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Surprise! You’ve just opened a Next credit account

Next account card and directory

You go onto the Next website to buy a shirt or a dress, and before you know it, you end up with a high-interest credit account that you didn’t ask for. Have you been signed up for an unwanted Next credit account?

If your card is declined when you’re shopping online, what would you guess will happen? It’s fair to expect you’ll be invited to choose another card or cancel the order, because that’s how the vast majority of shopping websites operate. But the Next website is different – and not in a good way.

Pay by card when buying on Next.co.uk, and if the card’s declined, Next will automatically set up a credit account for you and charge the order to that account.

Next account interest rate

At that point, you need to cancel the order or settle your account within a month of receiving your statement, you’ll also have to pay interest at 25.99% APR – more than most credit cards charge.

We think it’s irresponsible to set up a new credit account for a potentially vulnerable customer, as a failed card payment could mean that the customer doesn’t have enough funds in their bank account or that they’ve reached their credit card limit. And if you have a weak credit rating, opening such an account is likely going to damage it further.

Poor credit rating on the cards?

We want Next to change its website so that if your card is declined, you’re given the explicit option to choose another card or cancel the order, rather than having a credit account set up.

Next told us that the problem occurred in only 0.1% of internet orders it received, but said it is already working on a fix and it should be corrected shortly. We’ll be checking back to make sure that Next follows through on this promise.

It’s good that Next has recognised the problem, but it begs the question: why was this unfair and counter-intuitive system in place to begin with?

Have you encountered issues when paying for goods on the Next website? Have you been signed up for an unwanted Next credit account? Were you able to pay it off before being hit by the interest?


A Next directory, addressed to my wife, arrived just before Xmas 2014.

It was sent to a property currently being built, which has never been occupied. Only a handful of people know my wife’s name and the proposed new address. While contracts have been exchanged, completion has not taken place. The only people with this information are the developers, solicitors, and Post Office (via a mail redirection order) and a few friends.

How, or from whom, did Next get the details? Can anyone help please?


Have you, your wife or anyone close, ever had any contact with Next, either online or in a store?

Perhaps someone better qualified than I could advise you.

Have you tried asking Next why they sent the Directory and who is paying the subscription for it?

Sorry Sid this reply is so late. Too much to do, and the older I get, the longer it takes to do things!!

Culprit in this case was Royal Mail – via a re-direction order. Need to be more vigilant when filling in forms online. Should be auto opt out.

To be fair to Next, they responded promptly and responsibly

paulduddy says:
4 April 2015

Want to get a next card

elizabeth martin says:
11 April 2015

i woud like to open a next account

Jessica Murray says:
15 April 2015

I have just received an email from Next regarding ‘changes to my credit account’ I am only 20 had no memory of shopping on Next online, never received the directory and to my knowledge have never had any kind of credit so I was pretty shocked/confused by this. Upon logging in with my email and clicking forgotten password I found I had ordered a bikini in 2013 which was paid for in full by a voucher and I had £300 available credit! I have immediately contacted Next to cancel this account but I find it shocking I have had this account open for 2 years with zero contact from Next, I wouldn’t of read the terms and conditions (who really does when buying clothes online!) but I am surprised I was never sent anything in the post or email confirming a credit account.

As I was accepted for this credit and have never used it and now cancelled, I’m hoping this will not adversely effect my credit score as within the next year or two I will hopefully be applying to mortgages!

Keith Neill says:
16 April 2015

Just run into this problem too. Never wanted or used a credit account (why on earth would I want credit to buy from a tinpot little clothes shop!), but bought a couple of things from them online a year or so back.

This morning received a “Notice of Variation” for my credit agreement with them! To add insult to injury when I logged on to my account to see what the hell was going on I found that they were in the process of charging me £3.75 for their catalogue – the one which had arrived unsolicited a couple of months back and went straight into the bin!!

Awaiting a letter from their finance department now confirming there is nothing adverse on my credit history as a result of their actions before I decide what further action to take. I certainly will never darken the doorway of any of their stores again.

A friend sent me a gift from Next, and the next thing I know I start to receive the Next Directory which I do not want, and certainly didn’t sign up to receive (how could I when I did not place the order myself)? Surely Next are not permitted under data protection regulations to add me to a marketing database just because someone has provided my address for a delivery?

Susan Boorer says:
15 August 2017

For some reason I cannot sign in to my Next account to pay my bill online. Is anyone else having difficulty?

I was issued the next card without any request. It is now marked settled on my credit report and has led to a drop in my credit rating. I am really angry with NEXT!