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The Convo top ten – the ten commandments

Number ten on metal

It’s our 10th Which? Conversation round-up and this week we welcomed our first guest blogger, Martin Lewis. He wants to ban Christmas presents, which might be a good idea if they turn up broken.

Suffered a broken Xmas gift?

Have you been unlucky enough to receive a broken Christmas present? Toys, gadgets – there’s a fair chance they’ve been bashed on their way to you. Have you ever suffered this and did you manage to get a refund or replacement?

Google waves goodbye to the CAPS LOCK KEY

Have you ever been frustrated by accidentally hitting your caps lock key, TO FIND EVERY THING WRITTEN IN CAPITALS? Google’s new Notebooks won’t feature the key and we’re not complaining. However, Gareth Berry told us on Twitter that he finds it useful for design work.

Is it time to ban Christmas presents?

Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert joined us to argue that Christmas giving has gone too far. Despite expecting to be branded as a Scrooge, Martin was surprised to find so many of you agreeing with him. ‘We don’t need Xmas presents,’ Sybilmari maintained. ‘They don’t make us happy; they make the rich people who con us into thinking and feeling they matter, happy’.

Has Facebook tracked the websites you’ve looked at?

Be careful what websites you’re looking at when you’re browsing in bed, if they feature a ‘Like’ button Facebook could be tracking you. If you’re browsing a health site, this could arguably be personal and sensitive data. Are you happy for Facebook to do this?

Could you stand a future without cash?

Spending on debit cards has overtaken cash for the very first time in the UK, but would you be able to live in a world without notes or coins? Should we prepare for a cashless country?

Best money-saving tip ever – don’t have kids

Are kids luxury items? Brits pay more for childcare than anyone else in the world and it might be worth asking whether we can really afford them. Sophie Gilbert won our comment of the week with this amusing statement, ‘On this vastly overcrowded island, this may be the best contraceptive there is’. Or do you think they’re worth every penny?

Are you after a real or fake Christmas tree?

Have you already bought and decorated your Christmas tree? If so, what did you make a punt on – a real or fake tree? Dave Darwent thinks a real tree can’t be beaten and even finds joy in vaccuming up the needles. It takes all sorts…

Early technology adopters get ahead in life

Brits are apparently early adopters of technology, but there’s disagreement over whether this is a good or bad thing. Sarah Kidner thinks that early adopters pay a high price for unproven tech, but Andy Vandervell argues that buying tech early gives people the upper hand in life.

Time to tackle unfair overdraft charges

I’m sure most of us have dropped into our overdraft unwittingly before now, but banks don’t seem to have much sympathy. They hit us with unexpected charges, and since rates are hitting record highs, it’s time to take action. Tell us your overdraft horrors so we can persuade the government to do something about it.

Would you move house to avoid commuting?

‘Commuting, what a horrible phrase. Commuting, it’s not just a passing phase. It means frustrating travel for the rest of your days…’ So maybe, once you’ve got The Lion King songs out of your head, you should think about moving closer to work. Kim went one better by quitting a job just so she could work closer to the home. Would you take the same drastic action?