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Can you really earn extra cash using an app?

money-making apps

We all have that one friend who’s hooked on Candy Crush or Angry Birds, but apps can certainly do a lot more than keep you entertained on public transport – they can make you extra money, too.

As technology advances, the capability of apps continues to astound me. Fancy carrying millions of music tracks wherever you go, or projecting what you’ll look like when you’re older? There’s an app for that!

But what about apps that claim to make you extra money for free: do they actually work?

Moneymaking apps

There’s a diverse range of free apps out there that will pay you for using them. I’ve tested eight such apps over the past month, attempting to earn rewards by scanning receipts, performing vox pops and filling out surveys, among other tasks.

I paid nothing to download them to my smartphone and earned points – which can be exchanged for prizes – with each of them.

In order to accurately test which apps can make you meaningful money without eating up too much time, I tested each of them for no more than 10 minutes a day.

After a month, I’d earned £37.75 worth of points with Job Spotter and £12.50 with Roamler, but not enough points to cash out with several others.

Some of these lesser-paying apps were an absolute slog to use, too. Not all moneymaking apps are created equal, it seems.

Smartphone sideline

Of course, you could make a much better side income from most of the ones I tested if you’re willing to put the time in.

In fact, there are plenty of others apps, such as Uber, TaskRabbit and even Instagram, that thousands of people are making a career out of using.

As with most things in life, the more effort you put in, the more you get out.

Have you had any success with apps that claim to make you extra money for free? Or do you know anyone who regularly earns cash with one?


I dont suppose you have wondered why you are getting something for nothing or even getting paid for it –no ? There is an answer and it isnt- how altruistic the company is , how humanitarian , how wonderful is the business world (not ) . Thats right there is a pay-off just the same as if you borrow money from the mafia— and forget to pay back the 1000 % interest. You will now find your smart-phone is very busy –tracking you and sending info back to source including your location -Foursquare-Facebook -Google even when switched off . Androids “Brightest Flash ” (Google Play Store) fined by the FTC for lying to users about how it collects data which it sold to advertisers (to target YOU ) iPhone users should turn off -Location Services but passive tracking occurs even when turned off using your router wi-fi. Android users are not so lucky, turning the apps off from tracking you has been made harder by Google in an update ( what else ! ) I have a long list of apps that track you if anybody is interested . The one that does interest Americans is the one that tracks your boyfriend/girlfriend –yes ! available in the States. Happy app gathering folks !–be part of a bigger audience than you think (global ) . By the way even the Wall Street Journal agrees and thats pro business all Google apps from their store track you –regardless .


Seems OK if you don’t want to exert yourself and are prepared to work for not much above the minimum wage. And you say you actually earn points for prizes – are the prizes things people need and would normally spend your money on? Sorry to sound a bit of a sceptic but I would find more rewarding things to do with my time 🙂


Hi Malcolm,

All of the apps we tested offered either PayPal vouchers or Amazon vouchers as a reward. Many offered both, as well as gift vouchers at a host of other retailers.

However, I do agree that some of them don’t appear to be worth the time investment.


@joe-elvin, Thanks Joe. At least the Amazon ones are useful.


Here’s a link that mentions other ways of generating money using apps and websites: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/make-money-online?_ga=2.160974715.756823478.1494852656-711603855.1488355428

I think I can find something more interesting to do with my time.

The link in the introduction does not work for me.


It wont work for anybody Wavechange – its== blocked by client – cause ? it isnt possible to write into a document from an asynchronously loaded external script unless it is explicitly opened , some web designers have this problem on their servers and visitors cant access data to their sites.. “opened “is the key word .


Hi Wavechange,

The link should work now. If it doesn’t, please let us know.


Thanks Joe. I like the idea of Job Spotter because it may help others. I expect that it will be used mainly by people looking for jobs, and publicising ones that they are not interested in. But is no-one prepared to help without being paid these days?

David Walton says:
21 May 2017

I’m an amateur musician who plays guitar and sings. Several years ago I stumbled across the virtual world Second Life and then discovered that it has a healthy live music scene. For a modest capital outlay (a small audio mixer) I started participating with regular one hour performances several times a week. I decide how many I choose to do. There is an internal currency so if your audience likes what they hear they can give you a gratuity. When you’ve built up a small fund you can sell the currency and transfer the proceeds to your bank account, so it becomes real money. It isn’t enough to keep a roof over my head and I don’t think I’ve ever met statutory minimum wage, but for a pensioner who does local folk clubs, for example, who wants to be paid for practicing at home it might produce a welcome addition to meagre funds.