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Nationwide card glitches take customers by surprise

Today Nationwide customers have been experiencing payment problems, with cards being declined. Have you been hit by a banking IT glitch that left you unable to pay?

Nationwide is all a flutter on Twitter, telling their customers that ‘some people are experiencing problems with our internet bank. We are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience’.

We were alerted to Nationwide’s problems by Which? Convo regular Lee Beaumont, who’s had to cancel an appointment his dog had at the vets due to his inability to pay. He’s one of many, with Lee Adach telling us:

Jon’s had troubles too, but gives credit to Nationwide’s call centre:

A whole host of bank glitches

Stories about people being unable to take out cash, use their cards, or access online accounts are becoming all too common.

In January the Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and TSB were affected by IT failures. And late last year, NatWest and RBS’ systems failed twice, once on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Why does this sort of thing keep happening? We’ve contacted Nationwide to see what has caused these problems today and are waiting for a response. Previously, bank chiefs and commentators have pointed to chronic under-investment in banks’ IT systems over the years, but in a way it doesn’t matter, because what’s more important to ask is: what are banks doing to prevent this happening in the future?

So far, the IT issues have been regarded as glitches. But banks must act to deal with fast-paced technological advancements, or there’s a good chance we won’t be talking about the odd glitch, but a major meltdown.

Have you been affected by Nationwide’s banking glitch today?

[UPDATE 6PM 21/02/2014] – Nationwide has given us the following comment:

‘For a limited period this afternoon, some of our customers experienced problems making card payments. This matter has now been resolved and the card payment process is working normally. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Internet banking, cash machines and transactions in branch have not been affected.’


I have been very smug in the past when banks systems have gone down. Bragging about how the Nationwide has never been down for me.

Then today, it all goes down, I never have cash on me as I always pay for everything on my card (i find it easy to track how much I am spending that way), and never had any problems before. Till this.

The bank has already called me and said sorry and all that stuff. But it means nothing. I needed to pay for the vets today and I couldn’t. The Nationwide are calling me again on Monday from 1st level complaints so we will see what they say.

Just to update:

I have now had a call back from Nationwide 1st level complaints, they offered £25 goodwill (£15 vets cancellation fee & £10 to say sorry). I refused this £25 and asked for a dead-lock letter as I was happy to take it to the ombudsman. The chap put me on hold, came back and offered £50, I agreed with this as £50 for the stress from Friday does make up for it and the payment will be in my bank within the next 2 working days.

Our desire for personal compensation seems to me to have got out of hand when we feel entitled to money whenever something goes wrong – however trivial. Stress – life is full of stressful moments that we all cope with. Consequential loss – perhaps fair to accept £10 recompense. Having no other means of payment? That’s a personal decision. I would expect a trader to have been understanding under the circumstances and accept payment later. Incidentally, just for clarification – you had an appointment with the vet, but did you have to pay before treatment?
By the way, that’s £50 from my bank.

The vets for Bella’s boosters was at 4.00pm, but when it got to the point that Nationwide systems went down and I could not pay i needed to phone the vets to cancel and re-arrange, Then I also needed to-do the same with the Pet Taxi.

The vets charged a £15 cancellation as it was within 24hours but the pet taxi was fine, they understood.

As for pushing for a little bit more money my bank charged £15 each time I miss a DD or something like that. So things like this make me feel like I am getting my own-back.

I’m known for sticking 2 fingers up at big companies who try and rip us off (energy/banks etc) so it’s no surprise I pushed for that little bit more lol

Internet banking, cash machines and branch transactions seem to have been unaffected. Perhaps in future you might consider a back-up plan? :-).
I do not believe in a retaliatory culture in the case of a genuine short-term glitch. It was easier for the bank to buy you off, under your threat – I don’t think that is healthy.
When you miss a direct debit through, presumably, lack of funds, then you are trying to take money from the bank that you do not have – and the bank may not be sure that it will be repayed. If you are a good credit risk then arrange an overdraft facility to cover this eventuality. I have taken issue with Which?’s stance on unauthorised overdrafts – they seem to imply they are a legitimate way of dealing with a lender. I don’t.

No, you miss understand. I always keep a balance of £1,000 in my Nationwide account at any one time (which – do not worry about me posting this as I have been open about this on tv and twitter too).

The Nationwide sometimes will bounce a DD for some reason, even tho money is in the account, i will then need to tweet the bank, get them to call me, then be on hold while they fix the problem and refund the £15. I do not charge them for wasting 30mins of my time, i could, but don’t. then when things like Friday happen it’s a perfect chance to get my own back.

Then if Nationwide make a mistake of that kind, you have a right to redress. Have you asked them why? I have never had a direct debit go wrong. My long experience with Nationwide has been very good.

The bank just say that will get it fixed. But never do.

I must point out tho, I have been with the nationwide since June of last year and apart from little problems like the DD’s I am happy here. The online banking is amazing, they have a 017 number instead of a rip-off 08 one.

I have only been into branch once, last month, I needed to pay in a check that was in a wrong name so was not able to-do it via post like normal. The staff was helpful. They even gave Bella a bowl on water to drink & let me bring her inside with me.

Yes there is problems, like any other big companies, they give me problems and I get my own back. That’s just who I am 🙂

Just to update some more: Nationwide is having more problems, but not with Visa this time. https://twitter.com/NewtBeaumont/status/438274675617955840

J an says:
18 March 2016

I can’t use my Nationwide flex card at any ATM I can shop in stores with my card every time I use an ATM message comes up that card is not recognized or not compatible with this ATM I had trouble using Nationwide’s ATM ,card wouldn’t go in at first tried again and it worked. Put in a complaint they have handed it over to their IT department driving my nuts has anyone had this problem recently

Having previously worked at nationwide then it was only a matter of time some significant was going to happen as there are numerous issues due to lack of investment in the core infrastructure over many years.

L Hobley says:
26 June 2019

Lynda J says my account was unaffected up to yesterday but this morning can’t get into online banking .. so this ‘glitch’ doesn’t seem to be diminishing but increasing – extremely frustrating and I think Nationwide (&other banks) should put a more comprehensive statement on their website other than ‘we can’t access any of your accounts at present’!

I’ve never had a problem paying with my Nationwide credit card and used it today to pay for my weekly shop and diesel without any trouble.

I do wonder whether some large financial institutions that are attacked by online criminals try to keep quiet about it to avoid worrying their customers.

We all see occasions when a website is down for a while – the National Lottery is one example.
Are there are any technical people out there with insider knowledge on this who can provide some feedback?

Ria Oldroyd says:
4 November 2017

I have been trying to contact Nationwide on hold first for 25minutes my mobile died second time by house phone 65minutes and then cut off by them because told there were difficulties. I could not access my bank account could not pay the garage I must go back to pay tomorrow. I do not do internet banking so how do pensioners set in their way through choice get in touch with their bank and their money ?

Ria have you tried your local post office ? I put that to mine and they said I could use my debit card with them.As regards Nationwide while a few like it many on Trustpilot hate it -unhelpful-never in debt -with them 30 years asked for small loan -rejected and a whole lot more one stars out of five – communications problems with them .

It is definitely now prudent to carry more than one type of credit and/or debit card around even when near home.

When was the last time Nationwide had a glitch like this? I can’t remember. Nothing in this world is perfect (except, perhaps, the consumer). So protect yourself against possible problems. I would never rely on one card and no other means of payment, although I would expect the seller to be sympathetic.


Maybe it has something to do with all the banks being insolvent.
Maybe it has more to do with this than computer glitches.

If the FCA are likely to issue an enforcement investigation into the incident. I suggest someone gets them to do it sooner rather than later. As based on the failings of other banks and the FCA we could still be waiting to hear the reasons why in 2016. Which is just not good enough.

Most people seemed to have coped with this problem without having a melt-down. Computers do sometimes misbehave – I am guessing this might be the cause. Websites are temporarily unavailable. Why do we need an investigation? If Nationwide have badly treated those affected, then maybe. But if Nationwide have dealt fairly with customers who genuinely made a loss because of the problem then why waste time on a witch hunt. Let’s move on.

My main concern here is that the Lloyds banking group have had 4 or 5 failures in the last 2 years and we’re still waiting for an official explanation to be published. And trust me, the techies at Lloyds will have known the cause within a couple of hours, certainly not a couple of YEARS.

Yes this might have only been a minor failure but its the second in as many weeks. How many more will you except before you get concerned about our banking infrastructure. Banks are quick enough to slap you with fees when you go 50p overdrawn, surely 50p to a bank is very minor, yet they’re don’t seem to think so.

The reason these computers systems fail will probably be because the people running them are adding to systems that weren’t designed to run like that without modifying the underlying design to cope. I suspect that’s why the Lloyds banking group haven’t published their own findings and as long as the FCA drags its heels they never will and neither will Nationwide. Have you ever played with lego ? Yes you can keep adding to a pile and you get a very big pile but if you don’t go back and firm up the foundations you can topple it over very easily and in many cases without even trying to.

The benefit of having the FCA investigate even this minor failing is its likely to focus the minds of so called management and hopefully reduce the chances of a repeat so soon.

And guess what …

We’re hearing reports that NatWest/RBS and Barclays customers are having trouble using their apps.

And yet still no report from the FCA about the 2012, 2013& 2014 failings. Now many more times will banks cheapness be felt in failing systems before the FCA actually do something.

And guess what, Nationwide’s online/mobile banking and Faster Payments systems are down AGAIN.

I would how much longer before the FCA report or are they even bothered by these failings.

I have not experienced ANY issues with the Nationwide banking website or cards, and in fact think their website is the best designed and most user-intuitive I have ever used. Fingers crossed – hope I have not tempted fate!

I endorse that. I have never had a problem with Nationwide systems in probably over forty years of service [including with its predecessor Anglia B.S.]. Perhaps I have been lucky in not being affected by the February 2014 glitch or the recent outage. If only everything else was so reliable. Obviously, the closer people stand to the edge of the financial precipice, or – as another recent Conversation exemplifies – play one account off against another with intra-day money movements, the more critical any system downtime is.

Steve, neither have I. I use online banking regularly with never a problem. However, individual experiences don’t show whether a general problem exists or not. We need to know whether a large number of customers were affected and for how long. I wonder whether banks have to report this information and whether Which can access it?

According to the Nationwide’s service availability page, everything is now working.

The Nationwide has been down for 12 hours 17mins so far today.

Gosh. That’s nearly long enough to make contingency plans for when it next happens. 🙂

Seriously, I think we have to accept that online services can fail for various reasons at any time and point fingers at the worst offenders.

It went down at 12.01am, should of been back by 10am, then 12am, now its “ongoing” so the Twitter team say. I have searched AskNationwide on Twitter and this poor man was in a shop and his Visa didn’t work so the police got called as he could not pay.

I go to shops armed with a credit card, a debit card and some cash, and that’s always done the job. If not I could phone someone who could help. But shops need to have contingency plans too and calling the police seems a bit extreme.

If banks cause serious inconvenience or expense I believe they will compensate customers on a case by case basis but I do hope my bank won’t do this for trivial cases where a little planning could have avoided a problem.

Yep, I always have my back-up Halifax card just in-case as the Nationwide seem to be going down every 2-3 weeks at the moment.

Oh and we are now just hitting hour 13.

If it is happening regularly then I agree that there is a case to point fingers. But there’s no need to take pleasure out of a company having problems – except Tesco, Microsoft, Apple and Tesco, of course. 😉

Hahaha,Taking pleasure out of big companies failing (especially banks & energy companies) is what I do for a living hahah

For what purpose?


As most of you know since late last year I do little bits of TV & Radio work. When a company (mainly bank or energy company) have problem OR they have job cuts or something like that I speak about it on local radio.

So really, when they have problems I get work haha. But joking aside I do have other jobs too.

I have just tried to logon but got a message that Nationwide are carrying out maintenance.

It may be worth popping in to the local Nationwide premises tomorrow to see what the staff there have to say about this, although the chances are that a staff briefing will have been issued on what to say to customers. The only way to ascertain the truth about what’s behind this will be if someone has a close friend or relation working within Nationwide who knows what is going on and is prepared to divulge the information. Any offers?

I do wonder about the potential for hackers to be trying to break through the Nationwide firewall and that of the other financial institutions?

Nationwide display a service status page which shows what they are doing (carrying out improvements) and the times between which they expect the service to be suspended – currently until 13:30 today.

Yes Malcolm, it was 10am, then 12pm, then 1pm, now 1.30pm so it should be done this time.

Perhaps we have all become too used to being able to do banking on a Sunday. I did want to do a bit of financial management this morning but it will have to wait now. I don’t log on to internet banking frequently enought to see whether there is an advance announcement of scheduled maintenance.

There was a prior warning of scheduled maintenance but that should have taken place overnight when most of us would be asleep. If the changes go badly wrong then this is what can happen.
Perhaps the CEO of Nationwide should repay some of his huge bonus, to put towards improvements in their online banking system!

The time has been changed again, this time 3.30pm. So this means I total downtime of 15 hours & 30mins (if everything comes back online at 3.30pm that is)

3.30pm been and gone, they say 5pm now “will provide a further update at 17:00.”

I don’t need Internet banking now – the only time it would matter would be if I leave paying off my credit card bill until the last possible moment, in which case I would have to ring Nationwide to pay my bill if this issue arose, however I usually pay it a few days before crunch time, so have never had a problem.

Not just the online bank Steve, the ATM’s are down too. Total downtime 19 hours so far.

I’m trying to think positive on this – how about if we can’t spend on our credit/debit cards, we keep our dosh in our account for a rainy day?

Back to my earlier comment – I do wonder about the potential for hackers to be trying to break through the Nationwide firewall and that of the other financial institutions? Maybe we should be pleased that Nationwide are protecting our money.

It all seems to be working now – at least I can log in. According to the notice I saw ATMs were not affected. Was that not so?
No one is perfect – not even customers. I expect Nationwide had reasons why it took longer than expected. I do hope nobody makes claims for compensation from Nationwide – as a member it would be my money they would be getting and I wouldn’t take kindly to that!

That what is upsetting people, the lies, the ATM’s have been down all day, 1000’s of tweets all saying this and the best the Nationwide can do is say “Have you tried just Nationwide ATM’s? Liam” but they are not admitted that ATM’s are not working.

As for goodwill payments, they have taken 100’s of complaints and seeing as we all got £50 last time (and that was only half a day) I can see us getting £75 this time as it’s been 19+ hours.

The more goodwill payments they make the better, they need to understand they can’t keep doing this to us.

Oh and this is what a spokeswomen told the BBC “She said the maintenance should have finished on Sunday morning but did not know why systems were not back online.” so in other words they have no idea whats gone wrong. They should get better staff if you ask me.

Are you suggesting every customer gets recompense? All could claim to have been unable to make a transaction. Or perhaps it is easier for Nationwide to give in and pay the vocalists off? Seems to me if someone can prove they have suffered financial loss because they have been unable to make a transaction, then depending upon N/W terms and conditions they may be entitled to some recompense, but not just on principle. It’s our money they will be getting, not money from some anonymous source.

I know your feelings on goodwill payments Malcolm so I will not comment to you about that as I don’t want things to get heated.

I believe everyone who has been hit today should get a goodwill payment. But you don’t, I understand your feelings but I will leave it there 🙂

Where a Nationwide customer has suffered financial loss that was caused directly by an unforeseeable lack of service then there may be a case for compensation.
“2.2 You can use our Internet Banking service 24 hours a day. Occasionally you may not be able to use the service for example when we carry out maintenance or updates. In circumstances where we know access to the Internet Bank may be interrupted we will do our best to notify you in advance.” In this case it is wise to arrange your affairs to avoid this downtime.
Some have complained in the past about Nationwide’s lack of service. If, knowing this, they stayed with them then they really cannot complain; it is much easier now to transfer an account to a bank that may be perceived as more reliable.

“we will do our best to notify you in advance” sounds like they failed to follow even this simple clause.

How many times did they end up moving the end of maintenance time ? Was it 5 or 6? And I bet they waited til the end of the previous time before updating it too.

It was 10.00am, then 12pm, then 1.00pm, 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 5.00pm then they stopped giving times. The funny thing is the CEO started to reply to tweets on his own account ONLY after the BBC run the story. It’s been a total joke today William.

I personally suspect that the reason for the “problems” will be rather embarrassing to Nationwide which is why the representative stated “but did not know why systems were not back online” as it will lose them less face acting dumb than admitting actual the cause.

nicholas bilaczenko says:
15 August 2014

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Given the squillions of pounds that are transferred every day between accounts it’s amazing that so few outages occur. I suspect the Nationwide problem was caused by over-running system maintenance rather than flawed technology or software. It has been running very reliably for years and providing efficient service. However, Nationwide has been successful in attracting more customers and more business [away from other banks] so perhaps they reached a capacity crunch. Anyway, it was back in service fairly soon and well before the end of trading. Some people who might have been trying to transfer funds to meet the 14:00 hrs direct debit deadline could have had a problem but I expect Nationwide ensured they did not lose by it. These issues sometimes get blown up out of all proportion; I’m just grateful we’re not still stuck in the past when the only way you could do any banking was between 09:30 and 15:00 on Mondays to Fridays, in person, at your own branch and it took seven working days for anything to materialise.

Nicholas Bilaczenko says:
9 January 2015

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Bernard Beatty says:
19 March 2015

I have not been able to log in to internet banking at all this morning. But the official website seems to say that there is no problem with internet banking.

neal murdoch says:
4 May 2015

I’ve just phoned Nationwide. Apparantly my card number was among a whole bunch that were on a database that’s been hacked so they’ve taken away the use of the cards for any functions that require just the card number (online transactions basically. And a new card will be on its way to me. Don’t know if this is the answer for all the other problems but there we are