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The Convo top ten – the twelve days of Christmas

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There’s not much longer to wait before it’s Christmas morning, but prior to the present opening rush, why not wrap up warm and get cosy with this week’s top Which? Conversations and comments? And Merry Christmas!

Heathrow fails in snow crisis

It’s amazing how much a bit of snow can upset Britain’s transport network. The white stuff badly affected our airports, but Heathrow was least prepared. The UK’s biggest airport resembled a refugee camp this week and communications were lacking – don’t we deserve better treatment?

Mobile coverage on the Underground?

Our survey says Londoner’s want mobile coverage on the Tube. But your comments offered a mixed reception (pardon the repeated pun). Warrior193 pleaded with a repetition of “no’s” and Peter Mason added, ‘Noise pollution [from mobiles] should be illegal’. But Pete Foster wants it, ‘surely this will be everywhere in every major global city, and without it London loses out’.

Put a stop to financial advisers’ commission

For our deputy money editor, Nick Cheek, the end of commission-based investment advice can’t come soon enough. Jeff agrees and thinks ‘the whole financial industry should be thoroughly ashamed of itself’. But David J Thompson, a retired independent financial adviser, feels Nick is ‘portraying a distorted image’. What’s your take?

Are Ofcom’s new product placement rules right?

Get ready for Coca Cola bottles on X-Factor judges’ desks and Nutella taking pride of place in Nigella’s kitchen. New product placement rules come into force next year, letting brands star in TV shows. We’re a bit chuffed that some telly is still off limits, but is this a slippery slope?

Do vitamin supplements live up to their claims?

Food supplements promise to improve your immune system and alleviate all matter of ailments, but many of these claims aren’t backed by science. Do you think we should be left in the dark about which supplement claims are true and which are pure fabrication?

Is your interest in 3D TV still waning?

3D TV is trying to march into our homes, but recent surveys (including our own) suggest we’re just not interested. Commenter 3D Tommy agrees and thinks 3D has a long way to go, ‘To me 3D is a novelty, it’s something I consume if I attend the cinema, it’s fun, but I don’t need it as part of my home cinema set-up… yet.’

Is getting a smart meter really the smart thing to do?

Smart meters promise to make readings easier for energy providers, but they don’t comply to an agreed standard. This means that they may not be compatible between suppliers, making it difficult to switch. We’re concerned and are working hard to sort this out – but are you with us?

Are electric cars too expensive for you?

Next year you’ll be able to get a tasty £5,000 discount on electric cars, but is this tempting enough? Commenter Matt is anticipating the delivery of his Nissan Leaf, but Richard won’t buy an electric car until they’re similar in price to petrol cars. Are you warming to electric cars?

Will body scanners improve our airport security?

Surprisingly, many of you aren’t too bothered about the introduction of full-body scanners in our airports, despite causing huge controversy in the US. Do you think they might be an infringement of our civil liberties?

0845 call charges still too complex

0870, 0845, 0844, 0800 – these dialling codes aren’t as innocent as they look. Some pretend to be free, and others charge the earth – but the prices all depend on what companies want. They almost unanimously wind up all of you, with many commenters asking for geographic numbers to always be given alongside 08 numbers. Are you on the same page?

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18 June 2015

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