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This week in comments – bread, bikes and Boeing

Do you settle for supermarket loaves or crave the real thing? Are you a fan of Boris bikes or do you prefer your own bicycle? Would you pay extra to fly on the Boeing Dreamliner? Here are your best comments this week.

Charity cash machines

Dunc Wooster thinks the idea to give to charity by cashpoint is good in concept, but maybe not in practice:

‘It sounds a great idea and a quick and easy way to give a little money to charities. But the implementation is flawed. It needs to offer the gift aid option. It needs to let each customer choose from their own list of preferred charities. Without these facilities I’d be unlikely to use it.’

Real bread versus the other stuff

The Real Bread Campaign extolled the virtues of real bread in their guest Conversation. Sophie Gilbert also feels supermarket loaves don’t compare:

‘I’d rather have no bread than eat supermarket cardboard. I’m lucky I’ve got an excellent, long-established deli-bakery near me and their bread is a treat each time and not too expensive either.’

Commenter M. agrees:

‘I buy my bread from the local bakery in my village, I wouldn’t even feed mass produced bread to animals.’

Windows 8 won’t play DVDs… unless you pay extra

Windows 8 won’t come with the capability to play DVDs, but Clare doesn’t mind:

‘I don’t really see this as an issue and feel others shouldn’t either, you don’t need a wWndows based product to play DVD’s on your computer – you need a DVD drive and some software. It is up to you as the owner of the computer which software you choose.’

Evan doesn’t think Microsoft’s Media Center is up to scratch:

‘I really think media player is the problem: It’s one of the most clunky, least intuitive, least user-friendly pieces of software I’ve ever used. It tries to do all things and ends up doing them fairly badly.’

Would you pay £20 to fly in the new Boeing Dreamliner?

Richardlondon would pay more to fly on the new Dreamliner, but only if there’s more legroom:

‘Nice windows that may help with jetlag and ‘funky’ lighting are all very well but what I want on a long hall (actually ANY flight) is more leg room. At 5ft8in, I’m not the tallest of chaps but I still find the leg room on many planes terribly uncomfortable.’

Is a £2.50 broadband deal too good to be true?

William criticises misleading broadband ads:

‘Even though I think this type is tactic is deplorable, I still blame the regulators and the law makers for not having much stricter laws in place to prevent this kind of behaviour.’

Wavechange adds his support:

‘I suggest that the full price should always be shown alongside the discounted price and not in tiny print. I am surprised that the partially sighted do not file complaints about disability discrimination.’

Buy a bicycle or hire a Boris bike?

Rodrigo Steed has been turned round to London’s cycle hire scheme:

‘I do have my own ‘vintage’ bike but, since the launch of the Boris bikes in my area, Hackney, I have abandoned my beloved one. I think the scheme is just great. I spend 1 pound per day to get to most places as journeys in London, on a bike, won’t take longer than 30 minutes.

‘No need to worry about finding a safe place to park without being haunted by getting your bike stolen, no need to worry about maintenance whilst enjoying some rather delightful journeys – hassle free – along regents canal, and many other cycling routes.’

Wine-tasting holidays – good vintage or bad taste?

Em doesn’t think wine makers should have to give tourists special attention:

‘Given these wine businesses run industrial-scale operations throughout the spring, summer and autumn, it is not too surprising that the casual tourist is given the Gallic accueil froid.

‘The value of visitors is in PR; but if you already have a global brand, then why bother? Unless the marketing department has some budget to burn, you may as well try turning up at a chicken soup factory and see what kind of reception you get there.’

Income protection insurers must up their game

And our comment of the week goes to Chris Hargreaves who has struggled to get a payout on his income protection insurance:

‘As a consumer you buy a product with the faith that it will do what it’s supposed to do. If you buy an income protection policy the clue is in the name that in the event you cannot work due to ill health this product will provide you with a tax free sum normally up to 75% of your income prior to your claim.

‘Assisted daily living (ADL) definitions are an unfair way of assessing somebody’s ability to work. I was in a critical state and the only people who disagreed was my insurer who said if I could hold a pen this policy would not pay out. I don’t know what job I was supposed to do whilst in hospital and the fact I was readmitted within 24hrs of my final discharge shows I had serious problems.

‘What I am so angry about is that I had to fight for 2.5 years to win my claim.’

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13 May 2012

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