says:
8 May 2018

I have problems with my credit card pin. Local branch are no help. Was told to phone customer services. After two weeks, and a wait on the phone for 47 mins, the operator told me I had been put through to the wrong department, and she would put me back in a queue. Still haven’t seen able to get through!

I am not a TSB customer, but years ago, I was responsible for operating a direct debit bureau and more recently, I was part of the team that created a new a credit card processing system for an oil company. Both systems suffered from severe data corruption problems but the ‘victim’ was the Oil Company who could not get their payments, rather than the end customer. With this background, I was interested to see what the TSB team had to say.

The two-hour grilling they received made, for me, gripping television as MPs one after another brought their critical gaze and constituents traumas that reflected different aspects of the problem. I could not understand why Chief Executive Paul Pester kept talking about the ‘smooth running underlying engine’ and the ‘small minority’ of customers with problems. For anyone who has queued outside Oxford Circus tube when the gates are temporarily shut, being told that the trains are ‘running well’ is unhelpful and meaningless when all you want is to get home.

THEN to my shame, for I too am guilty of the same misunderstanding, I realised what was going on. The customers’ worst affected are barely living within their means, if not beyond them. Every day is like a terrible game in which to stay alive you have to keep your balance above zero. That requires constant monitoring, and delicate but accurate shifting of payments around infrequent and inadequate income credits. Take these tools away and the ‘game’ is lost. Promises that ‘no-one will lose out’ hold little reassurance because these are not people with the free time, confidence or ability to assemble a case for compensation, especially when additional costs from third parties have been incurred, not costs internal to TSB.

I bank with RBS who have suffered computer meltdowns in recent years. Here the second part of my realisation became manifest as it surely did NOT for Paul Pester in that grilling. I do not live on the edge of financial viability and I doubt that Paul Pester does. For me, when RBS had a hiccup, then I could get cash from my credit cards or go along to the office of one of my savings institutions. Losing access to my bank account was an inconvenience – but THAT IS ALL. That I now think is how Paul Pester was thinking when answering those MPs questions.

Had he spoken about the need to provide ‘Emergency Payments’ to TSB customers and perhaps ongoing work on mechanisms for approving and making them, he could have saved the situation. Such ‘last ditch’ processes are, or should be, one of the components of a comprehensive contingency plan.

Martin Hughes says:
6 June 2018

Despite ticking the “remember Userid” box I have to re-enter Userid every time I log in.

Amounts in uncleared transactions missing trailing zeroes.

Would it be wise to reduce the security of your login procedure? I’m quite happy to be able to use Which? Convo and other sites without the need to log in each time but I would not do this for any form of banking. I also decline the offer of saving credit card details online.