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Vox pops: what do you think politicians should focus on?

Screenshot of cost of living video

Each year Which? attends the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat party conferences. We attend to ensure politicians are putting consumers at the heart of their policies.

This year we took to the streets to capture your views on video. We’ve been playing these videos to politicians so they could hear first-hand what you want to be tackled. And with one in three saying their household budgets are under pressure, making ends meet was one of the biggest worries.

Watch the video below to hear what was said:

Caught short at the end of the month

One individual was concerned about how her family was coping in the current climate. She told us:

‘I’ve got daughters who are working and no matter how hard they work, they still find it a struggle to get to the end of the month.’

Another person said:

‘Everything seems to be going up in price, but my wages have stayed the same. I don’t know where you’re supposed to find the extra money.’

And the current state of our finances is making many nervous about planning for their futures, as this homeowner told us:

‘I spend a fair amount of time worrying about my present finances and what my future finances are going to be. Am I going to be able to maintain my own home in the future?’

Paying the household bills

Our latest stats show that three quarters of us are worried about energy (79%), fuel (79%) and food prices (73%), and our worries have remained constant throughout the year.

A number of our video interviewees shared their concerns about the energy market. One individual told us: ‘It just seems as if the energy companies have a free for all’. Another said:

‘The government needs to make sure energy companies aren’t profiteering.’

And as our Convo commenters have told us before, the cost of food is top of your concerns. Some told us that they were worried about the cost of fruit and vegetables, and others said you have to be savvy when shopping to make the food bill manageable.

Is there anything you think politicians should focus on as they plan their policies? What issues should top their agendas in order to win our trust?


“Is there anything you think politicians should focus on as they plan their policies? What issues should top their agendas in order to win our trust?”

Try to appear more statesmanlike and think long-term rather than jumping to every survey published as a means of gaining approval.

However the incredible 20% loss of trust in the water companies between August 2013 and September 2013 as revealed by Which? Insight Survey does warrant an immediate reaction. On an annualised basis if this rate continues by December 2013 they will be less trusted than estate agents.! What has happened to cause this shift in public opinion! Unfortunately the survey does not say.