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Who’s confused by the Olympic ticket reselling process? Me!

Got unwanted Olympic tickets? Want to have another go at buying some? Well the official Olympic ticket resale programme launched today. The question is; do you know how the process works? Our survey says ‘no’.

It’s 2012. The year of the London Olympic Games. Are you excited?

I’m not, as I don’t have any tickets (despite living a couple of tube stops from the Olympic village). Anyway, there’s good reason to put my bitterness aside – I may have a chance to buy someone else’s rejected tickets.

Confusion over Olympic reselling

If you were awarded a whole bunch of tickets for events you weren’t hugely interested in, or you’ve now decided to escape the country, you can resell them from today.

How? Through the official Olympic website, and only through this site. Ebay, or any other method of reselling, is strictly off-limits – otherwise say hello to a maximum fine of £20,000.

The official reselling programme will be open on the Olympic website until 3 February, so the race is on. But do you know how the whole process will work?

Worryingly, our survey of 1,250 Brits found that most don’t. Only 16% of those asked understood (fully or mostly) how the Olympic ticket resale will work. And of those who said they were likely to buy or sell tickets in this round, an understanding of the process was higher, but it was still a pretty lowly 34%.

Olympic site isn’t very clear

From a cursory read of the resale information page on the Olympic site, I’m not surprised people are scratching their heads over how it works. On a simple level it will go something like this: you’ll tick the tickets you want to put up for sale from your online account, and wait for someone to buy them. Simple, right?

Not quite. I’ve already picked out a contradiction on this page. When you put your tickets up for resale the site makes it clear that this ‘does not guarantee that any or all of the tickets you submit for resale will be resold’. However, it then goes on to state that ‘once you have submitted your selection of tickets for resale, your tickets will become void’.

If I’m reading this right, as soon as you put your tickets up for resale those tickets will then be void. That’s even before the tickets have been successfully re-bought, which as was said before, isn’t guaranteed.

The word ‘void’ certainly sounds final, so what happens to that unsold ticket? Apparently it will be ‘un-voided’, but the wording on the site certainly doesn’t make this clear.

So, I have two questions for you – are you going to try to buy or sell Olympic tickets? And if you are, have you got the foggiest about how the reselling process works? We’ll be busy testing the site tomorrow, selling and buying, so we’ll let you know how we get on.

Jaded says:
28 July 2012

Equestrian Dressage (Greenwich)

Masses of empty seats at the dressage event.  Strange as this event was ‘SOLD OUT’.  

Huge groups of empty seats throughout the stadium and only one or 2 people sat in the entire VIP block – guess they are all in the hospitality! 
Can’t believe this is acceptable!!!

The swimming was the same – most of the lower tier looked empty, whereas the upper (which was sold to the public) looked full and was much louder. BBC said “Locog are investigating” – they were apparently “accredited seats” (i.e. sponsors etc). Just hope they make them available to the public if they don’t want to go. Looks bad and it’s better than people missing out. Somehow it didn’t surprise me, though – just par for the course really in my experience. They get the best seats then loads don’t bother to go!

Gymnastics and Beach Volleyball also had large chunks of empty seats, tennis was patchy too. The rowing crowd looked fuller but I didn’t see close-ups to be sure. So annoying.

Charlotte says:
30 July 2012

Further to my previous comment, I can now attend the Women’s Football event tomorrow night, BUT London 2012 Ticketing have not “un-voided” my tickets! I cannot get through on the phone number to speak to an actual human. I’ve now listened to the pre-recorded messages about how busy they are before being cut off time and time again. So, it seems, Lord Coe and his cronies are much more interested in taking my money than actually getting bums on seats at these events? I’ve sent a strongly worded email to the Ticketing questions team but if this doesn’t work, does anyone recommend what I do? I can’t see my tickets will work if I actually turn up to Wembley? How do I go about getting SOMETHING for the £90 I’ve paid? Is it even legal to take my money in exchange for nothing? Help!

Nextine says:
30 July 2012

Have you solved your problem? I’m in the same situation as you. I have never received any email confirmation on if reselling has been successful and if my existing tickets are still available. What I want to do is just either to get my money back or to watch the match.I really really wanna know what I can do at the moment. My match is on coming Wed!

Charlotte says:
30 July 2012

Nope, I wish I had! I’ve been calling and calling and calling and all I am getting is the same pre recorded message and then I get cut off. I sent them some abuse via the “ask us a question” section of the ticketing site and I got through to a man in the Other Queries department who was helpful but basically he said he could do nothing but submit my query to them. This is truly, truly disgusting. My match is tomorrow. I will be attending with my probably invalid tickets and kicking up a fuss at Wembley when I get told I can’t come in. I’ve also started sending messages to Lord Coe and London 2012 on Twitter…just in case!

Nextine says:
31 July 2012

Were your tickets valid? Hope nothing happened to you today!!!

Martin says:
1 August 2012

I’ve submitted my tickets for resale. Theyve disappeared from my account. Ive had no confirmation they are sold and no confirmation they are not sold.(Theres less than 5 days to the event now) I have no idea whether to spend hours travelling to the event or not now. I’ve called the 0844 847 2012 probably 50 times over the last few days and after 2 or 3 minutes it just hangs up. Anyone know any other way to contact the ticket agents?

Rhianna says:
2 August 2012

The system is truly awful! I have been trying to put my tickets up for resale for the last 3 days and the screen just continually says ‘very busy… Please try again later’
Called the disgracefully expensive here number to be cut off a number of times before finally getting through to someone who then told me to just try again later. So after 20 odd minutes on hold they were utterly useless.
This is so ridiculous! Does anyone know if there is any other way to put the tickets up for resale? No wonder people are resorting to ebay when the site is this bad!
All those empty seats and they haven’t sorted out this process.

I believe you can sale tickets at face value to family and friends. They should take your contact number should anyone query the tickets at the venue.

Charlotte says:
3 August 2012

So I did hear back from them at midday, on the day of my event (obviously not too late!!!) only to be told that they had in fact resold my tickets. I didn’t turn up to Wembley since my tickets were definitely invalid. They sent me an email and eventually I even got an apologetic telephone call, but that’s not really good enough when it’s the day of the event and you’ve made arrangements to go. As far as I was concerned, the tickets were mine since I hadn’t been notified that they’d been sold on. I have yet to receive my refund. Incredibly disappointed with the whole system. I called the Press Office of Locog and asked for a complaints line in the end, the 08448472012 number just does not work. 08081972012 was a number I managed to get through tp speak to a person. On the first attempt they pretty much said nothing we can do, but on the second attempt a man did help me and “escalated” my issue to ticketing since it was less than 24hrs until I was due to be at Wembley! Frustrating to say the least! Let’s hope the refund appears in my account soon…

Simone Taylor says:
4 August 2012

I have no more interest in watching the gold medal match in Wembley since Brazil and England have been knocked out of the woman’s football. There are 6 days for the match it is plenty of time to post them tickets back but they don’t let me re-sell them, it has to be 7 days, I don’t know anyone who wants to go and I will lose money while people out there can’t get tickets, it’s pathetic! why can’t you take it personally to a box office for resale?

Tasha says:
5 August 2012

I have 4 tickets for football semi-final at Wembley on Tuesday 7 August which cannot be put back into the resale programme as it is less than 7 days to go – the customer services team have told me to give them to a friend or relative – at £75 each I would rather recoup at least some of my outlay. It does seem crazy that they would rather have 4 empty seats than to take the tickets back and give Japanese or South Korean fans (especially) a chance to buy these and watch their team possibly make the final……