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Your view: have you been affected by loyalty card fraud?

From a few pounds and pence to £900 – the amount of money people have lost to loyalty scheme fraud has been eye-watering. And when we asked for your experiences, the response was quite staggering.

The issue was first flagged up at the beginning of last year when customers claimed they’d fallen victim to online fraudsters who had hacked into their Clubcard accounts and taken hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers. Tesco believes fraudsters steal people’s online IDs and passwords through phishing emails and use them on the Clubcard website on the offchance their victims use the same password for that site.

Tesco called in the police to investigate, which it is continuing to do, but there still seems to be an issue.

Fraudsters cash in at the checkouts

Less than two weeks ago on Convo, Sue said:

‘We too have had over £900 stolen/missing, which Tesco say have been used! This has been going on for over 2 years and they still say we have spent them, which we most definitely have not, as we have been saving up for a big family holiday.’

The fraudulent activity appears to have caught most customers by surprise. Annette said:

‘I had no idea that this was happening. Just by chance I went onto my account and I have discovered that my points have been used at Lea Valley and Tottenham stores in London. I live in Lancashire and have only been to London once in my life and that was about 5 years ago. There is nothing on the website to warn that this has been happening. It amounts to over £50 worth of points that I was saving up for Christmas. My husband and I are retired and in poor health and this has come as a real shock to me.’

Change your account password 

Samantha Warren was equally shocked when she discovered her account had been hacked in November. She said:

‘Whoever did it got the benefit of £57.50 worth of my vouchers. I’ve changed my password now as I was not even aware that this was a problem.’

If you believe you have been affected you should tell Tesco and contact Action Fraud. It’s also worth changing the password to your account.

While some people have managed to get their rewards back, many have reported it can take a long time. Cheeze439 said:

‘Finally, my promised £110 giftcard arrived…As a goodwill gesture they have upped the card to £150 which is nice of them. Only took approx 100 days and 8 promises to reach a resolution, but stick to your guns everyone and don’t let them put the blame your way…’

Are other loyalty schemes being targeted?

While the focus up to now has been on Tesco Clubcard, we’re keen to find out if other loyalty schemes have been affected – whether that’s your Nectar Card of Boots Advantage card. You might want to check any other loyalty card accounts and balances as a precautionary measure.

If you’ve lost out on any loyalty scheme in the past or been affected by such fraud, please tell us about it. How much did you lose and were you able to get your points/vouchers back? We’re still keen to find out how many people are affected by this and whether it’s a more widespread issue.

Sarah says:
6 October 2014

Update on my nectar points.
I have now got my nectar points back plus an extra 2000. Took less than 28 days . In future I will spend them regularly so this doesn’t happen again!!

Carmen says:
8 October 2014

Nectar contacted me tonight to say that my points will be credited to my new account plus and extra 2000 as a goodwill gesture.

I am very relieved, it also took less than a week to resolve.

Carmen says:
8 October 2014

Nectar contacted me tonight to say that my points will be credited to my new account plus an extra 2000 as a goodwill gesture.

I am very relieved, it also took less than a week to resolve.

I will never allow my points to build up to a high amount again,

Alan McDonald says:
9 October 2014

Further to my previous post, I too have now had polnts restored and given 2000 extra. It has only taken 14 days. It is obviously a serious problem and hopefully they will find out how it is happening and who is responsible.

Malcolm says:
21 October 2014

Nectar emailed me to alert me to fraud on my account; 39,000 points spent at Argos so this continues!
Nectar issued me with a new account number straight away and are crediting the stolen points plus 2000 extra.

tangodoll says:
25 October 2014

My mother and I were saving points and had just hit £50. Then the points mysteriously disappeared. This has been reported to Nectar and they’re investigating.

It appears that my card was used in a branch of Sainsbury’s in London when I was in Kent at the time?!

I’m glad I searched for Nectar fraud and it’s alarming reading so many comments on Nectar card fraud. I will be reporting my case to Action Fraud as well as my local police.

I wish you all well getting back your points.

Chris says:
16 November 2014

Action Fraud have written back to me to say there is insufficient evidence to progress a case. Utterly amazing and absolute rubbish.

Sainsburys continue to investigate the matter, but has anyone on here had an update confirming the outcome of the investigation?

We all seem to have new accounts and some additional nectar points (which by the way when I’ve suggested 2000 wasn’t enough, I received a further 10000).

I’m giving Nectar until the end of November to provide me with a positive update and if there is none, then this will be a matter for the data protection commissioner to investigate.

tangodoll says:
4 April 2015

Hello All

Well positive news from me. After 4+ months of giving Nectar grief, my mother was reimbursed with her missing points.

Perseverance paid off eventually, but Nectar did not give in easily.

My tip to everyone. DO NOT GIVE UP! Persevere. Why should you be a subject of fraud because they may have flaws in their system.

Good luck to all.


Natalie says:
3 November 2014

I’ve just found out today that £77.50 of my nectar points were spent fraudulently in argos on 17/09/14. We too were saving them for Christmas. I’m baffled as to how this is being done. Nectar said my card was used, so I’m assuming a cloned card exists, how they are doing this I don’t know. I only use my card in Sainsbury’s and their petrol stations. I’ve also recently taken out a loan with Sainsbury’s bank and listed my nectar card number during this process. I have not listed the card with ebay or british gas. I await the result of the nectar investigation.

Millie says:
14 November 2014

just received a email from Nectar 23’000 point stolen used in Argos London £125 .
They have reimbursed my points and changed my account number.
I’m in shock this could happen, it’s a business account nectar card.
It is not logged or tagged to any other site..

Fraudulent act took place 8Th October

My wife just lost £30 of Nectar points to this scam. The points were claimed in a London Argos but we were hundreds of miles away at the time. We’ve now left Nectar and will never trust them again with our data. How is this happening? Do fraudsters have access to Nectar databases? Is other personal data at risk? Why the silence from the company as to how this is happening?

Jayelle Bee says:
17 November 2014

£137.50 was taken from my account at Sainsburys in Lewisham on 15/09/2014 at 18:10hr (20000pts) and 18:16hr (7500pts) which is £137.50 in total. Nectar sent me an email on 24/10/2014 telling me there had been a security issue and I had to have new cards. They couldn’t tell me what the issue was. I only discovered the points had been spent when I checked the account myself last week.

They told me they couldn’t refund the points until I’d contacted Sainsburys for CCTV and informed the police. Sainsburys only keep CCTV for 2 weeks and I’ve reported it to the police on the Action Fraud website.

I also sent all the details to social@nectar.com as requested by @nectar on Twitter. They replied same day and have refunded all my points and an extra 3000 for inconvenience which is good.
My cards and tags are still in my possession so I assume it has been cloned using data obtained online. So either a Nectar or third party database has been hacked. My account is linked to eBay/PayPal and I used to use it for Amazon purchases. It may also have been linked to British Gas in the past. There is a security failure somewhere in the system and, judging by reports online, it seems to have been going on for a while. It appears that the fraudsters are successful in targeting high value accounts which would suggest that they have access to the points total before they decide which cards to clone. I am concerned that they may have obtained also other information such as name, address and password.

In future I will keep the primary card for spending points, all other transactions will be with a secondary card, both online and in store. If the security failure is with a third party website they won’t get the primary card number. However, this won’t help if the breach is within the Nectar site itself. It also means that if I lose my key tag while out shopping the thief can’t spend points. I will treat the primary account like a credit card without the security of a PIN.

Donna says:
19 November 2014

Just discovered £60 worth of points spent last night at Argos. In London too like a lot of other people. Card is in my possession and I haven’t been to London in years! Don’t hold out much hope of getting them back and was hoping to use them for Christmas as well. Surely these cards are being cloned? I was told it will take 28 days to investigate as well, fingers crossed

Jayelle Bee says:
19 November 2014

Donna, see my post directly above yours. Tweet @nectar then email social@nectar.com telling them what’s happened. I got mine back same day.

Donna says:
24 November 2014

Thank you for taking the time to reply and for the advice Jayelle Bee, I’ve just emailed them so i’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

Giarc says:
3 December 2014

I have discovered a couple of days ago 7000 point are missing (worth £35). Called Nectar and told me spent in Greenwich Sainsburys. Its over 100 miles from home and I have never been there. Nectar call centre was useless. Apparently, I need to travel to the store get CCTV footage, Contact Police and get crime number and then they will look into it. In the mean time they will send a new card with different number.

Jayelle Bee says:
3 December 2014

Giarc, Nectar told me the same but Sainsburys only keep CCTV for 2 weeks. See my post above on what to do. I got my points back the same day.

Giarc says:
3 December 2014

Hi, I did read your post and did earler contact them via twitter and email. No response so far today. Hopefully someone may pick it up tomorrow. I will keep you all posted. Thanks

Victoria says:
26 December 2014

Boots advantage card points are gone totalling nearly £80. Called boots to say my card was not working. When they eventually found my account was told all points had been spent within 4days in south or England.. I live in north Scotland.. they have not honoured them and I am extremely angry. I have been referred to another department and am awaiting their verdict. Here’s hoping they see sense. Also how was this done? How have people gotten access to my card? It took me nearly a year to notice but am enraged.
Has anyone else had this with boots?

I’m a British gas employee and I registered my card on ebay. I have been saving up my points and just discovered by chance when I checked my app today that £55 worth of my points have disappeared on 2nd April in an argos store. phoned nectar call centre and was told this wld be investigated within 28 days. Not happy and won’t hold my breath.

tangodoll says:
4 April 2015

I have posted above, but do perservere. Why should you lose £55 worth of points. Why should you be a victim of fraud?

Keep pestering Nectar until you get your points back and follow what the other posts have said too.

Good luck!

Ex-BG temp!

Thanks for the posts on here – I have just found out that approx £100 worth of points have disappeared off of my nectar card, I do all the shopping so I am the only one who handles the card.

I have just spent a lot of time on both the nectar website, which locked me out after refusing my correct information, and on the nectar helpline where I was given the run around and am now being told that I must wait up to 28 days for a manger to contact me, this is after the first person I spoke to said I was being passed to a supervisor and then the next one told me he would pass me to a supervisor – left me holding on for along time and then came back and said on-one was available.

They agree that no one has taken points off the card, but they say I must produce old receipts which I can’t do as I destroy them. They also tell me that they do not have any records of points as they accumulate – they can only look back to a given date and confirm the points earned on that transaction. They can’t give a total on that date.

I have asked Sainsbury’s about getting a copy of a previous receipt, and waiting on their reply, I don’t know if nectar think I am making this up. I do know those points were on the account.

Suedtirolerhex says:
2 May 2015

Noticed today £150 (30000 nectar points) missing from my account spent at Argos in Ipswich. I have never been to Ipswich in my life.
There seems to be a connection with British Gas. Have signed up for maintaince agreement for 3 flats but never got any of the nectar points for it even though signed up for it. The day after I activated the online account with British Gas my nectar points disappeared.

cathleen says:
18 May 2015

Only by chance I noticed £168 has been taken off my nectar card 12 may 2015 in three separate transactions two at Argos and one at homebase. I don,t even know where these shops are card has never left my purse only shop at sainsburys and fill up with petrol. And the irony is I got an email from nectar asking me how I got on in Homebase using the points I as fuming and worried as I use the credit card to purchase shopping and petrol. I called help line and they seemed as though it was a normal occurance it happens all the time which made me even more angry as it seems to me they know it is happening and doing nothing about it

gareth thomas says:
18 June 2015

Had the same as a number of people on here being,had £75 been used without my knowledge.
1- nectar card being cloned
2-spent at argos
3- in london.

why hasn’t this being dealt with by sainsburys looks like its a big issue and its being kept quiet.Not with british gas but linked to ebay,so when they got comprimised last year perhaps thats where they got the info from or it could be the mail shots nectar send out,so someone at a sorting office could be stealing all the mail shots before they got sent out.
they should introduce a password system if you want to use your card or some sort of security system,people are losing hundreds of pounds here and nothing is getting done grrrrrrr……

heather says:
23 July 2015

Just had 20000 points used at argos in Hemel Hempstead. Have never been there in my life – actually have no idea where it it. Called contact centre – was advised will take 28 days to investigate and that they will send me a new card. Seems a bit much I will have to wait 28 days – what will they be doing in this time???? Meanwhile, I am back to 227 points – xmas money has gone – hopefully they will get it back for me but sadly lacking in customer service.

Oh my just cannot believe this fraudulent activity is going on…….perhaps we should start boycotting all these stores that are enticing us in with rewards that we are not benefitting from. For those of you that are still waiting for a response get on to Twitter and contact @nectar to complain, worked for a number of us previously if you look at the earlier threads. Good luck