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How do you manage your money on the move?

Barclays mobile banking app Pingit

From banking to budgeting, credit checks to currency converters, insurance to investments – you can download all sorts of apps to manage your money via your smartphone. But which apps are the best?

When it comes to downloading apps to my phone, I’m pretty picky. I tend to get bored very quickly, so I only download apps I think will be genuinely useful. Although, I must admit, even I’ve got a few that I’ve barely glanced at since I first downloaded them.

Among the most useful apps I have are my Barclays mobile banking and ‘Pingit’ apps. I regularly use the former to check my bank balance, while Pingit (which allows you to send and receive money using just a mobile phone number) has proved to be useful for paying housemates my share of the bills.

Being the owner of a much-loved, yet extremely old and slow computer – I’ve found that I prefer to use my smartphone to carry out these every-day banking tasks. It’s quick, convenient, but also safe.

Overwhelmed by choice

Given that I’ve made a (somewhat belated) New Year’s resolution to keep on top of my finances in 2013, I’m on the lookout for more apps that might suit my busy lifestyle and newfound enjoyment of monitoring my money on the move.

But a quick glance at the app store has left me feeling cold. There’s so much choice for all things financial, that it can be hard to know which apps are the best and most useful. We often review the best apps for smartphones over on the Which? Technology blog, but I’ve yet to see many finance apps make it into the rankings.

Have you found any particular apps useful for keeping on top of your finances? Or do prefer to take your time with your banking and do it the old-fashioned way?

richard says:
6 February 2013

I’ve found the best way to manage my finances is not to use mobile phones at all – as they are inherently unsafe – But I do use my mobile to speak verbally to First Direct operators which I find far safer.

I’ve downloaded SMile and Nationwide apps, looked at them a couple of times,thought ‘how clever’ and not really bothered since, mainly because it isn’t something I feel a great need to do. If I want to look at my bank account, which I might do once a week or sot but can sometimes go all month till payday, I can at any time on a nice big screen at work or home. Should I have a sudden urge to view my balance while sitting on the bus or in the pub I find it soon passes without the need to fiddle with my phone.

I would love to know what apps other people use for money management.

The best money management software I have ever used was Quicken followed by Microsoft Money which I still use on my laptop. Both of these are now unavailable.

I would love to find something similar for the smartphone. I do have access to my bank accounts on my phone but it is not IMO the same as a good money management program.