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Scam warning: British Gas phishing email

A phishing email purporting to be from British Gas is fraudulently promising customers a ‘refund’ of more than £400. Have you come across it?

08/02/2022: Fake British Gas emails resurface

British Gas is warning its customers that phishing emails are once again attempting to send its customers through to fake websites:

These emails are similar to the ones we first warned about in 2019. If you’ve received one, do not follow the links. Report it to phishing@centrica.com and report@phishing.gov.uk.

With the energy price cap increasing, we may see more attempts to impersonate energy companies – please remember to stay alert for these types of scams, and help warn friends and family by sharing our warnings.

23/09/2020: Scam watch warning

This month, Which? Magazine’s scam watch column was contacted when an email claiming to be from British Gas said a customer owed £2.01 on their gas bill, urging them to click a link to log in then pay.

The email warned that if they didn’t pay within two days then they’d be referred to a debt collection agency.

This is of couse another phishing email that works in the same way as the one we covered here on Which? Conversation in September last year.

Which?’s scams writer, Faye Lipson, said:

“If you receive demands for your money or personal data, always stop and take five minutes to collect yourself.

Think about how you can verify what you’ve been told. In the case of British Gas, you can contact it via the number on your genuine utility bill”

25/09/2019: British Gas phishing email

British Gas is making its customers aware of a fake email telling its customers that they’ve ‘overpaid’.

As with similar phishing attempts we’ve been made aware of, such as this DVLA email, fraudsters are after your personal data and/or bank details.

Here’s what the fake email looks like:

The passing off of well-known and respected brands is nothing new. This year we’ve seen Bitcoin scammers impersonating Martin Lewis and the Mirror by email, while a member got in contact with our magazine to alert us of similar phishing attempts disguised as emails from the Royal Mail.

How to deal with phishing emails

We asked British Gas to comment on the email for Which? Conversation. Here’s what it told us:

“We take the issue of phishing very seriously and we take action where we identify any attempts to trick our customers.

We’ve recently become aware of an email which appears to come from ‘bills@britishgas.co.uk’ and we’ve warned customers that this is not a genuine email.

If any of our customers are concerned about a suspect phishing email they can send it as an attachment to phishing@centrica.com so we can look into it further”

We’d encourage anyone who’s seen the scam to send a screenshot to the email British Gas has provided. You can also make Action Fraud aware.

Which? News: 12 banks haven’t yet signed up to new scams protection code

If you think you’ve given a fraudster your bank details, contact your bank immediately. You should also change any passwords that may have been compromised as soon as possible.

You can view all our advice for spotting and reporting scams on our dedicated Consumer Rights site.

Are you a British Gas customer? If so, have you received this scam email?

Let us know in the comments if it’s turned up in your inbox, and help us warn as many people as possible.


26th april 2021 (bucks area) -all businesses be aware I nearly got scammed, by a scammer pretending to be from british gas. The number came up as an (0333) number very much like british gas!!
Stating our account had to ve renewed which ran out in jan-22. This information was correct.
Caller was from an asian origin (maybe a call center in india or based here in the uk), stating we had to renew our contract 365 days before, with new pricing & cheaper tariffs. If we didn’t then he will cancel our contract, and a new 3 year contract will be put in it’s place, which we can’t come out of or cancel + a penalty of £1483.00 will be taken via dd from our company account (yeah right), and our monthly tariffs will be trebbled. 🙂
He stated these are new offgem rules set as of september last year. You have till 12:30pm or we will cut your supply off. Then rang again around 3pm, stating we have till 4pm, or supply will be cut off last chance (dream on). Do not get involved in any conversation, and say I will ring ‘british gas’ myself right now & disconnect caller. They will ring back again.
He also stated a letter was sent out 2 weeks ago in the post informing us of this. No such letter when I contacted b. Gas. “Beware don’t get involved in any conversation” and make a note of the number, which I didn’t do at the time, because nearly got convinced it was a genuine call from b.Gas.
This also applies to private customers possibly, so be on your guard
Hope it helps a few people
“Scammers are getting better & better”
Nearly got me 🙂 hahaha…..

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Angeline says:
5 January 2022

I went to British Gas website and I wanted my cooker fixed, I phoned the number which starts with 0334 and spoke to a guy called Paul. He said British Gas will fix my hob at a fix price of 147 pounds, he asked me to pay the money but I said I am an old school and I want to see the job first. He politely said ok we can send you an invoice, he booked an appointment for today Wednesday, no one turned up. After speaking this Paul a number call me to ask how did British Gas do, so this is the number 01183150367. I spend 39 minutes on the phone with this Paul. Is this a scammer?

Probably not a scammer, Angeline. BG routinely calls back after a phone call with one of their staff to check on the service provided and whether or not it meets the customer’s expectations. Unfortunately, BG also has a bit of a reputation for missing or cancelling appointments without notice and blaming it on heavy pressure of emergency call-outs . . . which could possibly be genuine today in view of the turn in the weather.

Just don’t give any bank or payment details over the phone if you contact BG or ‘Paul’ again.

Rod smith says:
11 February 2022

unfortunately it is difficult ,in this email, to distinguish the scam examples from the genuine messages from which. Perhaps I am being naive and they are all scam examples.