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Scam watch: PPI refund scam

A cold-calling scam that involves you buying Ukash vouchers is catching people unawares. Here’s how one Which? member was unfortunately caught out.

Caller to the Which? Money Helpline: I was called by a company claiming to be the OFT, saying that I was owed a PPI refund plus other monies. The caller said that there were cheques ready for dispatch.

I was never asked for bank details, but the caller told me I was entitled to a total of £5,000 – including compensation from the government because of the time it had taken to resolve the issue.

I was asked to purchase Ukash ‘vouchers’ to cover the cost of the cheques, so I bought two at £500 each, which the caller said I could keep until the cheques had cleared.

I was asked to give both Ukash code numbers to the caller, which I did, but no cheques have arrived.

What we say on PPI refund scam

The Which? Money Helpline has received a few calls about this scam. Unfortunately, your cheques will never appear, as the Office of Fair Trading has now been closed, and did not award compensation for mis-sold PPI or any other financial matter when it did exist.

Cash transfers made through electronic vouchers are impossible to trace or recover. Ukash payments are processed when you hand over your unique code to a third party, so giving this to a cold-caller is the same as giving away the money.

Be aware that Ukash payments don’t have a credit element to them either, so unfortunately there’s no scope to reclaim the money using protection schemes such as Section 75 or chargeback.

Have you been a victim of this scam or a similar one? Do you have any tips for spotting a scam call offering a PPI refund?

pauline king says:
20 January 2017

IHave had calls from so called central london county court telling me i have 4,300 in PPI from halifax to be delivered to my house, all i have to do is get 215 pounds worth of itune vouchers. This defernetley is a SCAM PLEASE BE AWARE there number is 02081230501


I had the same call today from 02032393919. This is a scam

richard jamieson says:
5 April 2018

I had the same call today, they said I was owed £3750 PPI but they wanted £375 worth of ITunes vouchers ,the number was0203 868 7597

Lin says:
10 May 2018

I’ve just had the same call today, telling me I had £3587.00 and to get and apple icard to the value of £200.00 so called for tax. I have reported them to action fraud.

Paul jackson says:
2 June 2018

Yes that number rang me today they said a courier would call with the money

K Bremer says:
11 June 2018

I’ve had the same calls but asking me to purchase ITune cards worth their commission
. Phone number 01172300775 “Jo” – and

David says:
13 February 2017

Same number 02032393919 with a cheque of £5500 waiting for me from Central London Count Court, to be delivered by Steve McClain, the Local Dispatch Officer. I was to purchase iTunes gift cards totalling £275.00 Total SCAM.

michelle casserley says:
29 March 2017

ROGER from CHARGE BACK CLAIMS at 02071930551 ext 80301 says will meet today with a cheqhe and cash in return we have to pay commission 320.00 on an ITunes card I have had to stop my partner from doing this TODAY why isn’t some thing being done when they have the number


David+Michelle- “Chargeback is NOT a legally enforceable scheme and contrary to what you are told -you can DIY ! At present it is not illegal to advertise this sort of transaction , I cannot post what I really think due to legal restrictions.