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Tesco Clubcard fraud: have you been affected?

Tesco clubcard

Loyalty card points gained at shops and supermarkets can be a great way to spend and save for specific purchases and special occasions. But what would you do if your hard-earned rewards were suddenly taken from you?

Well, that is what some Tesco Clubcard holders have said has happened to them this year, meaning they missed out on well-deserved rewards.

Loyalty card points have become a big part of many people’s shopping routine. While they are essentially a bonus, the rising cost of living has resulted in plenty of people becoming increasingly reliant on the rewards.

Every little helps

At the beginning of the year, Tesco called in the police over claims that some customers had fallen victim to online fraudsters who had hacked into their Clubcard accounts and taken hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a problem that has gone away, with people still posting on online forums about the matter.

In a recent post on MoneySavingExpert.com, one user describes how points disappeared from their account:

‘I went on the Clubcard section [of the website] to see how much we had saved. We build them up all year to exchange at Christmas. I discovered there was only £2 there. All our others (about £52 worth) had been redeemed under Clubcard Boost, all on the same date, about three days before I discovered my login for groceries wasn’t working.’

Checkout your Clubcard account

It’s worth checking your online account and changing your password if you believe you’ve been affected. And if you have become a victim, tell Tesco and contact Action Fraud.

Have you lost out on a loyalty scheme in the past or been affected by the fraud? How much did you lose and were you able to get your points/vouchers back? We’re keen to find out how many people are affected by the issue.


Fewer than 10 accounts had points stolen? Am I reading that right? Someone needs to go back to school. Mine was not ‘phished’ and my password was unique to that account so their explanation doesn’t wash. It’s good they are admitting to the issue but it stinks of a cover up to me.

Actually I just read it for myself on BBC news, they talk are claiming it’s a new seperate attack this week, hence the claim of fewer than 10 accounts affected.

tescoclubcardpoints says:
17 February 2014

Hello all. We had all of our club card point stolen and used in another part of the country. As per my previous emal. Tesco were very helpful an refunded me thepoints. We now have all our points back but because i am worried it will happen again i am spending them all now on gifts. Shame beacause i was saving for a holiday. But tescos were very helpful dealing with the matter. Just ensure you refresh your pass words and reset them all different.

Robin says:
23 February 2014

I had not heard about this problem with Tesco Clubcard points / vouchers, until after I had all my vouchers “stolen” on line. I discovered that £172 worth of vouchers had been stolen over two days in early February. I telephoned Tesco, who transferred me to Action Fraud to get a crime reference number. I called back Tesco with the reference number and they immediately credited me with all the points stolen. However, Tesco were reticent as to how widespread the problem was and the only advice I was given was to change my password. I had expected that Tesco would want to change my Clubcard number as well.

my partners and my account was hacked twice to the value of over £100 which we were saving up for a trip to london in May.on advising tesco they confirmed we would be reimbursed but not till their next run at the end of April so we may have to cancel our trip as i doubt any hotels will still be available that close to the date.all well and good but surely we should be reimbursed immediately in circumstances like this

Robin says:
24 February 2014

If you telephone Tesco they can convert your refunded points into vouchers. You can only do this over the phone, not on line. They did it for me as I wanted some food vouchers now, rather than wait until the next conversion of points to vouchers. Good luck!

28 February 2014

Round about October last year,i checked my points received and found there was a difference off around 1000 points missing.I got in touch with Tescos head office in Wellingboro, and was told i must have spent them.I knew for a fact that i had not,but could not prove it.After about half an hour arguing
with the guy.i put the phone down.as it was a waste of my time. Now i read in the Which Magazine what has been going on,and tesco’s doesn’t want to know.because i cannot give specific dates. Is this how Tesco’s treats their loyal customers.????

Warren Clayden says:
18 March 2014

I had over £560 worth of Clubcard vouchers hacked and stolen from my account. I could see where they were being spent as the on line account lists where the vouchers are being spent. Tesco did refund the full amount back to me but nothing extra for the inconvenience and distress caused…

This only came to light when we tried to use a paper clubcard money off voucher in store but the lady on the checkout said that voucher had already been spent- which then prompted me to check my on line account and saw the extent of the fraud…

Linda says:
21 April 2014

I went to use some points for the first time in two years. I discovered £95 worth missing, all used on the same date at Croydon.com. I have called Tesco who admit that there has been fraud and tell me the vouchers will be reinstated in May. Hmmmm. I wish there was a different supermarket nearby.

Gillian says:
13 May 2014

I have just discovered that £229.00 of Tesco vouchers have been fraudulently used from my account.
Called Clubcard who advised that the transactions had already been flagged by their fraud team, and that the points were in the process of being refunded to my account.
They have obviously not resolved the security issues which appeared last year!
Like others who have experienced this fraud, I use a unique password for my Tesco account.

Mike Game says:
19 May 2014

I lost over £200 of vouchers last Oct/ Nov 2013 which we were saving up for my daughters 21st. Despite Tesco fully accepting liability over the fact we were scammed I am still waiting for the stolen vouchers to be redeemed.I was told in Feb 14 they would be issued again in the next rewards statement in May 2014,of course this never happened and now I am told August 2014 is the earliest I can expect reimbursement. I am fed up contacting their customer ” care ” centre and speaking to a different person each time and then on the next call they have no record of my previous conversation and therefore their broken promises, You have been warned!!!

Annette says:
19 May 2014

I always advise people to go on Tesco’s Facebook page and have a good moan. They’re not keen on that. If you speak to someone make a not of their name and the exact time of day and date you rang. They record calls for training purposes so will hopefully be able to go back and check what was said. Lots of people have had a gift card for the full amount, I don’t know if that would help you but its an option you could go for.

I’ve lost all faith in Tesco, they have handled this very badly. They keep saying its our fault for using the same password. It has been shown time and again that this is not the case and it wasn’t in my case. I find it very interesting that their sales and profits have gone down since all this started. No doubt they will say its just a coincidence. I have my own view on that. Let us know how you get on.

Mike Game says:
19 May 2014

Thanks for your advice, unfortunately every time I contact their club card help centre ( 1000 customer care managers ) a name, time and date of call is not sufficient for them to find the tape of my previous conversation. They promise to return my call normally after a couple of days, but they have yet to honour this. I might hold a one man demonstration outside my local store to highlight my issue but every time I see their red sign I feel a cold chill down my spine.I may try the Facebook complaints route next but I have already devoted a lot of time and energy to this problem and might just have to write it off and put it down too experience.

Brian says:
19 May 2014

I found that e-mail worked to get my points refunded (last December). Just replying nicely (and immediately) to each Tesco response eventually got to someone who promised to sort it (and admitted there had been problems with the refund process). Points were converted to gift card which arrived within two weeks of noticing the loss.

Samantha Warren says:
19 May 2014

Definitely get on their Facebook page and complain complain complain. That’s how I got my vouchers reissued in the form of a gift card. I was told over the phone that I would have to wait for the next statement, and several calls later I was still waiting. Took two messages via their Faceboom page and what did you know the gift card arrived within a week!!

lizzy says:
25 May 2014

I have not received my clubcard vouchers for May . Have spoken to customer services who said that I could log in and print them off. Tried to do this and got locked out of account as it said I was putting wrong numbers into security. log in. Phoned again and was told that I had 5?clubcard accounts 4 of them virtual . They merged these together and told me that I could log in again in an hour and print vouchers off. That was yesterday. Today I have managed to log in and guess what? when I go to print my vouchers they aren’t there ! Yesterday on my receipt from Tesco shopping I had 10p per litre petrol savings that expire 30/6/ today I have none! What’s going on? I thought I had loyalty card and as for every little helps I think the only people benefiting are TESCO!!

Johny says:
3 June 2014

Well it’s happened again, we received a letter saying there was unusual activity and on checking there were points spent as boost. This was detected by Tesco after a couple went through so they cancelled all and have re-issued them to come out with the next mailing list.

Looking at our statements the purchases were carried out by the same rogue clubcard as last time.

Fair play to Tesco for noticing and acting but it is so annoying.

Melissa says:
16 June 2014

That is how ours were spent this time on the boost.

Melissa says:
16 June 2014

Well, we did get our vouchers reapplied to our account in March. Hubby went to order Eurotunnel tickets on Saturday to find we’ve no vouchers available. Yes, despite both of us changing our passwords, we have been hacked AGAIN! This time only (I say only……….!) £100 was taken. In the post the same day, was a letter for hubby from Tesco saying they’d spotted “unusual activity” on his account and so had put a stop to the vouchers. They will be re-released in August but apparently there is another number to ring if we want to use them before August. There had better be, else we won’t be able to get to our holiday destination.

This is now beyond ridiculous. When will Tesco act and tighten up their systems. According to the letter “they take protection and security of their customers details very seriously” Actions speak louder than words, if you ask me! Put your money where your mouth is Tesco and sort out your systems. Prove to your customers that you do protect our details, cos I’m not seeing at the moment!!!

Virginia says:
18 August 2014

I was doing my shopping at Tesco in Oswald St. Gloucester on the 16th of August 2014. I went there to use the vouchers Tesco has sent for me 2 weeks ago. After i got all my shopping done, I went to the checkout counter and waited patiently in a cue until the other customer has finished bagging her shopping. ” I thought the check out staff should do the bagging of the customers shopping”… instead she was just sat on her chair waiting for the customer in front of me to go..??…Then when it was my turn before she started doing my shopping, I told the checkout lady that i am going to use my club card voucher and I ask her to tell me if my shopping will reach the amount required before i can use the voucher. I thought the checkout lady was not happy at all after I mentioned about the voucher. She did my shopping very quickly in a sarcastic mood, without telling me the amount on the till and it nearly went to £50.00 when she stopped and gave me the receipt of all my shopping.. I was not happy when i saw the amount on the receipt but because i saw the cue behind me , I did not say anything to her but given her the vouchers and my visa card to pay for my shopping. Unfortunately, I cannot find my club card in my wallet when the checkout lady ask for it. Instead she said to me in a very rude manner: “maybe you stole this voucher from anyone”… and i will not accept the voucher because you have not got your club card.. I was really fuming when she said it in front of the other customers on the cue. I felt humiliated and belittled at that time but had paid all my shopping and went to the customers services to ask what will I do to retrieve my club card which I thought I lost it without my knowledge. I was still on the cue waiting for my turn to ask help from the customer services staff when the check out manager called “Jenny” was behind my back. She was very rude to me telling the customer services staff in a loud voice that everyone had heard her saying “this customer has got no club card” and then she left…
I really feel I was being ganged up and singled out by the Tesco Staff at that time because of the color of my skin… Am I wrong if I will say Tesco is a RACIST..? If they are not, have they trained and told all their staff to treat all the colored customers differently from the white customers??

Hello Virginia, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. I suggest you make a complaint to Tesco: http://www.tesco.com/help/contact/

Lee alan says:
19 August 2014

Using this site to complain about a member of staff attitude is not right. You should contact tesco directly concerning your experience. This link is for club card fraund and not a general moan about tesco link. Although it seems a particular member of staff may have made an inappropriate comment I have mixed race background and have friends who work for tesco and they have an exceptional reputation for equal opportunities. I think this is a misunderstanding that should have been cleared up at the time.

Lee alan says:
19 August 2014

Concerning fraud. This happened to us a couple of times. Each time tesco was very helpful and returned the vouchers. However my advise to all those people is this.
1 you must change password for club card and the groceries site at the same time. Leaving one unchanged still exposes you to fraud

2 Reset your password from another device prefably ran apple device to ensure risk of existing hacking pf your PC is zero.

3 change your email used on tesco both sites to a new email address. And ensure this has a new different password to you tesco account .

4 spend all your vouchers as soon as you get them for days out , pizza express etc.

5 lastly remove all vouchers from sight in house. They can be easily taken or voucher codes photographed with a phone.

This will ensure you are not compromised or frauded again. So far we have had no repeat frauds.

Tracy says:
8 September 2014

I had £300 worth of clubcard points ‘used’ from my account without my knowledge in May 2014. I save my points up and had no knowledge of them disappearing until Tesco Clubcard sent me a letter stating they have seen some fraudulent activity on my account. I phoned Clubcard and must have spoke to 3 different people until they got me to the right department. I must say each person I spoke to was very helpful.

They cancelled my account and advised me to set a new one up after 24 hours and make sure I don’t use the same password. I asked what would happen with my lost points. I was told they would add them on to my account but I wouldn’t receive the amount in vouchers until the next statement released in August. If for any reason I needed to use them before then I was to call them back and they would do what they could to help.

A lot of my original vouchers were actually due to expire in the August and November of this year and when I queried this I was told I would be resent new vouchers with a full 2 years. I was very pleased by this as it actually then meant there was no rush for me to have to use them. I received my full amount plus anything added since then in August and have since used a small amount on their Clubcard Boost scheme to buy some baby accessories for our first baby due in November.

Although not happy that this could happening the first place, I’m very pleased that this was dealt with very swiftly and pain free by one phone call to Clubcard.

Michael says:
8 September 2014

The issue is still hapeneing and Tesco are not taking it seriously. I noticed that my clubcard points had increased massively so thought I would look at my account. I found a total of £152.50 of vouchers being redeemed on 26/08/14 and then a corresponding number of points being credited to my account the following day.

I e-mailed Tesco to find out why this had happened and received the following information:

“your vouchers were used on clubcard boost and when they presented to the shop, the assistant became suspicious of the person. The person left their keys in the shop with a key fob which had a different clubcard number on it. The store manager then contacted clubcard boost to alert us of this. This is way the vouchers were cancelled and the points put back on your account.”

The e-mail then advised I change my password, some 10 days after the fraud had occurred!

I have replied with what appear to me to be obivious questions given the response above:

1.Why was I not advised of this fraud and advised to change my password?
2.Why was my account not closed and new cards issued after fraud as would happen with a credit card? I effectively had £152.50 stolen from my account.
3.Presumably for someone to have printed vouchers for Clubcard boost these must have been printed in store or if redeemed online they must have been sent to an address/e-mail address. From this information why is it not possible to trace the person commiting this fraud?
4.If the store had the persons keys and key fob with an alternate club card number surely this could be used to trace back to an individual?
5.Why has this not been looked into with video evidence of this individual with store CCTV?
6.In which store did this fraudulent transcation take place?

I await their response but given what has happend and their actions to date I have no confidence in any online or financial services whihc they are always trying to push!

Mrs M Carey says:
12 October 2014

Could you please tell me why no points have been added to account for August and September?

Thank you

Hi Mrs Carey, this is something that Tesco should be able to help you with. I suggest you contact them directly: http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/contact/

E Holman says:
30 October 2014

My clubcard was lost. Unfortunately, it was just when I had received 6 weeks of savings vouchers.
I reported the loss twice (by telephone) and was told each time that a replacement would take 10 days. It has been a month now and the last one was valid until 26th October. All together, I have lost £65 worth of vouchers. What has happened to Tesco service? I used to be more than pleased with Tescos, but I am very annoyed as I was told at customer services (local branch) that I could not use my vouchers without a club card – and I am still without one!

mrs w says:
29 November 2014

Does anyone know if the christmas saver vouchers are being sent out this year or if we just have to print them off online. As mine haven’t turned up yet. Or my november statement.