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Tesco Clubcard fraud: have you been affected?

Tesco clubcard

Loyalty card points gained at shops and supermarkets can be a great way to spend and save for specific purchases and special occasions. But what would you do if your hard-earned rewards were suddenly taken from you?

Well, that is what some Tesco Clubcard holders have said has happened to them this year, meaning they missed out on well-deserved rewards.

Loyalty card points have become a big part of many people’s shopping routine. While they are essentially a bonus, the rising cost of living has resulted in plenty of people becoming increasingly reliant on the rewards.

Every little helps

At the beginning of the year, Tesco called in the police over claims that some customers had fallen victim to online fraudsters who had hacked into their Clubcard accounts and taken hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a problem that has gone away, with people still posting on online forums about the matter.

In a recent post on MoneySavingExpert.com, one user describes how points disappeared from their account:

‘I went on the Clubcard section [of the website] to see how much we had saved. We build them up all year to exchange at Christmas. I discovered there was only £2 there. All our others (about £52 worth) had been redeemed under Clubcard Boost, all on the same date, about three days before I discovered my login for groceries wasn’t working.’

Checkout your Clubcard account

It’s worth checking your online account and changing your password if you believe you’ve been affected. And if you have become a victim, tell Tesco and contact Action Fraud.

Have you lost out on a loyalty scheme in the past or been affected by the fraud? How much did you lose and were you able to get your points/vouchers back? We’re keen to find out how many people are affected by the issue.

mrs m says:
13 December 2014

My clubcard vouchers were fraudulently cashed last yearAfter numerous calls to tescclubcard I was assured this had now been sorted and a money card was sent to be for the value of the vouchers. However to my horror the same has happened agin this year .I have contacted tesco clubcard on numerous occasions been passed from one person to another and each time promised that a giff card would bd issued to me within the next week.This has not happened and I am still awaiting the money card
Tesco clubcard are a disgrace and surely something should be done about there negligence in not reimbursing customers with vouchers that they are unable to use due to no fault of there own.
I am surprised that the press have not got a hold of this problem regarding tesco as they certainly have not got there act together regarding fraud on the clubcard and have got a terrible record of any customer service towards customers who have been affected by this fraud.Can anyone help about getting some sort of comment from teco and how to get reimbursement for vouchers fraudulently cashed by someone else.

Melissa says:
14 December 2014

We were hit twice by the fraudsters. The first time was this time last year and couldn’t get the present my daughter wanted for Christmas as we had no vouchers and again in the summer. It seems very odd to me that a big corporation like Tesco STILL hasn’t got their act together and secured their systems. I guess they aren’t that bothered as it isn’t their customers’ hard earned physical cash that is being stolen, that is the only reason I can come up with for the whole situation.

Tanya says:
28 December 2014

I noticed my club are points were never recorde for years on end and did not buy from ages is but now I have moved and earlier this year have linked to Avios. Not only have all my new club are points disappeared again but so have Avios. In store there is also strange going ons, selling products that do not work and placing them on shelves for customers to buy. Also noticed some items on shelves with a note (not to sell) – this item I had attempted to buy months earliest and was informed was a recall product but no evidence of that online in any searches. My belief is that this is linked with the SFO case that Tesco is currently undergoing.

wiwo says:
13 January 2015

its nothing to do with SFO. the SFO issue is about falsely declaring earnings which is an offence for any publicly traded company (misleading investors).

Roy says:
15 May 2015

Not sure if this conviction made tha national newspapers?



My stolen vouchers (£293.00 worth – was saving for a holiday) were cashed by the thief at Tesco Direct, Warrington.

LG. says:
24 May 2015

I had over £200 worth of clubcard vouchers stolen on 19.5.2015.
I happened to be online and received an email from Tesco telling me that my email address had been successfully updated.
Baffled…i went onto Tesco .com and logged in and couldnt get into my account so immediately called Tesco who managed to get me back onto my account, confirmed my vouchers had been used and was told all the used vouchers would be replaced.
As yet they haven’t
After i put the phone down i went for a browse around my account i was horrified to see exactly what had happened.
Everything had been spent on Tesco Direct…
I saw the persons address but they were using my name.
I saw when it would be delivered to them and also could see the order number.
I passed all this info on to Tesco in the hope this delivery could be stopped but no….two days later they received the order in full courtesy of my stolen clubcard vouchers.
To make matters worse…on Friday i was sent a survey email from Tesco asking me how much i was enjoying my new purchase.
Tesco’s IT dept i think it was got me back into my account but the person who took it over is still there for me to see.
I know the email address they used as well because it kept showing up when i was trying to log on.
I am in Scotland and the goods were delivered to a London address.
I went to the police who just didn’t take it seriously at all even though i pointed out they were using my name when they ordered the goods.
Ive not heard a thing back from Tesco.
I went onto Action Fraud to report it but gave up as i found the site to be confusing.
Surely Tesco must be covering up the scale of this problem?

Melly says:
26 May 2015

This has just happened to me , only found out today , over £700 gone :/ I am annoyed as a month back I couldn’t get into my account and all the emails to reset password were not coming through , after a few days I rang Clubcard to be told I was using the wrong email address , I told them that had been on my account for years and I have never changed it , the person on the phone said you are entering the wrong email address , again I told them I have never changed it and never used the one they told me was on my account , she said well if you are saying you want it changed I will do it , I said it should never have been changed , do you think someone tried to get into my account , she replied no , it’s as just me using wrong address , I was fuming , it was changed and today I realise why it was changed ! They have a lovely brand spanking new laptop courtesy of my points . The idiot has left their address on my account still , no doubt bogus address or moved on . They will credit it all back to me they said , but reading the stories on here I could be waiting a while . It happened to my brother in law twice , he has obscure passwords so cannot be guessed , I think they are inside jobs , maybe temporary Christmas staff or still current employees .

Dave says:
12 June 2015

Happened to me too. Tesco tried twice to get me back in to my account and twice they failed. I tried to use my vouchers in store only to me told they had been redeemed. Lost £50. I tried to cancel by card so as to erase my details but they wouldn’t listen, insisting that they could fix the problem. Have now cut up my ClubCard (why fund someone else) and do all my shopping at Sainsburys.

19 June 2015

i`m never receive voucer with clubcard tesco statement 3 times a year from last year until now.

Andy says:
11 July 2015

This is obviously still ongoing as I received an email from Blinkbox to say that my account had been compromised including my Tesco clubcard details. On checking my clubcard account I noticed that my outstanding vouchers had been recently been used at St Helens Extra. This fraud seems to have been going on in the Merseyside area for a number of years and cant understand why it hasnt been sorted!!.

suzanne nichols says:
16 November 2015

Just realised that we had Tesco Clubcard account hacked last week. Some how they logged on to my account – changed details – stole £23 vouchers which they boosted x 3 to Pizza Express vouchers and spent them that night. Tesco say that I will get the money back. My vouchers only came last week and when I tried to spend them they were refused as they’d been boosted apparently. In fact they had been spent on 3rd Nov before the paper vouchers had got to me! What was also strange was that when I tried to log on to Tesco Clubcard a strange email address was already in the box. Tesco implied that the hacking must have gone on by someone using my laptop which is impossible as only myself and my partner have been anywhere near it! My bet is that there will be a spate of such cases very soon as people save up their vouchers for Christmas.

Cek point clubcard

My account was hacked today, I am shocked how poorly Tesco’s has handled the situation. Hours and hours later, I still can’t get into my account to change my log in.

Same here – we were hacked at the end of July. I spotted the ‘your details have changed’ email from Tesco, called them immediately and they cancelled the orders. They said about £100 of points had been redeemed for LEGOLAND vouchers.

A few days later I followed up to get an explanation, but Tesco denied that the account had been hacked – despite admitting to it on the call, and in spite of the record on the account that shows the vouchers being cancelled, etc. They’ve since disabled our accounts and trying to clear up any record of the hacking, but I printed all the web pages to pdfs – Shame on you Tesco for trying to cover this up.

Our online shopping accounts are disabled and we can’t get them working again, so clearly continuing as a Tesco customer is no option (Sainsbury’s here we come!). I’m now trying to get Tesco to provide info on the hack, how it happened and what personal info was accessed. If the continue to deny, time to call the BBC and let Tesco explain to them why they’re covering it up!

Sean says:
24 August 2016

Mine was hacked on Friday 19th August. Within a minute of receiving the accounts updated email, they had placed the order and emptied my vouchers. Tesco say its my fault as it was done using my internet email and password. Strange that, they’re not the same as my Tesco account. Been waiting for a call back from Tesco regarding there fraud investigations, but nothing, just like no email from Tesco warning of recent account hacks or from 2 years ago. Should allow vouchers to be spend for at least 24 hours after sending the account update email, otherwise what is the point of warning you that changes have been made.

Tesco Clubcard Account hacked for the FOURTH time for us. Vouchers are refunded but Tesco will only carry them over to the next quarter.
Interestingly, the date the vouchers were ‘cashed in’ was more than a week before we received them through the post.
Getting so frustrated with this and on top of the Tesco Bank disaster in the past two weeks, it’s time to change I think.
Come on Tesco…Get a grip please.

Graham says:
13 November 2016

Just some info that may be of some use. As it happens, I do not have a Clubcard account, however I recently received a letter from TESCO CLUBCARD addressed to my residence but addressed to an unknown individual who is not resident and has no connection with my address. I don’t think that identifying the individual fully is appropriate, but just in case it has any relevance to anybody reading this thread, I am talking about a Miss K B (the surname is most definitely an eastern European name, for what that is worth. There may be a perfectly innocent reason for this , but I am obviously concerned that this could be a result of some malicious or fraudulent activity as my quick perusal of this thread has opened my eyes. I have initiated a query with Tesco Clubcard regarding this issue and have returned the letter back to the sender unopened. I will post any further developments if appropriate.

JohnPaul Russell says:
20 November 2016

My son has separated from his wife and he collects card points on his card. But it seems that the card as been transferred to his ex-wife supposedly by my son. He never done that, so it is clearly a case of fraud. This apparently was done over the phone, nothing in writing and no signature! Clearly Tesco need to look into this. We await to hear what Tesco have to say on this. If my sons ex-wife can do this ‘over the phone’ then anybody can.

Alan Blackwell says:
24 November 2016

This clubcard hack is still going on. Some of my entitlement has been used this week by someone who has fraudently changed my email details at tesco and I am aware from messages being circulated other customers have also suffered currently. Refund has been promised but how can it continue to happen?

HappyGrecian says:
5 January 2017

This is still happening! I lost all the points I had collected for Christmas last year when someone hacked into my club card account and boosted them to purchase 8 adult Odeon cinema tickets on 26 Nov, so when I tried to use the paper vouchers I was sent before Christmas the store said they were invalid. I rang Tesco who suggested that perhaps someone in my family had done it!!!
My points appear to have been re-credited, but it’s alarming that their site is obviously NOT secure and they appear u willing to admit any responsibility for that.

Kevin Mazunder says:
31 May 2017

i first started collecting Tesco club card points in 2010 and when i changed house lost all except from 2016 which i got vouchers for £2,50 and last week £1,50 and it should be a lot more and find it hard to talk to someone to find out why ???

This comment was removed at the request of the user

Well I’ve just discovered someone has taken over my account and used at least £200 worth of MY vouchers!
Tesco are looking into it and have said they will Set me up with a new account and all my vouchers will be refunded.
But seriously, people stoop that low to steal from others.
I save mine up for as long as possible and then usually use them to make a big purchase or around holiday time for all those essentials.

From the posts on here (starting in 2013), it looks as though this problem has been going on for several years and Tesco continues to deny responsibility and does nothing about it. I recently looked at my Clubcard account online and noticed that several vouchers had been spent in-store in Cleveland and Hartlepool. I’ve never been to either of these places, so I contacted Tesco to report the fraud. They have refunded the points, but their response was incredibly blase: they sent me a list of recent transactions with the word ‘Fraud’ written against some of them, but there was no acknowledgement that my account had been hacked into, no apology and no advice about how to secure my account. Only when I contacted them a second time did they advise me to report it to Action Fraud. However, Tesco insist that their website is secure and that Tesco isn’t responsible for this. I don’t believe them. No-one else has access to my laptop, and none of my other online accounts have been compromised – my Tesco account is the only one that’s been hacked into. I’m really shocked by Tesco’s disinterested response and total denial of responsibility, and I will now be shopping at Sainsbury’s.

Totally agree with your comments
This has just happened to me and I couldn’t believe how unhelpful and defensive they were.
First line of defence was “were’re going round in circles” – what? reporting possible fraud? Tesco’s have been deteriorating for years now and considering the tens of thousands of pounds I’ve spent with them over the years, this little episode shows just how little your loyalty means to them whem it comes to the crunch.
If my bank did this, there would be hell to pay. The pittance they hand out for repeat spends is nothing to the value of the information you give them every time you shop. I have a name for Tesco – it ends with “co” and the rest is unrepeatable. Unfortunately, all the local convenience shops have disappeared to the point that it is easier to get an Indian head massage than buy a tin of baked beans down the High Street. I stopped getting vehicle fuel there a long time ago and even if it costs more, going to the nearest independent petrol station is a far more rewarding exercise than going to Tesco.