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The Convo top ten – the six mix

The number six

Would you pay 5p for every supermarket plastic bag? How about an extra 5 pennies for a first class stamp? It’s that time again when we get to feature the best of this week’s Conversations and comments.

Stamp prices set to rise

We’re sending fewer letters than ever before, and it could lead to a rise in stamp prices. This doesn’t bother Shire of Rose, who feels a 5p increase isn’t enough. And John thinks I should stop sending e-cards and actually buy a stamp.

Microsoft proves Kinect doubters wrong

With much fanfare, Microsoft has released its take on motion-controlled gaming. Our gaming expert Jack Turner argues that Xbox Kinect is a promising outing for the company. Wampdog29 agrees – he’s already enjoying playing Kinect online, unlike Diago who returned his after he found his living room was a too small. Are you tempted by Kinect?

Should fast food chains ban kids toys?

Do you think banning free fast food toys will make children eat healthier? So far opinions are split, with Sharon Hingley tweeting that ‘it’s often the giveaways […] that make them want to go there.’ Simon feels the onus should be on the parents, ‘I don’t see any point in banning the toys really. There is nothing wrong with eating McDonalds – you just have to do so in moderation.’

Customer service must improve on social networks

Have you ever made a complaint on a social networking site? Many of us have – but few of us had a swift, direct response. Luckily, many of you spoke up about the good guys. Helen couldn’t fault Lands’ End clothing, and we had lots of responses on Twitter, with Zoggs, Whole Earth Foods and Hipp Organic all getting gold stars from our followers.

Do you have a good mobile phone signal?

It was a week of mobile phone stories, with Ofcom finding that there just aren’t many people living in areas with poor network coverage. But what happens if you do have poor coverage with your chosen provider? At the moment it’s often too difficult to get out of your contract.

How should our online privacy be protected?

The European Commission has set out to overhaul old privacy laws. It’s a complex document, but we’re ultimately in favour of its step to protect your online privacy rights. What do you think should be done to protect consumers online?

New intelligent speed camera an invasion of privacy

There’s a new ‘super’ camera in development that not only measures your speed, it checks whether you’re wearing a seatbelt (among other offences). The question is whether this is an invasion of privacy. Commenter Ivan Hackman thinks not, ‘if you are in a public place WHAT privacy? When you walk down the street everyone can watch you, so what is the problem if anyone watches when you are driving?’

Will paying for plastic bags make us greener?

Should the whole of the UK follow Wales by charging for plastic bags? According to your comments the answer appears to be yes. ‘I have no problem with a tax on plastic bags but it must apply to all purchases,’ says John. Sophie Gilbert goes one step further, ‘If I were charged 20p a pop I’d be surer to remember to take my shopping bags’.

Can we afford to care about ethical finance?

For National Ethical Investment this week, Martyn Saville ponders on why the ‘e’ word has gone out of fashion. He’s chosen to separate the two issues, but he’s challenged by Arthur Jones who argues, ‘Sorry – you can’t separate ethics from finance’.

Our savings scandal campaign continues

We’re still drawing attention to shoddy savings accounts, especially those that have impressive names like ‘Liquid Gold’, but just don’t deliver. Now we want you to get involved too – take a moment to email your MP and put pressure on them to support our cause.


Just read the article on energy companies and the disgusting time that it takes them
to answer their customer help lines and it reminded me that just recently it was announced that Npower have decided to make staff redundant in their call centre in Leeds and out source some work to India
Nice work Npower higher energy prices= less staff to deal with complaints. Will not be renewing my energy with you when my fixed term expires but will not bother to ring and complain as I will probably not get through.