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The Convo top ten – a worse-off week

Drawing of a sad face

With tax cuts coming into force, postage prices rising and school meal prices going up there’s a fair few of us who will be feeling worse off this week. Are you one of them? If so, sound-off here…

I’m sick of rubbish battery life

As our poll proves, most of you (89%) agree with Patrick Steen – who says battery life should last longer – but not Which? Mobile’s Tim Gee. ‘Moan moan moan,’ he taunts. ‘Plugging my phone in at night is part of my daily ritual.’ But Richard doesn’t worry – his mobile battery lasts for six weeks!

Does Ryanair’s ‘compensation levy’ take the mick?

Ryanair’s now adding £2 each way to cover the cost of cancellations and delays, but Jonathan Mitcham argues this should be absorbed into the overall price. Silverdrling agrees, ‘fares up front please. If anyone takes the joy away from getting a ticket to go on holiday, it’s Ryanair.’

Apps in cars are a dangerous distraction

More and more carmakers are launching systems that allow us to download smartphone-style apps our dashboards – but won’t this just make drivers incredibly distracted, asks Rob Hull.

Are you still happy to absorb Royal Mail’s price rises?

Royal Mail prices are on the rise, with a record 5p added to first-class stamps. Are you willing to pay more to keep the Royal Mail going? Many are, including Heath who believes, ‘when it comes to sending a letter to a friend, it’s still a lot cheaper than delivering it yourself!’

Is the NHS in intensive care?

So the government wants to hear any ‘legitimate concerns’ about its Health and Social Care Bill. ‘The NHS turned me into a cripple through misdiagnosis leading to wrong treatment, but on the other hand, the maternity staff at my local hospital were amazing during my son’s birth,’ said Alex on Twitter. What are your experiences?

Will you be hit by worse-off Wednesday?

This Wednesday was such an important day they had to name it twice – but did ‘Black Wednesday’ leave you worse off? Dean argues that, ‘If you end up being worse off, do something about it, find a new job, start a new company, whatever.’ Do you agree with him?

Why I’m happy to absorb the cost of school meals

Reports this week claim that some school meals are going up to £2.60, but Jenny Driscoll won’t be put off by price. The School Food Trust has joined the Conversation. ‘Keeping good school food affordable for parents and tasty, hot meals on the menu pays back a big return on all sides; when children eat better, they do better,’ they say.

Would you buy a car from Tesco?

The used car salesman’s worst nightmare has finally come true – Tesco has started selling cars, but will you buy one from them? It’s a question that’s divided people. ‘I won’t buy ANYTHING from Tesco,’ moans Sybilmari. But Fat Sam has a different view. ‘If it’s competitively priced then surely only we can be winners?’ he says.

A ‘green deal’ or a ‘very confusing deal’?

Our Policy Advisor, Simon Osborne, is concerned about the government’s Green Deal – it’s not free money and there’s no guarantee that you’ll save on monthly repayments, he says. DEA shares his worries. ‘There has to be an immediate benefit to the home owner or people just won’t go for it,’ he says.

Are designer kitchen gadgets a cut above the rest?

John Lewis has reported that sales of ‘professional’ small kitchen appliances featured on the likes of Masterchef are soaring. So Kelly Fenn asks, do premium products have pride of place in your kitchen?