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Nationwide card glitches take customers by surprise

Today Nationwide customers have been experiencing payment problems, with cards being declined. Have you been hit by a banking IT glitch that left you unable to pay?

Nationwide is all a flutter on Twitter, telling their customers that ‘some people are experiencing problems with our internet bank. We are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience’.

We were alerted to Nationwide’s problems by Which? Convo regular Lee Beaumont, who’s had to cancel an appointment his dog had at the vets due to his inability to pay. He’s one of many, with Lee Adach telling us:

Jon’s had troubles too, but gives credit to Nationwide’s call centre:

A whole host of bank glitches

Stories about people being unable to take out cash, use their cards, or access online accounts are becoming all too common.

In January the Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and TSB were affected by IT failures. And late last year, NatWest and RBS’ systems failed twice, once on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Why does this sort of thing keep happening? We’ve contacted Nationwide to see what has caused these problems today and are waiting for a response. Previously, bank chiefs and commentators have pointed to chronic under-investment in banks’ IT systems over the years, but in a way it doesn’t matter, because what’s more important to ask is: what are banks doing to prevent this happening in the future?

So far, the IT issues have been regarded as glitches. But banks must act to deal with fast-paced technological advancements, or there’s a good chance we won’t be talking about the odd glitch, but a major meltdown.

Have you been affected by Nationwide’s banking glitch today?

[UPDATE 6PM 21/02/2014] – Nationwide has given us the following comment:

‘For a limited period this afternoon, some of our customers experienced problems making card payments. This matter has now been resolved and the card payment process is working normally. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Internet banking, cash machines and transactions in branch have not been affected.’

PhilT says:
31 January 2020

1.30pm 31 January and Nationwide Faster payments has been down again all morning – they can’t tell me whether it’s just them or when it will be back and I stand to lose a car I have sent a deposit for over Faster Payments!

Payments are being made but are in a queue. Presumably if you inform the car seller that your deposit is in this queue they will understand. I have never had a problem with N/W. This seems a rare occurrence.
The number of bank outages:
Figures relate to the 12 months between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 (figures in brackets for the 3 months between 1 April and 30 June 2019)

Barclays 33 (4)
NatWest 25 (7)
Lloyds Bank 23 (2)
RBS 22 (7)
Santander 21 (4)
Bank of Scotland/Halifax 19 (2)
HSBC 14 (5)
TSB 12 (1)
Metro Bank 8 (3)
Co-operative Bank 7 (1)
Virgin Money 5 (3)
Nationwide 5 (0)

According to the Nationwide website: “All incoming and outgoing payments are delayed at the moment”.

crystalash says:
3 April 2020

They just said it has been resolved. But not for me apparently.

This page indicates if there is a known problem: https://www.nationwide.co.uk/support/ways-to-bank/service-availability

I suggest you contact the company or try using a different computer.

S McIntosh says:
31 January 2020

31/01/20 Have made a transfer from NW to current account with Bank to pay Self Assessment. It eventually left NW account but 6 hours later has not arrived at bank. Went to local branch and they though it was all rather lovely, telling me brightly how lots of people have been affected and that payments were being processed ‘manually’. it would definitely arrive by midnight and to keep monitoring. I thought that was rather lovely of them too to be so calm in the face of my crisis…………..

Robert says:
20 February 2020

my card is still being declined

Kevin says:
10 March 2020

I’ve just tried to make an on-line purchase with my Nationwide card but the one time passcode was not accepted. The same passcode was repeatedly sent each time it failed. This 10pm Tuesday 10th march 2020.

My money has gone AWOL! I transferred Funds from my Metro Bank a/c to my long-standing NWide a/c. Great all there and available.
I then xferred half of those funds into the Online Savings a/c. Later I xferred from the Savings a/c to the Current A/c. Those transfers are not being shown as a Credit. The money has simply vanished. When i deduct all the Paid items from my Current A/c approximately £4000.00 has disappeared between the Online Savings a/c and my Current A/c. Please help. Very distraught!!!

Hi Afzal, I hope your payments turn up in due course. If Nationwide are still having IT problems, then it may take a bit longer than you expect.

I don’t use Nationwide myself. For the banks I use, I seem to find that online internal transfers occur immediately, but transfers between banks sometimes take a day or two.

Have you contacted Nationwide to report your problems? If so, what did they say?

Afzal – As Derek says, you must contact Nationwide as a matter of urgency. Did
you print out and keep a copy of the transfer confirmation statement? If so, double check that the account details are shown correctly so that there is evidence that your instructions for the transfer were for the correct account destination.

I hope that Afzal’s account now shows the money that went missing.

I often do screen captures when placing online orders and delete them when confirmation arrives by email. I’ve not done this when simply moving money between bank accounts, but it might not be a bad idea.

Donna says:
19 April 2020

MY card is a flex basic I cannot use my card for online shopping ect. Anyone e else having this problem? I’ve been in a queue for online shopping for 2weweeks now, I finally get a slot, and boom! I lost it!!!