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Tesco Clubcard fraud: have you been affected?

Tesco clubcard

Loyalty card points gained at shops and supermarkets can be a great way to spend and save for specific purchases and special occasions. But what would you do if your hard-earned rewards were suddenly taken from you?

Well, that is what some Tesco Clubcard holders have said has happened to them this year, meaning they missed out on well-deserved rewards.

Loyalty card points have become a big part of many people’s shopping routine. While they are essentially a bonus, the rising cost of living has resulted in plenty of people becoming increasingly reliant on the rewards.

Every little helps

At the beginning of the year, Tesco called in the police over claims that some customers had fallen victim to online fraudsters who had hacked into their Clubcard accounts and taken hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a problem that has gone away, with people still posting on online forums about the matter.

In a recent post on MoneySavingExpert.com, one user describes how points disappeared from their account:

‘I went on the Clubcard section [of the website] to see how much we had saved. We build them up all year to exchange at Christmas. I discovered there was only £2 there. All our others (about £52 worth) had been redeemed under Clubcard Boost, all on the same date, about three days before I discovered my login for groceries wasn’t working.’

Checkout your Clubcard account

It’s worth checking your online account and changing your password if you believe you’ve been affected. And if you have become a victim, tell Tesco and contact Action Fraud.

Have you lost out on a loyalty scheme in the past or been affected by the fraud? How much did you lose and were you able to get your points/vouchers back? We’re keen to find out how many people are affected by the issue.


Still going on.
Over 1000 points disappeared from my account during May this year. No vouchers used at all by me.
Rang the Clubcard number and gave all the details. All I got from the “advisor” was that my card had a female’s name on it which is strange considering I’m a bloke and always have been. The “advisor” wouldn’t discuss anything else and talking to her was a waste of time. Spoke to an supervisor who dug around a bit more and came up with “your card has been merged” whatever that is. I explained that other than use the card at the local Tesco supermarket, there has nothing happened on my part. I will be getting a new card number and the points to be restored in August, but to my mind, this isn’t satisfactory.
Either Tesco have done the “merge” or fraud has taken place – the supervisor couldn’t say and was reluctant to agree that it was suspicious. I won’t trust them ever again and what is particularly disappointing is that their first line of defence is to clam up. So someone who is female has got away with lifting 1000 points from my account and had I not pursued it further to get the account closed, it would still be going on. It’s a shame the local Waitrose isn’t bigger or had a better carpark, because I would ditch Tesco tomorrow

lisa b says:
3 May 2022

Yes – ordered Tesco vouchers for a Hoseasons booking only to find the property I wanted did not show. Apparently vouchers only redeemable against ‘certain’ properties . Stuck with £90 unusable vouchers and to add insult to injury price had increased whilst faffing over trying to use vouchers so ended up costing me £100 more, rather than saving £90 🙁