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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

2013 sign on door

The presents are unwrapped; the turkey sandwiches are getting monotonous and New Year’s eve is a happy, if hazy, memory. So what resolutions have you promised to abide by in 2013?

We did a quick poll of our members and found just 40% planned to make a New Year’s resolution in 2013.

Doing more exercise came in as the most popular commitment, closely followed by losing weight and eating more healthily. In fourth position was starting a new hobby and, last but not least, learning a new skill.

Taking control of my finances

As for me? I’m gearing up for better budgeting in 2013. I want to keep track of what comes in and what comes out each month – and furthermore be a bit more careful with what I spend.

The findings of our most recent Christmas finance research suggests that more than half of us (54%) are expecting our household budgets to be even tighter in 2013. So I imagine I won’t be alone in trying to get my finances in order for the New Year.

One of the biggest expenses of course is running a house. I’ve done a few things to cut back this year, but I’m always looking for other ways to save. I took part in The Big Switch in the early part of 2012 which gave me a competitive energy bill, and I’ve saved a couple of hundred of pounds by getting on a water meter.

Impulsive purchase

So where am I spending too much? For me, I think it’s the impulsive decision purchases when the marketing tricks get the better of me. It’s the special offers in the supermarket that never quite turn out to be such a good deal, and the sale bargain clothes that languish unloved in the back of the cupboard.

In our latest quarterly consumer report, you told us you’re cutting back on entertainment and socialising, clothing and big ticket households. So is there room for any further ‘squeeze’ in 2013?

Gym contract versus the great outdoors

Last year’s mistake was joining the gym. In January I was there twice-a-week, but by Easter I found myself having to consult a map to find it again.

So this year I’m going to stop and think twice before I buy something or get locked into a contract. I’ll ask myself ‘do I need this item’, ‘will I use it again’ or in the case of the gym, ‘could I just go for a nice bike ride or a run in the great outdoors’?

What are your resolutions for the year ahead – or have you resolved to not make any promises?


To become far more active in getting rid of this appalling “government” as I don’t like seeing riots on our streets.

Interestingly, I spotted today from the Money Advice Service that around 16 million adults in the UK are not likely to set a regular budget this year.

While we don’t have a strict budget, we do know what we have to spend each month on bills and saving and put aside enough to cover, plus some for food. And we review our spending regularly to check we’re putting enough aside.

Occasionally we have to dip into savings for things, but that’s the point, as we hive off any surplus into our savings accounts to get a better interest rate. It’s a waste of time leaving it in our current accounts, especially as now they don’t give any interest.

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