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Scam watch: PPI refund scam

A cold-calling scam that involves you buying Ukash vouchers is catching people unawares. Here’s how one Which? member was unfortunately caught out.

Caller to the Which? Money Helpline: I was called by a company claiming to be the OFT, saying that I was owed a PPI refund plus other monies. The caller said that there were cheques ready for dispatch.

I was never asked for bank details, but the caller told me I was entitled to a total of ¬£5,000 ‚Äď including compensation from the government because of the time it had taken to resolve the issue.

I was asked to purchase Ukash ‚Äėvouchers‚Äô to cover the cost of the cheques, so I bought two at ¬£500 each, which the caller said I could keep until the cheques had cleared.

I was asked to give both Ukash code numbers to the caller, which I did, but no cheques have arrived.

What we say on PPI refund scam

The Which? Money Helpline has received a few calls about this scam. Unfortunately, your cheques will never appear, as the Office of Fair Trading has now been closed, and did not award compensation for mis-sold PPI or any other financial matter when it did exist.

Cash transfers made through electronic vouchers are impossible to trace or recover. Ukash payments are processed when you hand over your unique code to a third party, so giving this to a cold-caller is the same as giving away the money.

Be aware that Ukash payments don’t have a credit element to them either, so unfortunately there’s no scope to reclaim the money using protection schemes such as Section 75 or chargeback.

Have you been a victim of this scam or a similar one? Do you have any tips for spotting a scam call offering a PPI refund?


IHave had calls from so called central london county court telling me i have 4,300 in PPI from halifax to be delivered to my house, all i have to do is get 215 pounds worth of itune vouchers. This defernetley is a SCAM PLEASE BE AWARE there number is 02081230501

I had the same call today from 02032393919. This is a scam

I had the same call today, they said I was owed £3750 PPI but they wanted £375 worth of ITunes vouchers ,the number was0203 868 7597

Lin says:
10 May 2018

I’ve just had the same call today, telling me I had ¬£3587.00 and to get and apple icard to the value of ¬£200.00 so called for tax. I have reported them to action fraud.

Yes that number rang me today they said a courier would call with the money

I’ve had the same calls but asking me to purchase ITune cards worth their commission
. Phone number 01172300775 “Jo” – and

David says:
13 February 2017

Same number 02032393919 with a cheque of £5500 waiting for me from Central London Count Court, to be delivered by Steve McClain, the Local Dispatch Officer. I was to purchase iTunes gift cards totalling £275.00 Total SCAM.

michelle casserley says:
29 March 2017

ROGER from CHARGE BACK CLAIMS at 02071930551 ext 80301 says will meet today with a cheqhe and cash in return we have to pay commission 320.00 on an ITunes card I have had to stop my partner from doing this TODAY why isn’t some thing being done when they have the number

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Sue Kerbey says:
29 March 2017

I have just had a call from 02071930551 telling me they had a cheque in my name re a chargeback claim. Between us my husband and I dismissed their call pretty quickly as we don’t trust anyone offering us money we don’t now about. Thank goodness we did this as when I googled the number the report here with the exact same number came up to confirm that this was indeed a scam.

chris says:
18 April 2017

I had a call today from David Rodgers wanting £380 ITune vouchers for £4.250 PPI I can have cash or cheque his telephone number is 03300270087the 2nd time in 4days. the other 1 was Christy Clark from financial claims dept, 03300271017 both for same amount but the 2nd 1 will deliver the money when I have checked it and am satisfied, then I have to call her to pay the £380 both are scams but not sure what the 2nd 1 achieves

George says:
26 April 2017

Also had David Rodgers same number also previous number given as 01214680945 on the phone after being called re PPI claim £3750 waiting to be sent to me, the same day cash or cheque, just pay 10% fee £375 via Itunes card after I had received the money and checked it, when asked for details to be sent to via post he kept on saying I was not giving any bank details so it was safe but why would I want Itunes card for £375

Peter says:
31 July 2017

Same number but now David Thomas or Henry Foster ringing my mother who has onset of Alzheimer’s trying to get her to make a payment of ¬£375 to get a payment for a PPI claim of ¬£3,750. Criminal activity preying on the vulnerable.

Had a David Thomas from Financial Conductor Charity about P.P.I. Claim rewarded £3750. Fedex driver will deliver cash and I am to pay him £375 in i-Tune cards. I have to phone him back on 0121-468-0945. The loan from Lloyds has already had P.P.I paid on it so I am smelling a rat.

Caroline COULTER says:
27 June 2017

Had a call this morning offering me £2940 for missold ppi. Someone was calling round with the cheque, and l had to buy £165 of ITUNES vouchers to pay for their fee!!!! Even told me where the nearest shop was to me to so l could go and buy them. ROBBERS!!

Vicky says:
29 June 2017

The weird thing is they new that I had applied for PPI against this one loan i had, and I had never got anything back on it. However it sounded way dodgy from the start. They had left me a voicemail so I called the number and I must have caught them off guard coz the guy said oh em can you call me back in 2 mins and Ruby will be available to take your call. They called me back immediately. Some dodgy guy will come to my door and give me a cheque and cash and ive to pay them in intune vouchers….yeah right….lol !!!!

c jones says:
14 December 2017

Also had call giving me a claim ref no. etc.- very slick and seemingly professional. I became uncomfortable when they said the cheque was for one amount and the rest was CASH. Have claimed ppi before and it was cheque including interest. Was also asked to contact RUBY So I did not ring them back.

Just me says:
5 July 2017

Exactly happen with the request to use Etune Card,

John says:
14 July 2017

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called at 1539 today by eva supposedly of FCA i am apparently owed 3750, royal mail or courier will deliver my money called at 1557 from henry forster again from financial debt of FCA EXPLAINING THAT i HAD TO PAY FOR MY DELIVERY BY I TUNES VOUCHERS. I responded that he should try annoying someone else as I was not taken in by their scam

Pat Marshall says:
18 August 2017

Had a telephone call from someone called Michael who said he was from the Claims Advisory Group, said it was a government department. Told me he wanted to send me a cheque refunding bank/building society charges. Asked me for my date of birth for verification purposes (did not give it) and the name of my bank (gave him the wrong one). I told him to send me a form which I would complete and return. He ignored this. Eventually when he realised I was not going to cooperate he told me they would send my money to a charity and rang off. I dialled 1471 – number is 01505 704222.

Claire Lewry says:
18 August 2017

Just had a call from charge back claims from jennifer then Albert telling me that in 10 mins somebody would be on my door step with chq and cash and I could pay my 10percent fee of ¬£370 in I tunes vouchers!!! When explaining to them that within 10mins they expect me to go to the local supermarket with ¬£370 that obviously I have just in my purse and by 1 voucher that you can’t actually buy as only sold in ¬£100 top value and get back in 10mins he put me on hold after 5 mins came back and said maybe you can ring me back in 1 hour when you have had time to sort this out!!!! Don’t believe I will be calling back. There number is 02071933595. Scam city!!!

Had the same call from jennifer only difference was the phone no.01172300775
It looks like phone no’s are changed all the time

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craig says:
25 August 2017

I have just had a call from 02032861930 and 02031299371 saying a man would deliver £2000 to my door at 5pm today from the county court of London reference PPI claim. however had to get £100 of I tune vouchers. They have my address and said I would not do anything until I seen the money so lets see if the man turns up at 5. Not holding my breath lol. the names are Simon Turner and Mike Posder.

jacqui says:
7 November 2017

completely ripped of today £175 in Tune vouchers Рsame PPI scam 01163184134 if you are give this number its a scam Рthey then called back look for £175 again

teresa goddard says:
16 November 2017

tel no 02032868676
this number has constantly rang for months they left a message stating that I had a cheque waiting to be dispatched for £2850.00 and I had to purchase I tune voucher for total of £175 which is apparently the commission no bank details requested. Both men spoke with very strong Asian accent but both had very English names this is definitely a scam.

Anyone heard of Pemberton associates

Just had a phone call from PPI Claims Bureau saying our claim had been agreed and that we would receive cash via Fed Ex or Royal mail today ¬£3780 and that she would have a claims advisor phone shortly. Claim advisor phoned after 10minutes (02031299094) who said the money would be delivered between 4-5 pm today but I needed to purchase itune cards to 10% of the value to give to the delivery man told them I couldn’t manage today so given the above contact number to get in touch with them when I had the cards. Luckily then did some investigating when are scams like these going to stop?

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Ghaib says:
11 December 2017

Had a call from a private number from a Mark Spencer (probably a fake name; the guy sounded foreign Рlike Indian/Philipine) telling me that he represented Hall & Henley and that I had been successful in my PPI claim for £2900-00. A freelance solicitor would visit me and give me the cash in return for a £150 iTunes card that I would have to give him as the fee. I asked for his number and he gave me 01163184134. Then he spun me a long yarn about the method of taking the payment. 100% scam. My PPI claim is with someone else. Beware.

I received a call on Friday via my mobile phone (no caller ID) and was advised that my PPI claim of August 2014 against MBNA had been filed in the County Court of London. My award was to the value of £1750 and the company wanted 10% commission. FYI I had put in a claim against MBNA probably around 2014 which makes this more convincing. The gentleman even gave a claim ref number and even a helpline number to call 0208 1444661 in the event that I had any queries. I was advised that the cheque would be delivered in person however in order for this to happen I needed to evidence that I could pay the 10% commission and that I would need to purchase PaySafe Government vouchers and then advise the company of the code from those vouchers prior to the cheque being delivered by a local office. This is to apparently to ensure that you do not give your Bank details unnecessarily. I did nothing. I have received a second call this morning reiterating the same conversation and after doing some research can only believe that this is a scan as convincing as it may sound. I asked for copies of my original application (they do not have) and also asked for an email confirmation or paper copy of my reward as evidence but they do not keep records of this on file Рyeh right. I also asked for the web address and was told they were the PPi Claim Line Ltd, unable to obtain a registered company number. Please beware!