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Scam watch: the share-buying phone scam

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Well-informed fraudsters are targeting investors in a seemingly sophisticated share scam. Here’s how one Which? member was almost caught out by a share-buying telephone scam.

The Which? member told us: I have been the target of an international telephone share scam involving a fictitious hostile takeover. The caller knew my full name and that I had purchased shares in a certain company back in 2001.

He claimed I had a registered holding of ‘incentive shares’ in this company, credited because I was a long-term shareholder, and that he was representing a client that wished to mount a hostile takeover of this company.

He asked if I would be willing to sell my shares at between £10 and £15 per share, which I said that I would be willing to do.

I was soon contacted by another client who told me that the sale and purchase would proceed via a ‘transfer agent’, but part of the transaction involved an insurance bond by both parties where I would need to put up almost £5,000.

I was already suspicious, but at this point I knew the whole deal was fraudulent.

This was a remarkably sophisticated fraud attempt, involving apparently legitimate companies, with company logos, legitimate telephone numbers, and plausible looking web sites. I would like to prevent anyone becoming a victim.

Our say on investment scams

These companies may have put a bit of effort into appearing legitimate, but anyone who calls you out of the blue about an investment opportunity is almost certainly a fraudster.

These scammers are likely to have obtained most of your details from the shareholders’ register.

Those who want to double-check the legitimacy of a financial company should check if it is listed on the FCA’s Financial Services Register.

Anyone who is contacted by an unregulated firm, as you were, should report the companies involved to the FCA and Action Fraud.

Have you been a victim of this scam or a similar one? Do you have any tips for spotting an unregulated firm?


I’m always amazed by these callers. When I receive most nuisance calls, they hang up as soon as I realise I’m on to them, but after I tell these guys that I know they’re running a boiler room scam, they have the nerve to stay on the line and argue about it!


“plausible looking web sites” not once you’ve done a quick “who is” check on the domain name. Panama, Egypt, Nigeria are amongst some of the places I’ve seen.


Good point, William. Don’t look only at the domain name though, but also at the country where the site is hosted. If you install Flagfox, an add-on for Firefox, you always see a flag in the address bar showing you where the site is physically hosted. For example, you might see a Nigerian flag on a web site of a .co.uk domain, which might ring alarm bells.


No problem on phone calls despite the clever knowledge they might have on you. Genuine deals on money, especially asking for it should come by mail and but still don’t put money up-front. Whatever the cold call I just ask what company is phoning or “whats-in-it for me?” if I have the time. If that doesn’t shut them up I let them babble on to waste their time then close the ‘phone.. I wonder if it is still illegal to swear over the ‘phone like a version of “go-away”. Suppose so, especially as they are recorded “for training purposes” – that’s not credible from my point of view, it’s often used to trap you into a deal..I sometimes tell them to get a proper job.
As regards the internet, genuine money deals are not sent that way – anyone know of one?.


Who in their right mind makes an investment on the strength of a cold call? Regardless of how much research they’ve done on you and how plausible some website might look. We all know how it goes “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” and in the case of that opportunity resulting from a cold call it certainly is.
Good investments have to be sought out they do not fall in your lap, unless of course it’s a scam.


“plausible looking web sites”. These ‘companies’ have contacted me on a few occasions and they have all had web sites. However the text does not always make much sense. I tried putting whole sentences from their websites into Google and found they’d lifted sections of text from a number of legitimate companies’ websites but juxtaposed them so they were meaningless.


If you search Youtube for “Share scam phone call (British Smaller Companies VCT)” you will find a recording of just such a scam phone call.


I had a new nuisance call today and having not had one about shares I decided to find out more. I was told about a company planning a hostile takeover of Vodafone. I said at the outset that I assumed that any caller that made an unsolicited call from a withheld number was probably a scam.

After listening to an undaunted person telling me over and over again about how it was in my interest to take action now I hung up. So either there is a hostile takeover of Vodafone planned or a very persistent scammer with a strong US accent waiting to demand your email address and no doubt more.

Dave B says:
11 December 2014

I have had several such calls in relation to some shares which I hold in a company listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. All of these calls have referred to the value of patents held by this company, and a planned takeover attempt. The price range which is quoted for my shares is of the order of 5-10 times the current listed price. I followed one of these through to find out where the scam lay, and the catch was that I would have to put several thousand pounds into an escrow account – from where it would, no doubt, vanish.

The most recent caller emailed me some documentation and a “non-disclosure agreement” for me to sign and return. The company claimed to be based in New York, but a little research showed that the address did not even exist. When they called back, I asked where they were located and they eventually hung up on me.

As others have said: if it sounds to good to be true, then it IS too good to be true!

jenny muir says:
8 October 2015

Had a similar call 2 days ago – proposed takeover bid, wanting to purchase icentive shares to make up to 51%, non-disclosure agreement to be signed and returned etc C.hecked with banker relative and warned off before got any further.

Glenda S says:
12 July 2017

I’ve had a company calling themselves Genworth Consultant Group, from New York discussing a hostile takeover for tax purposes. Same thing as Dave, asking for money to be bonded to an escrow account in excess of £5000.
They’ve sent me the contracts to sign. Is there anyone I can report them too?


Hi Glenda. You can report suspect financial fraud to action fraud and, or the FCA

– Action Fraud: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud
– FCA: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/report-scam-unauthorised-firm

cath myall says:
7 August 2017

hi Glenda ive had exactly the same over the last month. i checked their email address and they have only had it for 1 month. its a very sofisicated operation . sent all sorts of forms to sign etc. yes they are based in new york in a residential block in the financial district. i know this because my son travels to new york reguLarly and he went to address!!!!!!! they use women to do all the talking. There lawyer is not real and actually works for another law firm and their website is copied word for word from several real websites

Adam higton says:
10 August 2017

i think ive had that it keeps going on to this site stocks and shares and try but im some one who havernt got any think ive bin trying for a loan but haven’t bin successful and I’ve made the mastak of just keep apliying and there some streng stuff going on wiv my phone

John S says:
12 December 2014

A few months ago, my mother, who is 79, was contacted by someone representing a company purporting to be executing a hostile takeover of DeVeres. My mother was taken in by this person but fortunately had the sense to call me. I also spoke to this person and everything appeared plausible, even the depositing of £5,000 in an Escrow account for the “Transfer Agent” to be assured that the sale of the shares are secured, was very convincingly communicated.

I even got this person to send me a contract, which was very complete and obviously a copy of a real document. Their e mail was also very real looking and the telephone number WAS a number in New York, which matched their address and contact details.

The main thrust of their urgency was to secure 51% of the shares to effect the hostile takeover and if someone was not part of the 51% then they would miss out on the share premium. This share premium was only available to those signed up, deposited their security bond and part of the 51%.

In the end I considered this was a fraud so did not proceed but it was very plausible. For a while I did wonder if it was genuine but made the right decision in the end.

Sounds like the very same people Dave b encountered

George Anderton says:
16 July 2015

I a m in the middle of such a scam at the moment. It has just reached the point where the need for an insurance bond will be required has been mentioned. I am letting it run but have no intention of parting with any cash.The name of the presumably bogus company is Westwood Consultancy with a New York address.

Andrew says:
21 July 2015

Hi George, just read your comments and wondering how your getting on with this. I have also been contacted by Westwood consultancy and am at the point of them wanting me to open a new bank account for the £5000 bond transfer to be placed in.

john black says:
1 November 2015

john yes that is same thing that happened to me they ask me not to tell anyone about this as it would stop me from getting extra shares

Gaynor Dowsett says:
2 February 2017

I have been contacted by Boston Private Law Group LLP 19 Staniford St Boston MA 02114 USA asking if I had shares from a company from 20 odd years ago I said I had invested in a company called Orbis the have offered me $175,000.00 for the shares the problem is I know this company liquidated in 2008 it all looks very legit and with a website and contact numbers has any body been contacted by this Law Firm any information would be helpful.

Michael Earl says:
9 September 2017

Contacted yesterday by Howland Law LLP (“Company”), 60 State Street, Boston, MA, United States,02109 , offering USD101,456.76 for shares I had in a company (Shield Tech PLC) which I believe has been liquidated. The emailed paper work is impressive but I do not intend taking any action.

trish says:
9 April 2015

i recently had several calls for a take over and to sell shares in Palmaris which were few purchased many many years ago. Offered a good price But then the cruncher which I was expecting
a payment for a bond insurance
told them to take it out of the money before they send it but that did not work
So watch out highly organized these guys and think we have all come up the stream on a banana Boat no disrespect intended to anyone

KaGe says:
20 April 2015

I’ve been contacted by Select Capital Ventures with an address in Montreal who tell me I’m entitled to compensation ( $144,000.00 ) for shares in a company which was the subject of a hostile take-over some time ago. The guy, who was very polished, told me he was a lawyer and whilst he wasn’t sure which company was involved ( I do have shares ) my name was attached to them and I was definitely due compensation. He e-mailed very official-looking forms – complete with Case File No. – to be signed and returned and went as far as advising me to set up a bank account especially to receive the payment as he knew people were reluctant to disclose regular account details.
I was suspicious from the outset and when I didn’t respond I got several more calls/e-mails, the most recent referring me to the “Department of Orderly Liquidation” in Washington which he assured me had my case file and would be able to confirm everything he was telling me.
The “Department of Orderly Liquidation” has indeed got an impressive website – very official looking, but note I said “looking” – it even has ‘gov.’ in the address, but having gone through it carefully, it’s quite obvious that it’s got nothing to do with any sort of legitimate administrative body and everything to do with a “boilerhouse”. I’ve no doubt that if I were to phone, they’d have my case number to hand and would be able to assure me that everything was 100%.
The other company mentioned in the correspondence was “Ability Holdings Corp.”
If you’re contacted by any of the aforementioned companies, I would suggest you tread warily.

Botherd says:
27 April 2015

27th April 3 45 was called by an American about a hostile take over by someone with vodaphone soon realised it was a scam when they wanted to pay me between 10 and 18 pound per share bu t watch out they are lovely to talk to and could easily foil some one lonely or vunrable

Mark says:
28 August 2015

Yep, Westwood consultancy strung me along too- until they mentioned I would have to put down £5000 pounds as security. Is it even worth reporting this? It seems crazy that they can just be allowed to keep doing it.


I’ve just had a hostile takeover share offer calls and emails from Langford consulting grou p based in Chicago Illinois.
All calls the number is with held and I can’t find them on company registers but they do have a good web site and are very believable on the phone.
Current share price is 65.95 and yet there offering £12 per share with a indemnity bond of 11% to be paid by me.
Too good to be true springs to mind


HI I have been contacted by Sabrina Ekker of Sherman Consultancy Group, New York. They know how many shares I have in AIM VCT 2 as it was known originally, and is now different. They are offering £5 – £10 per share and have sent a non-disclosure form for me to complete. I was very suspicious and after reading some of the info on here there is no way I am going to complete it.


I have had an approach from Sherman Consultancy Group 5 Park Row. New York NY 10038 for some shares I bought in 2007 in a company then called ‘Golden Goal. I cannot trace Herman Consultancy Group this is obviously a scam.


Langford Consultant Group based in Chicago cold called this afternoon. Chap with an American accent wanting to talk about shares. He said he was using VOIP hence no number registered. I asked him if he had heard of the Telephone Preference Service and he hung up……

Paddy Thompson says:
3 October 2015

I was contacted yesterday by the Sherman Consultancy Group via the lovely Sabrina. I received the ‘confidentiality’ forms to sign by email but will not be signing them as searches lead only to a financial company with a similar name and NY address. I did so want it to be true. Ah well I’ll not retire yet!


A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company in Chicago asking me to confirm whether I still retained my 3000 shares in Constellation PLC.
This company has since changed its name twice since I bought these penny shares about 12 years ago.
They said they were acting for a client who were wanting to make a hostile takeover — saying that my original shares were ” incentive ”
shares and that the client might wish to acquire them at a very good price. I asked how much and was told it could be from £7 to £15 a share.
That would mean from £21,000 to £45,000. I said that if this was legit ,I would of course be interested.I then had several calls including one which asked me to sign a ” non disclosure ” document which they would email to me ——– which they did.I emailed them back to say OK. I kept on asking for details to be mailed to me —- but was told they would not do this as someone might get hold of the secret hostile takeover details.
I then received a call to say that they were pleased to tell me that I had been chosen as one of the sellers and that the secret buyer was offering me £12.50 a share — making my shares worth £37,500.
I said to them that this was too good to be true and that whatever happens there was no way that I would pay for anything up front and asked that they confirm this.
They then said that under U.S. Law that in any hostile takeover situation
the transaction needed to be insurance backed and that the seller had to
” put up ” two thirds of the money up front and the seller one third.
I was astonished to hear this and replied that there was no way that I would put a penny up front but if they wished to deduct money from the
gross proceeds I would receive—– no problem.
They said that they could not do this —so I responded by saying that this whole thing was ” too good to be true ” and that being the case ” it must be too good to be true” and sounded like a scam.
The lady on the phone tried to argue with me and then accused me of talking over her,to which I responded that ” how dare she respond to a customer like that bearing in mind that they want to purchase MY shares”.
I then slammed down the phone and have not heard from them since !!

john mills says:
22 October 2015

Yes Sherman Consultancey Group of New York ,tried the share scam with with me. Beware ,stay away from this.
John M

Michael Boyce says:
12 November 2015

I’ve had the same scam from Sherman Consultancy Group, re a hostile take over of some Invesco Japan Discovery shares I used to hold. They are supposedly located at 5 Park Row, NY10038, with a feasible looking website for a scammer, but not for a legitimate business. I’ve now had the agreement inviting me to sign up for 49,604 GBP, as long as I deposit a bond of 4211.68 GBP. All very impressive looking. How can I continue to enjoy myself at their expense, before they realise I “know”?

Mike B


Am currently having a call from Crown corporate consultants Illinois, wanting to but water shares, same patter £10-£15 per share sign a confidentiality agreement. Which has arrived, am awaiting the next call with anticipation!

Graham says:
24 January 2016

I have received a call from Crown Corporate Consultants Illinois with a confidential memorandum of non disclosure agreement needing to be signed on shares I purchased several years ago, they are offering me £5 per share and did mention a bond agreement. The said shares are worth under 50p per share and a hostile takeover of the company was indicated. I would imagine this bond would cost several thousands of pounds to set up. I am awaiting the next call from Jack Green.

Matt Alberti says:
11 March 2016

Hmm, let’s see…..I have had calls and mails (reported to UK Anti fraud Agency) from David West of Crown Corporate Consultants, sent me an NDA in Dec. (not signed or returned) and who is now resending said NDA (very insistent) and stating JD Sports bought Blacks Leisure shares and I can now get £5-£12 a share and need to sign and send back said NDA to get the said price deal – not a chance in hell but enjoy wasting his time with empty promises that I’ll do that, this, etc , oh yes, very keen, will do, great etc etc – Sod them forever, is my approach – I’ll wind them up as long as I can and make them waste their pathetic lives – if they’re wasting time on me, it may save an older/more vulnerable person from harm/hassle or worse, losing their savings to these scumsucking lowlifes!

13 March 2016

I have also had calls from Crown Corporate Consultants regarding Blacks Leisure. I have pointed out that the holding company was struck from the register in 2013 but they are still insisting there are assets there and tell me with my bonus shares I stand to make around £45k. I have received a contract document with the obvious bond nonsense that says I have to pay 10% first. An obvious scam.

John McNeill says:
17 March 2016

My caller (“Maria Silva” initially) was from “Royalton Group”, claimed to be in New York, has a plausible website, good story of hostile takeover, required me to return a NDA, told me I had “incentive shares” in a company I had invested in some years before etc etc. Over several calls they prepared the ground for an underwriting insurance payment but hadn’t quite got around to the sting before I got bored and took her (‘Claudia’) to task over the whole thing. Sounded Asian and refused to admit to any wrongdoing.

Louis Carroll says:
16 May 2016

I have had calls from a guy calling himself Christopher Ross from Gruber & Taylor in Seattle talking about a hostile takeover for Bank of Ireland shares. Apparently his client is offering about ten times over the odds for my shares. Now we are getting into the insurance phase of the conversation when they will be looking for a few bob from me…may they be lucky!!

Martyn Bradley says:
1 June 2016

I am currently stringing along the friendly Claudia along with her co conspirators Hermie and Courtney from Royal capital group of New York.
They are wasting a great deal of time on this obvious SCAM.
Just waiting for the contract details due to arrive in next two days, and how much the Insurance/Bond payment is that they would like me to pay them !!

This appears to be an expanding career choice for our so called American allies !!

Pat R says:
6 June 2016

I’m embarrassed to say we’ve been caught out by the Royalton Group which involved Claudia. We were then passed over to Karen Johanssen at Middleton Securities who persistently harassed us to further invest when we finally caught on. Everything was reported to our bank and Action Fraud. Believe it or not Andy is now asking us to get the banks and police off his back (they’re trying to get our money back) so he can get us our share money! They are persistent I;ll give them that.

Pat R says:
11 June 2016

Just an up-date to say that thanks to Action Fraud and The Yorkshire Bank we’ve been very, very lucky and got our money back.

steve says:
17 June 2016

I just been contact by these people http://www.capitateam.com/
The first thing which alerted me was no phone number on the site. If you were a massive company dealing with so called clients how come no phone number.
These were for some AIM Market shares which the company went bankrupt in 2009. These people are very convincing.
I sent the disclosure docment back but I questioned her how they would do the transfer of monies to me. She said the legal team would be in touch. I started getting a bit suspect.
Did some google searching and it lead me here!

carol says:
20 July 2016

Still they are Scamming

Gruber & Taylor Co web site very professional set up 284 days ago, and origin is hidden.
Spoke with Central Bank. They advised it’s a scam.

they call from DC ask you to sign and NDA and after a few pestering phone calls mention INSURANCE then ping!

Stay safe people….

Rupert says:
16 August 2016

OK, so I’m looking at a non-disclosure agreement in respect of BAA/Heathrow Holdings from an outfit called Watkins Consulting LTD. The interesting twist is that these are my 84 year old mother’s shares – but she is very well trained, and refers all financial questions to me. The company have ignored all aspects of data protection and contacted me without further ado. First red flag.

Their website is a bit flaky with badly resized pictures. Second red flag

Their domain was registered a month ago. Third red flag.

My mother sold all her shares in BAA in 2006 and I have a scan of the capital gains voucher to prove it. Fourth reg flag.

I’ll waste their time for a while, just putting this here in case anyone else gets contacted.

Castle says:
17 August 2016

According to Companies House, the only “Watkins Consulting Ltd” was dissolved in April 2015.

marsha richards says:
25 August 2016

Prudential Group in New York – David Hartland contacted me today – a similar experience – the third 30 minute phone call finally got to the trigger point of the £4000+ insurance required. I had been promised £45K+ (£12 a share for something I wasn’t even sure I had shares in) and when I innocently said this sounds like a scam he continued on for several minutes but the promised e-mail hasn’t come.

robbie says:
31 August 2016

I have sent the non diclosure form back to Prudential Group but didn’t give bank details , feel stupid now but now I know it’s a scam . I guess they cannot take the shares or any money , any comments or advise on the next move for me. What will be their next move ?

Tony says:
6 October 2016

Got called today by someone called Adam Rosen from bakerbradley offering me $105,000 for £3,000 shares I bought in Global Green Agriculture years ago. I have long suspected Global Green Agriculture (aka: Global Green Capacity, Vital Farming, Growth Green, etc.) set up by someone called Andre Rafnsson to be a total scam and written off that loss already. So receiving a call today claiming the company is now registered in the US and going through a hostile takeover to offer existing investor a compensation like the amount stated above is straight-away raising alarms. After I said I’m happy to sell (to play along and see what happens next), the guy sent me 2 forms to sign supposedly to get hold of my signature and bank details. One of the documents also mentioned a phantom US regulator called American Securities Regulatory Commission. A quick search on internet reveals that none of the entities (Baker & Bradley AG, American Securities Regulatory Commission) mentioned exist in the US, and the professional looking website was set up only 3 months ago and hosted in Panama. I’ve already sent them an email ask them to explain all my suspicions but doubt I would ever receive a reply. Hope no one else has fallen for this and please all keep alert to such nasty scams.

Busted says:
18 January 2017

VITOSHA: Anybody caught by the Votosha scam peddles by Capitol Hill in the early 2000’s ? There’s a new kid in town. I was called by someone calling himself Frank Simmons from “Nomura Bernstein” in Tokyo, with a new twist on the theme. Their ‘client’ was buying up ‘Vitosha’ (Bulgaria) stock so as to take a controlling asset. My holding of 10,000 shares (2000 bought but a 5:1 split in the meantime.
Capitol Hill was one of a number run by a Mr Gunter in Florida, he is now doing a 27 year stretch (Google US vs Gunter). There was a recovery scheme that went nowhere. Vitosha was exactly that – tosh – it did not exist.


My mother recently recieved an email from Frank Simmons of Nomura Bernstein in Tokyo. It just contained a sale contract for shares my recently deceased father had supposedly agreed to sell (in a company which sounded a bit like one he once did own: Hunting Oil & Gas).
The site is a very basic 6 page site hosted in Moscow. It has almost no presence on Google, the copy is over-ramped phony sales chatter. The whole thing stinks.
What I find particularly worrying is that the perpetrator seems to have knowledge of my father’s previous trading history, that he had died, and that my mother’s email address was linked to him even though my father has never had an email address. Where do they get this information?

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Margaret Burns says:
20 February 2017

I have had several phone calls over the past few weeks from someone called Oliver King who says he is working on behalf of The Boston Legal Company who has been engaged to buy up the shares in a company called Bio Technologies Inc. in which he says they have found that I own 39,000 valued at $4.50 per share. They have not asked me for any money up front so far but are asking me for my bank details into which they will make a payment relating to the purchase of these shares. I do not intend giving them any of my personal details but wonder whether anyone else has come across this.
Has anyone else heard of this company?

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Hello Margaret, it’s probably safe to say that your suspicions should be aroused if you don’t recall owning any such shares and their contact is completely out of the blue. You could check to see if the company is registered with the FCA – http://www.fca.org.uk/register/. And you can trace lost shares yourself if you’re not sure whether you own any or not, there’s a fairly old Telegraph article on how to do this here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/shares/8319464/How-to-trace-forgotten-shares.html


Which (Lauren ) — I have checked with the FCA- quote- 3 days old report- we believe this firm has been providing financial services /products in the UK WITHOUT OUR AUTHORISATION — almost all firms and individuals offering.promoting/selling financial services /products in the UK HAVE to be authorised by us —- some firms KNOWINGLY run investment scams —- it is targeting people in the UK without authorisation ( ILLEGALLY ) – contact – 0800-111-6768 –FCA consumer helpline – its a SCAM ! any money given out can not be recovered.


Hello Laura and Duncan
Thanks for your advice. After posting my message on here I did in fact go to the FCA website and checked on their register of companies and found that this company was not authorised by them.I have completed a report form detailing my contact etc with The Boston Legal Company and forwarding copies of the paperwork they emailed to me so hopefully others will now be warned not to deal with them.

Tim says:
22 March 2017

I have been contacted several times by people acting on behalf of clients wishing to buy shares previously held by my wife in Pace Technology then Arris plc. Because they started discussing an insurance bond that I would have to part pay this evening I have just found this advice on line. The company that the two individuals claim to work for is as follows:
Daniels and Mills Consultants LLC
Address: 200 E 23rd St., New York, NY 10010, USA
Phone Number : 1 914 336 4356
Fax Number : 1 914 462 3356
I wonder if this should be reported to the US authorities rather than the UK ones.
Having read this thread, I will ask them to stop phoning should they phone back tomorrow as promised.

Thank you all for valuable stories


I am having trouble locating this company Tim , its a waste of time trying to report it if you are not a US citizen and remember any foreigner (in US eyes ) does not have the same legal protection as a US citizen. Their laws governing us dont allow the US law courts unless its a UK company with offices in the USA . I will keep trying for info.


Please explain why you marked me down I only told the truth ? I am willing to debate this as I have read the US Overseas Trade Regulations when referring to foreign countries .

June Dere says:
15 June 2017

I was suspicious when contacted by Clarion International regarding SeaEnergy ( formerly Ramco ) Apart from the fact that the company is in Liquidation / Administration, they were trying to contact my husband, whose name the shares were initially registered in; but they were transferred into my name on his death 5 years ago, and I couldn’t believe their records would be so out of date . Sounds like a scam.
Location: 425 Park Ave. New York, NY 10016 Phone : +1 (646) 568 1765

I haven’t checked the phone number, but my security blocks access to the website because ” this site contains things that could be harmful for you or your computer, so it’s been blocked in line with this accounts’s Web Safe settings. It might contain viruses, be used for phishing, or be a fraudulent site out to scam you. ”

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David Bird says:
28 June 2017

I was contacted today by Clarion Global International of 425 Park Ave South. New York. NY 10016 Phone: 1 (646) 568 1765 regarding the old Scottish Power / Iberdrola SA takeover of 2007 saying I have shares in Iberdola SA which they say they will buy from me. I am pretty sure I have no such shares and as mention was made of an Insurance policy to back the deal I suspect they will ask for a premium at some stage. On checking their address I find that it is an apartment building next door to the Clarion Hotel. The very impressive website of Clarion Global International, according to ‘ whois’ , was registered in May 2017 by an individual living in downtown New York. They have emailed me a Non Disclosure Agreement which I shall not be signing. And I shall now close down the contact by return email as I am sure it is a scam bearing in mind your contact from the same company. Their address of 425 Park Ave in your post I think must be Park Ave South which fits the postcode 10016. 425 Park Avenue is a building under construction.

Ian McAtominey says:
26 July 2017

We were contacted by the same “organisation”. They said they had shares in my wife’s dead brother’s name. They said the shares were worth £40 000 and that we needed to pay £4 000 to underwrite the selling of them. We didn’t pay. It sounds like a scam to me.

Graham Holloway says:
17 October 2017

Approached by Mr Glen Gary from ‘gruberandtaylorco.com’ claiming to be a Montreal based financial intermediary. Claims I have an escrow account with my name on it held by Bank of America to do with a shares take over of Desire Petroleum from five years ago. Wants £8,000 to release this account to me. I believe this is a scam.

cliff b says:
7 December 2017

just been contacted about Goldspring shares purchased several years ago – interim information was that threy had been liquidated
Have seen the scam comment so will not progress -thanks to Joe Elvin