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Nationwide card glitches take customers by surprise

Today Nationwide customers have been experiencing payment problems, with cards being declined. Have you been hit by a banking IT glitch that left you unable to pay?

Nationwide is all a flutter on Twitter, telling their customers that ‘some people are experiencing problems with our internet bank. We are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience’.

We were alerted to Nationwide’s problems by Which? Convo regular Lee Beaumont, who’s had to cancel an appointment his dog had at the vets due to his inability to pay. He’s one of many, with Lee Adach telling us:

Jon’s had troubles too, but gives credit to Nationwide’s call centre:

A whole host of bank glitches

Stories about people being unable to take out cash, use their cards, or access online accounts are becoming all too common.

In January the Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and TSB were affected by IT failures. And late last year, NatWest and RBS’ systems failed twice, once on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Why does this sort of thing keep happening? We’ve contacted Nationwide to see what has caused these problems today and are waiting for a response. Previously, bank chiefs and commentators have pointed to chronic under-investment in banks’ IT systems over the years, but in a way it doesn’t matter, because what’s more important to ask is: what are banks doing to prevent this happening in the future?

So far, the IT issues have been regarded as glitches. But banks must act to deal with fast-paced technological advancements, or there’s a good chance we won’t be talking about the odd glitch, but a major meltdown.

Have you been affected by Nationwide’s banking glitch today?

[UPDATE 6PM 21/02/2014] – Nationwide has given us the following comment:

‘For a limited period this afternoon, some of our customers experienced problems making card payments. This matter has now been resolved and the card payment process is working normally. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Internet banking, cash machines and transactions in branch have not been affected.’


I have been very smug in the past when banks systems have gone down. Bragging about how the Nationwide has never been down for me.

Then today, it all goes down, I never have cash on me as I always pay for everything on my card (i find it easy to track how much I am spending that way), and never had any problems before. Till this.

The bank has already called me and said sorry and all that stuff. But it means nothing. I needed to pay for the vets today and I couldn’t. The Nationwide are calling me again on Monday from 1st level complaints so we will see what they say.


Just to update:

I have now had a call back from Nationwide 1st level complaints, they offered £25 goodwill (£15 vets cancellation fee & £10 to say sorry). I refused this £25 and asked for a dead-lock letter as I was happy to take it to the ombudsman. The chap put me on hold, came back and offered £50, I agreed with this as £50 for the stress from Friday does make up for it and the payment will be in my bank within the next 2 working days.


Our desire for personal compensation seems to me to have got out of hand when we feel entitled to money whenever something goes wrong – however trivial. Stress – life is full of stressful moments that we all cope with. Consequential loss – perhaps fair to accept £10 recompense. Having no other means of payment? That’s a personal decision. I would expect a trader to have been understanding under the circumstances and accept payment later. Incidentally, just for clarification – you had an appointment with the vet, but did you have to pay before treatment?
By the way, that’s £50 from my bank.


The vets for Bella’s boosters was at 4.00pm, but when it got to the point that Nationwide systems went down and I could not pay i needed to phone the vets to cancel and re-arrange, Then I also needed to-do the same with the Pet Taxi.

The vets charged a £15 cancellation as it was within 24hours but the pet taxi was fine, they understood.

As for pushing for a little bit more money my bank charged £15 each time I miss a DD or something like that. So things like this make me feel like I am getting my own-back.

I’m known for sticking 2 fingers up at big companies who try and rip us off (energy/banks etc) so it’s no surprise I pushed for that little bit more lol


Internet banking, cash machines and branch transactions seem to have been unaffected. Perhaps in future you might consider a back-up plan? :-).
I do not believe in a retaliatory culture in the case of a genuine short-term glitch. It was easier for the bank to buy you off, under your threat – I don’t think that is healthy.
When you miss a direct debit through, presumably, lack of funds, then you are trying to take money from the bank that you do not have – and the bank may not be sure that it will be repayed. If you are a good credit risk then arrange an overdraft facility to cover this eventuality. I have taken issue with Which?’s stance on unauthorised overdrafts – they seem to imply they are a legitimate way of dealing with a lender. I don’t.


No, you miss understand. I always keep a balance of £1,000 in my Nationwide account at any one time (which – do not worry about me posting this as I have been open about this on tv and twitter too).

The Nationwide sometimes will bounce a DD for some reason, even tho money is in the account, i will then need to tweet the bank, get them to call me, then be on hold while they fix the problem and refund the £15. I do not charge them for wasting 30mins of my time, i could, but don’t. then when things like Friday happen it’s a perfect chance to get my own back.


Then if Nationwide make a mistake of that kind, you have a right to redress. Have you asked them why? I have never had a direct debit go wrong. My long experience with Nationwide has been very good.


The bank just say that will get it fixed. But never do.

I must point out tho, I have been with the nationwide since June of last year and apart from little problems like the DD’s I am happy here. The online banking is amazing, they have a 017 number instead of a rip-off 08 one.

I have only been into branch once, last month, I needed to pay in a check that was in a wrong name so was not able to-do it via post like normal. The staff was helpful. They even gave Bella a bowl on water to drink & let me bring her inside with me.

Yes there is problems, like any other big companies, they give me problems and I get my own back. That’s just who I am 🙂


Just to update some more: Nationwide is having more problems, but not with Visa th