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This week in comments – fivers, surfers and energy savers

Debate this week has flown from complicated computers to plastic £5 notes, and calorie counts on menus to Tesco’s dominance. Let’s take a look at what the Which? Conversation community has been saying…

New £5 notes

For different faces on the proposed new £5 notes, you’ve suggested Wills and Kate, The Beatles and Martin Lewis. But what about making fivers plastic? Jim comments:

‘Originally from the UK, I have lived in Australia for 14 years (plastic notes). It makes sense to have plastic notes, washable, tear proof, and apparently much harder to copy. They’re good tooth and nail picks as well! Having said all that I still prefer the feel of UK money…’

Are silver surfers put off by complicated computers?

MarkW thinks desktop PCs can be too confusing and prone to errors, but he’s found a solution:

‘We looked at this for a senior member of our family and settled on an iPad – easy to use, instant fire up, light and portable – and they love it.’

Food chains, just put calorie counts on your menus

Do you think calorie counts should be on menus? Fif does:

‘Definitely we should have it – ideally as an insert to the menu with calories and nutritional value so you can see it if you are interested without having to ask.

But Anon isn’t convinced:

‘I’m one of those who would rather have to ask for it – and have it available immediately and accurately when I do so. I can’t think of anything more distressing to my culinary feast than to have a calorie count forced upon me.’

When it comes to tech, energy saving is a turn-off

Mr P has used technology to help his family switch their energy guzzlers off:

‘Having recently had a smart electricity meter installed, that’s acted as a great incentive to the whole family as we can see the immediate impact of switching something on.

‘Yes, it does take effort to switch off, but then I can say that my bill has not increased since I first bought a property 20 years ago and that was because of taking time to invest in good energy saving products and switching things off.’

A Tesco in every postcode – what’s the problem?

There will soon be a Tesco in every UK postcode area. Phil isn’t happy about this news:

‘One retailer having so much dominance is not good. It’s not good for competition and not good for consumer choice. I never shop at Tesco, I don’t even buy petrol there anymore. It’s always so crowded for one thing.’

However, Tesco is the only decent shop in Pjk’s town. They get our Comment of the Week:

‘I remember when I was young and had to go shopping for my mother. This involved trailing from shop to shop to buy different things and was a pain, especially as you neared the end of the list and could hardly lift the bag, never mind carry it home.

‘One stop shopping is great and makes life so much easier. I understand the feelings of people who say the high streets are dying but this is not just due to the supermarkets. Local councils can take a lot of the blame for charging exorbitant rent and business rates thus pricing them out of business.’

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