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The Convo top ten – fantastic four

Four on red dice

It’s the end of another week, which means it’s time to highlight the best Convos and comments from the past seven days. And since this weekend comes with an extra hour of sleep, you’ll be wide-eyed to browse.

The great British savings scandal

Our big campaign to get a better deal for savers had everyone talking this week. It even prompted our own cartoon! Many of you revealed how your interest rates have dropped dramatically, but we still want to hear about your experiences, so join in!

Do you know what goes in your recycling bin?

Do you merrily put stuff in your recycling bin each week without really knowing what the council will take? Commenter Dave W knows what his council will recycle, but he feels they could do more. Tell us what you think of your council’s recycling service in our poll.

Were old products built better?

Have you got an old, trusty appliance that’s served you for years? If so, here’s your chance to sing its praises and give back some love as we search for the nation’s oldest appliance.

Not another school holiday!

Yes, it was half-term this week and Kate Shipp dared to suggest this was a holiday too many. It’s sparked a range of responses so far, with Ms A insisting ‘It is not only the school staff who need a break – this is vital for the children too’ and Fat Sam thinks teachers should stay at school while the children have time off. Controversial?

Will Tesco’s new barcode scanning app take off?

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. No, I haven’t gone mad, that’s the sound of my (non-existent) iPhone scanning items for my next online shop, thanks to a new app from Tesco. Do you want to scan your shopping at home?

Ready-made glasses can be a real headache

Now this has to be our surprise Convo of the week. The debate over whether ‘ready readers’ are a dangerous buy or a helpful bargain has been heated. Fat Sam tried to lighten things up a bit, but he ‘didn’t want to make a spectacle of [himself]’.

Cheap printer ink – is it worth the gamble?

Branded printer ink is expensive, so opting for third party alternatives can save money. But many of you have said that these cheap substitutes just aren’t worth it. What ink do you use?

‘Unlimited’ mobile use should do what it says on the tin

‘Unlimited’ mobile internet is nothing of the sort, and many of you are annoyed by this misadvertising. Scott is keen to point out the dictionary definition of ‘unlimited’: ‘not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.’ Hear, hear.

Parking in Britain takes us far too long

We apparently spend a year of our lives trying to park. It’s a big problem in this country that’s not doing our health any good. Commenter Doc thinks that inadequate parking provision is entirely deliberate, what do you think is to blame?

Gadgets, not toys, top kids’ Christmas wish list

I got a little flak for talking about Christmas in October, but I was just shocked that children were more interested in getting iPads rather than remote controlled cars. Are you jealous of today’s kids or do you think they should be wishing for actual toys, not gadgets?