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How I, Milo the Watchdog, marched the streets of London

Milo is the lovable face of our Watchdog not Lapdog campaign, launched to make sure the new financial regulator stands up for consumers. And now Milo’s here to share the diary of his day trip to London.

Recently I went to London for a tails-up with my adoptive litter-mates at Which?.

Since I’ve been keeping watch of the financial regulator on your behalf, 75 MPs have signed-up to support me in the campaign and many more of you have pledged support online.

As Parliament was in recess for the summer vacation, the Which? team asked me to sniff into the recently vacated recesses to check that everything is up to scratch.

Popping in on the Chancellor

We met in Birdcage Walk and those pelicans we saw in the park must have some really big birdcages. I saw the Changing of the Guard. With the scarlet-cloaked lifeguards on their horses exchanging with other scarlet-cloaked lifeguards on the other horses, it didn’t seem much like a change to me. I’d rather call it the Substitution of the Guard.

So following-up some previous leads, we went to the nearby Treasury Office. One of the Which? team explained that this is where they are responsible for maintaining the bare bones of the economy. Opportunity of a mid-morning snack perchance? Totally pawsome!!! But it was not to be, as after a paws-for-thought, security said I’d need an appointment to visit. Were they giving me the run-around or the brush off?

With tail between legs, I led the team to the Houses of Parliament hoping to see some of my bone’a’fido supporters. Thinking here was another chance of a light lunch, I showed my appreciation right there on Parliament Square by giving a high-four with both paws – but having brought no means of identification I was docked by the policeman on gate duty. Any thoughts of dining on the Members’ Terrace soon evaporated and I almost had my collar felt instead.

Luckily I escaped, by a whisker, to the other side of the river where I took the opportunity to doggedly sniff-out the authenticity of Parliamentary fiscal dealings, as well as the offerings on the Members’ menu. I can report back that the country is, for the moment, not going to the dogs – and I should know!

Visiting my friends at Which? HQ

From there it was a short cross-town taxi ride to the Which? London office to meet the other lady team member. Now Marylebone, after Catford and Barking, must be one of my favourite places in London. Trust Which? to get it right!

This was my first trip in a London taxi with a Green-Badged Musher. Passing through the two circuses of Piccadilly and Oxford I expected to see more of my fellow animals. Perhaps we were rather too early for the matinee as only the pigeons were on display at this time.

Being a classically cultured canine I was a little bit perturbed about being in the company of the ‘Three Which?s’, but that was unfounded as they were nothing like Bard described, in fact the complete opposite and those enchanting ladies quickly made me feel at home. And when joined by the rest of the Which? staff, I even tempted them to join me in a game of croquet.

After a thoroughly delightful afternoon I wagged goodbye friends old and new and made for the vantage point of Primrose Hill where I planned my next visit to London. This time I’ll pad around the financial institutions of the City and Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. Now that will see me in the ruff I’m sure!

Barking Out Loud and L.O.L (Lots of Licks), Milo XXX

Which? wants the new financial regulator to stand up for consumers and challenge the banks. Milo beat almost 200 dogs to be the face of our Watchdog not Lapdog campaign, to ensure the Financial Services Bill puts consumers at the heart of financial regulation.


You were lucky to find a taxi that would take a dog.


You called?

Let’s try and give Milo some respect and stay on topic 🙂 Living on the Isle of Dogs, I’m glad he’s keeping a keen eye on the financial institutions in Canary Wharf.