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The Convo top ten – the end of an era

The end of a book

We’ve talked about lots of things coming to an end this week – from hotel star ratings to IP addresses running out. But are you worried about saying goodbye to these things – or pleased to see the back of them?

The end for hotel star ratings?

Do you use hotel star ratings when you book a holiday? Would you be sorry to see them go, as might soon be the case? ‘A rating system of some sort, with trained assessors, is very important, but so are client comments,’ says Jayprime.

Are we overlooking the risks of overtaking?

Nearly half of us overtake at speed on rural roads, according to a new study. But is reducing speed limits on rural roads the answer? Not according to Rob Hull, who argues that education should outweigh enforcement.

Do we really need to insure against school closures?

A new ‘school closures insurance’ has been launched to ‘protect’ parents against financial loss when their kids are unexpectedly off school. ‘This is a money spinning scheme by the insurers designed to bulk up their profits,’ says JCDD – just one of the commenters who thinks this is a barmy idea.

Why I’m worked up about nanotechnology

Nikki Whiteman argues that we should be worrying about where companies are sticking their nanoparticles. Never heard of them? They’re used in many products, from sunscreen to toothpaste, but companies can make all sorts of claims about them that don’t actually mean anything. Get the lowdown here.

Banks benefitting from bad behaviour is bad news

Banks get fined for bad behaviour but it goes into a pot to reduce the fees they have to pay next year. Hold on a minute, that’s not fair! Brian agrees – he thinks that customers should receive the money the banks have paid in fines, suggesting the refund ‘should be calculated on the number of customers affected and the amounts they have lost’.

What’s the truth about breastfeeding, bottles and allergies?

Shefalee Loth digs beneath recent headlines about breastfeeding ‘causing’ allergies to uncover the truth. ‘As a mother of two young children I really appreciated this article and the chance to consider things from a wider perspective,’ says Diva.

Do you care that the internet’s running out of addresses?

Eek! The internet’s running out of IP addresses… but what does that actually mean to the average internet user? Al Warman tries to put our minds at rest: ‘there’s no need to worry – the internet won’t collapse,’ he says. He’s certainly reassured llcoolj40 who says: ‘as long as it is invisible to me then it makes no difference.’

You don’t have to be stupid to fall for a scam

Scams like fake career offers, tickets and phishing are on the rise. We’re all potential victims, warns Nick Cheek. Have you ever fallen for a scam?

Had enough of ‘up to’ and ‘unlimited’ advertising claims?

If you’re fed up with ‘up to’ and ‘unlimited’ being bandied about in telecommunications advertising, you’ll be pleased to hear that there will soon be much tighter rules on these kinds of claims. But will the new rules go far enough?