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Have you paused your TV sport payments?

Are you still paying a premium for live sport even though there’s none on? Did you know you don’t have to? Here’s how to pause your sport payments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sporting fixtures around the world to a halt.

As a result, we’ve heard from a number of you who are looking to pause your TV sports packages until events are back up and running.

After all, you wouldn’t pay for a cinema channel that isn’t showing any films, so why should sport be any different?

Fortunately, Sky, BT and Virgin Media are offering a way around it. Were you aware?

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How to pause Sky Sports

You can pause your Sky Sports package online and still have access to all 11 Sky Sports channels, plus your recordings.

Your payments will automatically resume once fixtures have restarted.

How to pause BT Sport

BT Sport is giving customers three options:

You can donate the cost of one month’s BT Sport to support NHS staff

⚽ You can claim one month’s credit back (it’ll be taken off your bill)

⚽ If you’ve got fibre broadband, you can sign up to a new package and get BT sport free for three months

You can visit this page to enact one of these options.

How to pause sport with Virgin Media

If you get Sky Sports and/or BT Sport via Virgin Media, you can pause your payments on Sky Sports and BT Sport online.

You’ll still be able to watch the channels you’ve paused, but won’t be charged.

Your payments will be restarted automatically and they’ll let you know when this is due to happen.

Have you paused a regular payment?

We’re keen to hear from anyone who has had trouble pausing regular payments for services that can’t be accessed or used in the same way due to the current situation.

If a service is paying regularly for can no longer be delivered due to the pandemic, would you contact your service provider, or expect them to contact you?
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Whether it’s for TV services, gym memberships or nursery services, let us know in the comments if you’ve had problems stopping a regular payment.

Alan Ritchie says:
31 March 2020

No consideration for customers switching tv phone and broadband supplier.
I switched from Virgin media to Sky when my contract ended at the end of this month (March) The new sky service was due to be installed on the 27th. I received a text message the day before informing me it has been postponed until the end of May. An Open Reach engineer did call late on Friday afternoon to connect the landline but failed to properly reconnect it. He is not returning my calls or texts. The internet is very poor and constantly buffering. I have been unable to contact Sky by phone, minimum of a 2 hour wait and no response to emails. My mobile is my only means of communication, at least I have that. Given the severity of the current crisis, surely the various companies could have come to an agreement to suspend transfer of services until the situation has improved. No doubt many households will be left without t v, phone and internet at such a critical time.

Hi Alan, Has your contract with Virgin Media already been cancelled? I would think in this circumstance if you’re unable to complete the switch you should be able to cancel your cancellation (so to speak) so that you are still left with a connection.

I would pay extra to have no sports on ordinary television, but it would not be conducive to a harmonious domestic situation.

For Sky, can you please confirm how will it be paused?

If Sky Sports is paused for 2 months, will the contract be extended by 2 months or will it be free for 2 months?

If the contract is extended by 2 months, it will then be out of sync with other services.

Mr Lock Down says:
1 April 2020

Thank you Which team for putting this together and telling people. But really, why should you need to do this! Why haven’t done this automatically for all their customers! Why o why o why o why must customers contact their supplier and BEG !

1 April 2020

I contacted Sky to cancel Sports package and it was done there and then with no notice penalty. However, when I contacted BT for the same request I had to pay for the next month, although there had been no Champions League matches on for weeks.

My business is currently closed due to social distancing. We pay £45 per month for broadband, £9.95 of it is for the line rental although we don’t use the line for phone calls. I’ve asked the provider Daisy if I can suspend my contract until we reopen. They responded that they cannot do this because it would mean sending in an engineer to stop it and then another engineer to restart it. I asked if I could just pay a standing charge but again they said no. I then asked to cancel the contract but it will cost me all the months I have left on my contract. They are getting £45 per month from my business for something I cannot use. Can they do this?

I have a contract with Sky for TV , phone and broadband that ends this week meaning the offers I had expire therefore my bill significantly increases. I understand staffing difficulties but Sky have made it impossible for me to speak to them to negotiate a new contract as they only take calls from Vulnerable customers. There is no option to do this on line and they have disabled all online messaging. This means my bill will increase without me being able to shop around for better deals as I cannot cancel the service or discuss my options. I feel Sky should freeze all contracts until they can facilitate calls.

Angela Beese says:
1 April 2020

I have tried, on 3 days in a row to pause my Sky Sports subscription using different links – the page keeps putting up a triangle with an exclamation mark and ‘there’s been a mistake please come back later’. Perhaps Sky are hoping people will forget and they can hang onto the money.

Hi Angela. Do keep trying, and try it in a different browser if you can. Some people do seem to be getting errors, but I know people who it’s worked for fine, so it’s definitely worth persevering.

Vivienne Abbott says:
3 April 2020

I had the same experience, but I kept trying and eventually it worked – no idea why!

Can anyone tell me and others if NOW TV are giving people like me credit for my sky sports pre-paid monthly payment that I have missed out on last month,this month and possibly may & june, as I thought I would see the whole football session and more by buying a long term pass up until the end of June!! I really don’t think it’s very fair if pre paid customers from NOWTV Don’t get credits for the session if or when it re-starts!!? Especially as NOWTV is owned by SKY!?

David Jones says:
3 April 2020

I’m in the same situation as yourself, but i’ve just logged in to my Now tv account and there is a facility to cancel the 12 month pass, which I have done.

Libby says:
3 April 2020

They’re very sneaky – I previously only saw the option to pause Sky Sports. I’ve just resubmitted with BT sport too but wonder whether this will be ignored. They also waited until my direct debit for April had been taken before telling me they’d pause my payments. Not impressed.

Jane Finlayson says:
3 April 2020

I pay BT for a Sky sports package. I have paused BT sport, but don’t know how to pause the Sky subscription. Can anyone help?

Lee Burman says:
3 April 2020

You have not mentioned TalkTalk. I have Sky Sports as a boost via my TalkTalk box & can add or remove boosts on a monthly basis so have simply removed the sports boost until live sports resume

I have suspended my BT Sport via my BT internet service (ie.laptop viewing). I have also done the same for my Sky Sports TV package. Does anyone know how to suspend BT Sport when provided as part of a Sky subscription?

michael says:
3 April 2020

So BT have agreed to give a months credit.Is this just one months credit or can one apply each month?If just one month the Which comment that BT is offering to suspend a service appears misleading.

Please comment.

Alan Smith says:
3 April 2020

Thank you Which for this information
The option to pause should have come from the provider directly in my case Virgin Media who provide me with sky sports and bt sport
This Is yet another example Of poor customer service and is an absolute disgrace!!
These big companies are quick enough to take your premiums

Sky haven’t been able to pause skysport package for four days now. I have been trying for 4 days now and there is always some technical problem on the site and ask to try later, But when I renewd my contract for another 18 months it happened in split a second. I think they are playing here. Anybody has problem to pause the subscription?

My parents managed to complete the form with Sky successfully, so do keep at it. You could try calling if it continues to fail, but it’s likely phone lines will still be extremely busy.

Sky are known “players” with the ratchet – easy to buy more, hard to buy less. If this happened to me I’d send an email advising I was cancelling in 2 days unless they dealt with it backdating the issue to when I first attempted to remove the sports aspect. And I’d do so – I have a very short nose where it’s been cut off to spite my face on many occasions!

Sometimes hard ball is the only way – they do jump mighty quickly when they realise a subscription is in jeopardy.

Like Ian Dugdale I have a sky contract that expires mid April. I did manage to pause sports successfully last week and an invitation on my account page to “renew”. If I thought I was renewing the same deal as I have now then I would engage another 18 month contract but it’s not clear. When you click “renew now” it only offers to renew the basic entertainment package. I cannot speak to anyone to explain and I cannot renew a contract if I don’t know what it is. As Ian says all contracts should be extended until customer service is available

I bought a Now TV 1 month Sky Sports pass for the start of the F1 season which has been indefinitely postponed. Now TV has removed access to live chat from it’s website, so no way to contact for a refund or to request a code for a new pass later in the year (which apparently was the previously the case until recently). They contented the reason for closing live chat is due to staff shortages due to Covid-19, but there would be no need to contact them if automatic extensions provided. Now TV are still sending marketing emails…

Been trying to cancel sky sports (and latterly BT, as part of pack). The only way is online -two hour wait on phones. Repeated error message and no way of contacting SKY to sort out. I’m not kidding, must have tried more than 50 times! Have tried community web and nothing has worked for us – cleared caches, tried different browsers and accounts t status is not altered.

Thanks Which? for letting me know that the fact that I am still receiving Sky Sports content doesn’t mean that pausing the subscription didn’t work! It is quite nice to relive the England cricket glories of last summer after a day of lockdown………